5 - Andrew Harrison

6-6, 215 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Kentucky Sophomore
10/20/94 (27.1 yrs)
Fort Bend, TX
High School
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NBA Comparison: Javaris Crittenton

Strengths: Physical combo guard with some good vision and enough ball skills to be a threat in the paint … Great size for the point, which he has run throughout his playing career … Was actually a pretty solid jump shooter, with good mechanics and was a solid spot-up shooter … Got to the foul line quite often, has some craftiness to him and uses his size to his advantage … Was solid in isolation, particularly on his strong right side … Ran the pick-and-roll quite often and knows how to do so effectively … A very much improved decision maker from his freshman to his sophomore season, went from a 1.48:1 assist-to- turnover ratio to a much better 2.25:1 … Did at least show improvement as a jump shooter, with a decent 36-94 (38.3%) 3-point mark … Has a lot of confidence in his game and played pretty well with his back against the wall as an underdog … Well conditioned and strong, also really bought into Kentucky’s defensive intensity, especially on the ball … Though he played fewer minutes due to the teams platoon system, his overall efficiency showed definite growth … Decent athlete who showed a bit more ability off the bounce this season

Weaknesses: Not overly explosive and had some real trouble either taking bad shots near the basket or finishing in traffic … Does not have NBA PG level speed or lateral quickness … Questionable shot selection and can still get forced into some bad decisions as well … Body language and attitude have been question marks with him for a long time, trying to fight the stigma really hard … Will have to learn to play better without the ball, was not someone who really came off screens consistently and not someone who you can see running the point full time … Sometimes forced a lot when in isolation, gets tunnel vision from time to time, can definitely be more aware of his teammates … Improved playing the passing lanes, though did not force a ton of turnovers … Will have to focus on forgetting bad plays and letting things go … Sometimes quite overzealous on defense, got into foul trouble really often … Only shot 37.4% from 2-point range during his college career, has to prove that he can be much more effective to garner NBA minutes … Going to and finishing with his off-hand should be a large focus

Notes: Brother of Aaron Harrison … Measured 6’5 (in shoes) 214 lbs, with a 6’8 wingspan at the 2012 Deron Williams Skills Academy … Measured 6’5 (in shoes) 207 lbs, with a 6’8.5 wingspan and 8’4 reach at the 2013 Nike Hoop Summit … Measured 6’4.5 with shoes, 6’5.5 without shoes, 213.2 lbs, with a 6’9 wingspan and 8’4 standing reach at the 2015 NBA Draft Combine … Averaged 15.8 points, 7.0 rebounds and 7.0 assists as a senior at Travis where he directed the squad to a state title in 2013 … Was selected to both the McDonald’s All-American Game and Jordan Brand Classic, also participating in the 2013 Nike Hoop Summit … Averaged 10.1 ppg, 2.7 rpg and 3.6 apg in 28.6 mpg over his two years at Kentucky … Named to the 2015 SEC All-Tournament Team and the 2015 Midwest Region NCAA All-Tournament Team … Point guard for two Kentucky Final Four teams, was still a very tough match-up for a majority of NCAA guards … Has ability to get into the paint, which could work well if he proves he can also be useful off of the ball … Strength and ability, even some versatility could make him an intriguing possibility as a combo guard … Did not live up to expectations as the RCSI #5 ranked player, but has an entire new format to prove himself, likely without playing with his long time backcourt mate and twin, Aaron

Michael Visenberg 6/26/2015

Strengths: Big, physical combo guard … Standing at 6’5" with a 6’8"+ wingspan, and broad-shouldered with a strong build, the point guard has great measurable … Due to size, ability to absorb contact, and strong handle, can be difficult to keep from getting into the lane … Good at drawing fouls and getting to the free throw line … Shows potential to be a creative finisher around the hoop … Endured an exorbitant amount of criticism in his freshman season at Kentucky (some of it fair, some not), but seemed to take it all in stride and was definitely a significantly improved player by the end of the season … Adequate (but not great) shooter … Competes and does not shy away from the spotlight … Helped lead a talented but underachieving Kentucky team from a poor start to the 2014 National Championship Game … Might get frustrated throughout the course of a game, but is not one to back down or lose confidence … Well-conditioned and was able to handle a lot of minutes in his freshman season …

Weaknesses: Known as somewhat of an enigma… Gives the perception that he has a bad attitude due to his poor body language on the court. There are a lot of negative feelings about the Twins among the scouting community … Concerns persist about their attitudes and ability to play within a team concept … Very ball dominant. Not a natural play maker when it comes to setting up teammates … Started his college career with a terrible tendency to "dribble the air out of the ball."  And while he improved as a floor general over the course of the season, he still has a long way to go … Struggles with reading defenses, reacting, and decision making … At times would look lost against experienced defenses and was very turnover prone … Both Twins seemed to benefit from physically developing early. Have the Twins peaked and maxed out their potential? … Despite the reputation for being a big and athletic guard coming out of high school, against Division 1 competition, and surely against NBA competition, he will not be able to out-quick or overpower opponents to find the same success has enjoyed … Not necessarily one to "get into you" defensively, but can be crafty and has good hands.  That being said, commits a lot of fouls — many from being out of position and trying to make up for it by using his hands.

Notes: Brother of Aaron Harrison … Measured 6’5 (in shoes) 214 lbs, with a 6’8 wingspan at the 2012 Deron Williams Skills Academy … Measured 6’5 (in shoes) 207 lbs, with a 6’8.5 wingspan and 8’4 reach at the 2013 Nike Hoop Summit

Drew Wolin 4/13/14

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