Our yearly look at the top prospects by different categories.


1. Scoot Henderson, Ignite

Not to say Scoot should be taken over Victor. Victor is the clear number one pick and justifiably so, with potential literally through the ceiling. But let’s dispel a myth right now. Victor DOES have an injury history. He missed significant time in each of the previous seasons, missing 43 of 76 possible games last season for ASVEL Villeurbanne, also missing the playoffs with an undisclosed muscle injury. In 2020, he missed action with a stress fracture in his fibula. More here.. Scoot has had some injury issues of his own recently, but doesn’t have to worry nearly as much about what will happen if he lands on someone’s foot as Victor does. Scoot is a player with number one overall pick “in a normal draft” talent, and there are teams making strong pitches to move up for him at 2.

2. Victor Wembanyama, France
3. Brandon Miller, Alabama
4. Taylor Hendricks, Central Florida
5. Jordan Hawkins, UConn


1. Bilal Coulibaly, France— This was Victor Wembenyama’s teammate this past season. It’s easier to look good when you share the court with that level of prospect. How many weaknesses were hidden given that dynamic? That said, the reward to any team that drafts him could be great with Coulibaly. He has a great NBA frame, seems to be able to do a little bit of everything (especially on the defensive end — note his mention for our Defensive Versatility superlative), and is a top level athlete. He should be able to quickly become a top defender, and as he develops offensively, sky is the limit. On the downside could it reach Frank Ntilikina? On the upside, it could exceed NBA offseason’s hottest name (read: Trade target) OG Anunoby.

2. Kobe Bufkin, Michigan
3. GG Jackson, South Carolina
4. Rayan Rupert, France
5. James Nnaji, Nigeria


1. Amen Thompson , Ignite— One half of the Thompson twins dynamic duo. Amen is a few pounds lighter than Ausar Thompson (who also made our list for speed). And Amen is more lead-guard oriented compared to his brother. But one thing they both have in common (Amen even moreso) is a jet engine powering a 6’7″ frame. Amen did not participate in the combine strength and agility testing, and for good reason. He already has the reputation of being mind bogglingly athletic, especially when it comes to his ability to nearly teleport past the opposition in a full court sprint. He’s long, looks like he’s floating on the court, and truly has an extra gear. The ease with which he’s able to fly by the defense, even in the halfcourt, is something that is rare to see.

2. Scoot Henderson, Ignite
3. Ausar Thompson, Overtime Elite
4. Amari Bailey, Ovetime Elite
5. Terquavion Smith, NC State


Scoot Henderson , Ignite— The second you lay eyes on Scoot, you expect standout athleticism to be a calling card. He’s built more like a football player than anything we’re used to in a basketball player. Derrick Rose comparisons make sense — but at just age 19, Scoot is already far more muscular than Rose ever was. He is nearly as quick, and perhaps even a bit more explosive vertically than Rose, who was universally considered one of the most absurd athletic talents the game has ever seen at his prime. Scoot is a rare case of, from the second he steps on an NBA court, he will be a top-top-tier athlete.

2. Amen Thompson, Overtime Elite
3. Ausar Thompson, Overtime Elite
4. Cam Whitmore, Villanova
5. Ricky Council, Arkansas


1. Julian Phillips , Tennessee— What we are all waiting on is for Julian Phillips to pair his standout explosiveness and tenacity with more skill —an offensive bag or go-to offensive move, for example. But watching this former 5-star recruit and McDonald’s All-American last season at Tennessee, one thing was apparent: This is more than just an NBA athlete. He’s an elite one. His max vertical measured 43″ at the 2023 NBA Combine. He moves well laterally and in a full sprint as well. We can’t wait for him to take the “measurements from the lab” like the combine and transfer it into in-game effectiveness.

2. James Nnaji, Nigeria
3.  Trayce Jackson-Davis, Indiana
4. Olivier-Maxence Prosper, Marquette
5. Dereck Lively , Duke


1. Cam Whitmore ,Villanova— An absolute bully. If you’re facing Cam Whitmore today you had better be well rested, drink your electrolytes, maybe equip some body armor… This guy is not only absolutely relentless in attacking the chest of his defenders, but at just 235 pounds (somehow he plays quite a bit bigger) is one of the strongest players we’ve seen in basketball. He combines a whole lot of skill with his standout strength, which is why we shouldn’t see Cam stick around on the available player board for long tonight.

2. Trayce Jackson-Davis, Indiana
3 James Nnaji, Nigeria
4. Adama Sanogo, UConn
5. Oscar Tshiebwe, Kentucky


1. Jordan Hawkins , UConn— 6’5″ UConn wing with a rep as an absolute knockdown outside shooter. Sound familiar? He (Hawkins) Got Game, and this marksman should be able to carve out a KCP or even Ray Allen-light type role in the NBA. He was an 89% FT shooter and 39% from three on very high volume (nearly 8 attempts per game) this past season at UConn. And watching his buttery smooth stroke should excite any fanbase that is lucky enough to draft him tonight.

2. Gradey Dick, Kansas
3. Brandon Miller, Alabama
4. Dariq Whitehead, Duke
5. Brandin Podziemski, Santa Clara


1. Anthony Black, Arkansas— It’s hard to look at Anthony Black and not see something like an even more athletic Josh Giddey. Think of how Giddey delighted us these past few years with his court awareness, smarts, and ability to hit teammates in the shooting pocket and just-in-time. Like Giddey, Black has a huge frame for a lead guard. But unlike the Thunder player, Black is a fairly standout athlete. We expect he will be somewhat of a fan favorite early on (he also has great charisma, should we add that in as a Superlative?). We’d like to see him up his scoring aggressiveness. As it currently stands, as phenomenal a passer that he is, he can be a bit over-deferential.

2. Jalen Hood-Schifino, Indiana
3. Andre Jackson, UConn
4. Brandin Podziemski, Santa Clara
5. Scoot Henderson, Ignite


1. Andre Jackson, UConn—This could in fact be Ausar, his defensive ability can grow into the top spot, but it has not been sharpened playing against lower level competition in essentially exhibition games over the past two seasons. Jackson has legitimate lockdown potential for the next level. His ability to defend on the ball was on full display in UConn’s run to the NCAA championship and he also shows excellent instinct on help defense and jumping passing lanes.

2. Ausar Thompson, Ignite
3. Amen Thompson, Ignite
4. Cason Wallace, Kentucky
5. Rayan Rupert, France


1. Victor Wembanyama , France— *Stairs the reader dead in the eyes*


Come on now. Do you really need me to tell you what 7’5″ with the world’s longest hands and 8-foot wingspan AND good agility can do defensively on the basketball court?

From day one, even without supreme understanding of NBA defense (read: With plenty of runway to continue improving), we expect Wemby to be a top-10 defender in the league.

2. Dereck Lively, Duke
3. Noah Clowney, Alabama
4. Trayce Jackson-Davis, Indiana
5. Jarace Walker, Houston


1. Taylor Hendricks, Central Florida— While not really a sleeper considering he’s projected to go in the lottery, we feel that he should be going higher than where many are projecting him )7-12 range). Our bigboard has him at 4 behind only Victor, Scoot, and Brandon Miller. Hendricks lacks maturity, but is oozing upside with his unique combination of shot blocking and shooting ability. Hendricks is likely to go after a similarly unique skilset in Jarace Walker, but actually outperformed him in their combined matchups and has the superior upside.

2. Gradey Dick, Kansas
3. Nick Smith, Arkansas
4. Kris Murray, Iowa
5. Noah Clowney, Alabama


1. Julian Strawther , Gonzaga— What does the modern NBA love? 3-and-D wings. And of all players in this year’s draft, Julian Strawther is exactly that. He may not last ’til the second round as NBA teams stop chasing pipe dreams and wise up to the opportunity right in front of them in Strawther. At times throughout this process he was viewed as late as a mid-second rounder. He has perfect NBA size at 6’7″ 210 lbs, and was a 41% three point shooter this past season. We’d love to see him bump his FT percentage, though, which has hovered around 70%.

2. GG Jackson, South Carolina
3. Maxwell Lewis, Pepperdine
4. Sidy Cissoko, France
5. Ricky Council, Arkansas


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