Height without shoesHeight with shoesWeightWingspanStanding reachBody fat (%)Hand lengthHand width
Quincy Acy6’6.5"6’7.75"223.87’2.75"8’10.5"7.19.5011.00
Harrison Barnes6’7"6’8"227.86’11.25"8’6"
Will Barton6’5"6’6"174.46’9.75"8’7"
Bradley Beal6’3.25"6’4.75201.86’8"8’3"6.08.509.00
J'Covan Brown6’1"6’2.25"202.46’5.25"7’11.5"12.57.758.25
William Buford6’4"6’5"214.66’9.5"8’6"11.38.7510.00
Jae Crowder6’4.75"6’6.5"241.26’9.25"8’3"9.09.5010.50
Jared Cunningham6’3.5"6’5"187.66’6.5"8’2"
Anthony Davis6’9.256’10.5"221.87’5.5"9’0"
Marcus Denmon6’2.25"6’3.25"188.26’5"7’10"
Andre Drummond6’9.75"6’11.75"278.67’6.25"9’1.5"7.59.509.50
Kim English6’4.5"6’5.75"192.06’6.5"8’3"4.38.508.75
Festus Ezeli6’9.756’11.5"264.27’5.75"8’10"5.59.0010.75
Drew Gordon6’8"6’8.75"239.06’11.5"8’8.5"9.18.509.75
Draymond Green6’5.75"6’7.5"235.67’1.25"8’10"
JaMychal Green6’8"6’9"217.47’2.258’9.5"
Moe Harkless6’7.25"6’8.75"206.67’0"8.75"5.39.2510.25
John Henson6’9"6’10"216.07’5"9’3.5"8.69.2510.00
Tu Holloway5’10.5"5’11.75"186.86’5.5"7’10.5"8.58.7510.00
Robbie Hummel6’7.25"6’8.5"218.06’8.5"8’5.5"9.48.509.50
Bernard James6’8.75"6’10"229.87’3"9’0.5"
John Jenkins6’3.25"6’4.25"212.06’8.5"8’3.5"
Orlando Johnson6’3.75"6’5.25"223.86’11.25"8’3"
Darius Johnson-Odom6’1.5"6’3"212.06’7"7’10.5"7.08.758.75
Kevin Jones6’6.25"6’7.5"251.27’1.58’9.5"
Perry Jones6’10.25"6’11.25"233.87’1.75"8’10.5"
Terrence Jones6’8.25"6’9.5"252.07’2.25"8’9.5"7.79.0010.00
Kris Joseph6’6"6’7"215.06’11"8’7.5"
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist6’5.75"6’7.5"232.87’0"8’8.5"7.09.0010.00
Doron Lamb6’3.25"6’4.75"199.46’6.75"8.3"6.78.508.50
Jeremy Lamb6’4"6’5.25"179.26’11"8’5"4.58.759.50
Meyers Leonard6’11.75"7’1.25"249.87’3"9’0.5"5.79.2510.00
Damian Lillard6’1.75"6’2.75"188.86’7.75"8’0"5.98.759.75
Scott Machado6’1"6’2"205.86’4"7’9.5"5.88.509.50
Kendall Marshall6’3.25"6’4.25"198.46’5.5"7’10.5"7.88.509.00
Fab Melo6’10.75"7’0"255.07’2.5"9’1.5"9.29.0010.00
Khris Middleton6’6.75"6’8.25"216.26’10.75"8’9"
Darius Miller6’6"6’7.5"233.46’9"8’6.5"7.58.508.75
Quincy Miller6’8.75"6’10"218.77’1.25"9’1"7.89.2510.25
Tony Mitchell6’5.25"6’6.25"216.46’10"8’3.5"5.78.7510.00
Arnett Moultrie6’9.5"6’10.75"232.87’2.25"8’10.5"
Kevin Murphy6’5"6’6.25"194.06’6.75"8’4"5.88.508.50
Andrew Nicholson6’8.5"6’9.5"234.07’4"8’10.5"7.610.0010.75
Kyle O'Quinn6’8.5"6’10"240.87’4.75"9’3.5"8.09.5010.00
Miles Plumlee6’10.5"6’11.75"252.47’0.75"8’8.5"
Austin Rivers6’3.5"6’5"202.86’7.25"8’1"6.28.5010.00
Thomas Robinson6’7.75"6’8.75"244.27’3.25"8’10"5.09.7510.50
Terrence Ross6’6"6’7"196.66’7.25"8’5"3.28.7510.25
Tomas Satoransky6’6.5"6’7.5"200.66’7.25"8’4"5.28.509.50
Mike Scott6’7.25"6’8.75"240.86’10.75"8’8.5"10.68.509.00
Henry Sims6’10"6’11.75"241.27’4"8’11"7.79.2510.00
Jared Sullinger6’7.75"6’9"268.27’1.25"8’11"10.7"9.259.75
Jeffery Taylor6’6"6’7.25"212.86’6.25"8’3.5"
Jordan Taylor6’1"6’2"192.86’3"7’8"
Tyshawn Taylor6’2.75"6’4"177.06’6.25"8’1.5"4.28.758.75
Marquis Teague6’1"6’2"179.86’7.25"8’2.5"
Hollis Thompson6’6.75"6’8"206.06’9.5"8.75"
Dion Waiters6’2.5"6’4"221.06’7.25"8’2"8.58.509.50
Royce White6’7"6’8"260.67’0"8’8.5"10.69.5011.50
Tony Wroten6’4.75"6’6"203.26’9"8’5"
Tyler Zeller6’11.25"7’0.5"247.47’0"8’8"


  1. Thomas Robinson has to be happy..

    Basically 6’9 in shoes and a 7’3 wingspan…  I am still not sold on him.. I think he will be better than Derrick Williams(which is hard for this Twolves fan to say), but I still think he will be a rotation guy.. I do not see him as a top 5 pick talent.   

  2. Sullinger gone long before 17

    So Jared Sullinger is taller than Thomas Robinson (6-9 vs 6-8.75) has a higher standing reach (8-11 vs 8-10) and a lot more low post skill, but he’s going to be drafted 10 to 15 spots lower….  Right….

  3. Sullinger will be drafted

    Sullinger will be drafted 10-15 spots lower than Robinson because beneath his newly chiseled exterior, scouts can still smell the scent of cheeseburgers.

    We’ve seen him before, and his name was Sean May.

    • It measures the "true height" of a player, which is important as the height with shoes are variable.

      Sometimes, you get stepped on and lose a shoe in a game. At least, for that couple of seconds your team knows your minimum height. lol.

      I had the same question posted before in another forum and that was their answer.

  4. Obviously it matters how tall

    Obviously it matters how tall you are without shoes on because there are people like Drummond who are 2 inches taller in "shoes" relative to people who are only 1 inch taller like Barnes.

  5. @sameolG
    Height without shoes


    Height without shoes measures is important due to the fact that many players wear shoes they are never gonna use again to be listed taller
    If we could actually trust that every player is gonna use the shoes he normally play with,I Would say you are right

  6. Body % measurements WAY OFF
    I’d love to know what exactly NBA combine officials are using to measure the bodyfat percentages of these players. Most of these numbers are ridiculously low and make no sense whatsoever. How in the world is Jared Sullinger 10.7% bodyfat? I’ve seen firsthand what 10-11% bodyfat looks like and it ain’t Jared Sullinger. He’s no lower than 18-19%. Most of these bodyfat numbers have me seriously scratching my head. They’re very inaccurate in my opinion.

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