32 - Jae Crowder

6-6, 241 Small Forward/Power Forward
Marquette Senior
07/06/90 (30.9 yrs)
Villa Rica, GA
High School
Villa Rica
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
71 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Florent Pietrus

Strengths: Crowder is a blue collar combo forward who uses his smarts and ability to be a matchup ploy very effectively … Very compact and strong build…Really gets the most out of himself, and always plays to his strengths … Extremely productive in his 2 seasons at Marquette and emerged as the Big East Player of the Year as a Sr … Really rounded player on the offensive end, and contributes in multiple ways … Projects best as a face-up tweener forward who can use his strength to bully smaller matchups, and his solid quickness to beat slower matchups … High motor player who is adept at finding slips in the D, for quality shots … Understands how to use the glass, and has a soft touch around the rim … Does a great job of using the backboard, rim or net to shield the ball from shot-blockers, a skill that comes in handy for undersized players … Has legit range to 23 ft. when facing up, and is consistent when room and his feet set … Does not need the ball in his hands for long to be effective … Very smart passer, and had a 1.7 A:TO as a Sr., an outstanding rate for a frontline player … Has a knack for playing hard, but also not playing reckless … Has a post game and likes to flip his shoulder and use his turnaround jumper when he has his back to the basket … Runs the floor with a purpose and is a transition threat … When he plays above the rim, he finishes with power … Extremely effective offensive rebounder … Pretty decisive player, usually makes quick decisions … An effort defender … Not afraid to sacrifice his body defensively and will draw charges … Pretty unique prospect who has fan favorite type potential … Described as a hard worker, and is a classic overachiever …

Weaknesses: Crowder is going to be a bit limited as a prospect due to his below par physical tools … At 6’5 and playing a game better suited for a frontline guy as opposed to a wing, Crowder will have to continue to work hard to prove he belongs and figure out what position he’s best suited for … Not a standout athlete at all, which is a tad concerning at his size … Noticeably less effective when defended by athletic frontline players with length … Not going to beat many players off the dribble, and is a shaky ball-handler who rarely strays outside of basic straight line drives when slashing … Doesn’t project to be an accomplished man-to-man defender in the NBA … Taller PF’s will get shots off over him fairly easily, and quicker PF’s will be able to get steps on him when driving quite a bit … Could see a higher number of his shots blocked than average when he operates down low … Pretty reliant on other teammates to score … Many think he’ll have to transition to the wing a bit more than he did at Marquette, but doesn’t quite have the athleticism to play extended time out there on a nightly basis … Gets by a lot on effort and fundamentals, but will need strong team defense to not be out of place on defense … Not at all a shot blocker and doesn’t have the tools to be much of a threat getting steals either …

Overall: Crowder is the classic overachiever who works his butt off, and gets everything he possibly can out of himself … Skill level is better than most players who play as hard as he does, and it’s really crazy that he was as productive and as efficient as he was this past year with the physical and athletic limitations he has … He’s short and not particularly agile or explosive, but he’s so smart he’s effective … Also isn’t gonna need the ball to have an impact as a role player … Should garner plenty of looks in the 2nd round …

Jorrye Nixon 6/2/12

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