30 - Stephen Curry

6-3, 181 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Davidson Junior
03/14/88 (35.7 yrs)
Charlotte, NC
High School
Charlotte Christian
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NBA Comparison: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Strengths: Made transition from SG to PG this year, but he is more of a combo guard that makes good decisions than a true PG … Best scorer in the NCAA so far at 31.9 PPG … Puts a lot of pressure on defense with his scoring ability and quickness … Looks fearless on the floor and plays under control … Can get any shot he wants and has great shot efficiency … Teams are completely focusing on him defensively, rotating different players at him, so he’s under pressure at all times and still finds a way to hit difficult shots every game … Very confident shooter, especially when the game is on the line (vs. WV struggled the whole game and was not afraid to take over at the end) … Curry can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot from anywhere on the floor and he doesn’t need much space to get his shot off (he will cross-over, trough the legs dribble, behind the back…) … Gets defenders off balance using pump fakes and uses defenders overeagerness to his advantage … Very difficult to guard because he possesses a quick and consistent release on his shot (on the move or under pressure as well) and has NBA range … Moves well without the ball. Great footwork when coming off screens, always ready to shoot … Curry is good at changing speed and direction and handles the ball well … In the open court he can stop on a dime at full speed, with his feet in perfect position (under control) and separate from his defender for open jump-shot … Great vision while driving to the basket and control with the ball … Defensively Curry is crafty and a smart defender with good hands 2.9 STL (not a lockout defender); moves his feet well on defense and stays in front of his defender without gambling much … Solid lateral quickness. Possesses a great will to win. Excellent free-throw shooter .874 … Doesn’t show too much emotion, even keeled. Has been around the game his entire life which gives him an edge knowing what it takes …

Weaknesses: Far below NBA standard in regard to explosivenes and athleticism … At 6-2, he’s extremely small for the NBA shooting guard position, and it will likely keep him from being much of a defender at the next level … Although he’s playing point guard this year, he’s not a natural point guard that an NBA team can rely on to run a team … Struggles defensively getting around screens … Can overshoot and rush into shots from time to time (vs. WV) … Hasn’t had to deal with getting benched due to poor performance (shooting) which has allowed him to shoot through any slumps. Will have to adjust to not being a volume shooter which could have an effect on his effectiveness … Doesn’t like when defenses are too physical with him … Not a great finisher around the basket due to his size and physical attributes … Makes some silly mistakes at the PG position. Needs to add some muscles to his upper body, but appears as though he’ll always be skinny …

Stevan Petrovic – 12/15/2008

Strengths: Heady, precocious player with a solid feel for the game His greatest asset is his outside shooting ability … Bigtime scorer (21 ppg as a freshman) with the ability to score from all over the court Shows an excellent shooting form with a quick release and the ability to spot up and shoot or hit shots off the dribble … Solid decision maker, shows the understanding of the game that you would expect from an NBA players son Has excellent quickness … A solid defender with good instincts especially with his anticipation for steals

Weaknesses: More of a 2-guard than a point Must develop as a point guard A decent passer and ball handler, but still must improve considerably in both areas and learn to play the PG position in order to make it in the league … At 6-1, hes far too small to play solely at the 2G position … Had a solid 1-1 A/TO ratio (for a freshman who plays mostly off the ball), but can improve upon that Lacks great athletic ability, although he shows good quickness … Body is on the small side, short arms and lack of great natural body strength … Lacks great visibility and competition level at mid-major Davidson…

Notes: Son of long time NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry (16 year career) Helped the U19 USA Team to a 2nd place finish in Novi Sad, Serbia during the summer Averaged 21 ppg as a freshman at Davidson with a big 30 point performance in the NCAA tournament against Maryland …

Aran Smith – 9/12/2007

YouTube Clip – 1/19/2008