23 - John Jenkins

6-4, 212 Shooting Guard
Vanderbilt Junior
03/06/91 (30.1 yrs)
Gallatin, TN
High School
Station Camp
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Jump Shot
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Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Dell Curry/ JJ Redick

Strengths: Hard to mention Jenkins without talking about his prolific jump shooting skills … Probably as good a pure jump shooter as their was in college hoops during his 3 seasons at Vanderbilt … Has a natural, fundamentally sound jumper that allows him to be nearly equally effective spotting up, coming off screens, and off the dribble … Always shoots the same shot, and keeps his shoulders and feet squared at all times … Quick release … At 6’4 in shoes and with a tremendous 6’8.5 wingspan, Jenkins has adequate tools to get his shots off against contests too … Legit NBA range … Is a constant threat to put the ball in the hoop with his jumper, and must be accounted for at all times … Will be a good scorer/shooting specialist for some team … Must watch out for his head fakes … The most underrated aspect of Jenkins game is his shiftiness, either with or without the ball … Able to make a quick move off the bounce, pull-up and hit mid-range shots … Sets up defenders well and can get you caught in screens well with his moves off the ball … Solid basic ball handling skills … Doesn’t need the ball in his hands for long to be effective scoring offensively … Excellent decision maker. Not very turnover prone at all … Pretty strong 220 lb wing with a sturdy lower body, which helps with his ability to stop on a dime when pulling up or getting shots off screens … All-around, Jenkins is a fundamentally sound player, who does just about everything the way it should be done … Very productive player in college, and led the SEC in scoring in his final 2 seasons … Attempted 6 threes a night on average throughout his career, and was a scorching 43% from downtown overall … Outstanding efficiency as a scorer, especially for someone who mostly made hay on jumpers, and with heavy defensive attention his way … Shows good touch around the rim when he gets there … Puts in effort on defense … Generally makes no mistakes from the FT line when he gets there … Shows good touch around the rim when he gets there … Described by coaches as a gym rat, who works hard on his game …

Weaknesses: Jenkins falls into the category of shooting specialist who lags behind in the athleticism department … Jenkins is not a particularly quick, fast or explosive player at all … He struggles off the dribble to create much offense for himself because he simply doesn’t have the quickness to be more than a sporadic slasher to the rim … Doesn’t have many moves when handling the ball, and only does handle the ball when a jumper is simply out of the question … Off the dribble, especially when going left, Jenkins is almost exclusively looking for a mid-range pull-up … Teams will likely guard him very tight and look to make him a slasher until he shows more versatility putting the ball on the floor … Should look to develop a floater, especially with his touch, to give him a high percentage shot for when he goes amongst the trees to finish … Doesn’t pass the ball much … Will likely struggle on the defensive end, where his lack of quickness will probably be evident even with his solid fundamentals … Wont get many steals, and will need to be masked by other good team defenders to be most effective … Does not play above the rim … Not going to be as much of a factor in a up-tempo scheme as he is in a structured offense that can have sets to get him shots …

Overall: John Jenkins’ jumper is a niche that will allow him to have an NBA career … He was extremely productive and efficient in the tough SEC, and has enough physical tools to be a specialist for a team … He’s going to have some limitations due to his mediocre (at best) athleticism, but he has a truly high level skill that can be valuable for a team … Jenkins is a possible late 1st round pick who will not fall past the early 2nd round ……

Jorrye Nixon 6/10/12

Strengths: A pure shooter with range out to NBA 3 point land … Does most of his damage from the perimeter … Really excels at shooting the ball, with a quick release and effortless, textbook shooting motion … Righty that can spot up or pull up off the dribble equally effectively … Shot 48% from 3 as a freshman on a high volume of shots (72-149) … Doesn’t need much room to get his shot off and uses head and pump fakes and hesitation moves well to draw defenders off balance to create shots … His decision making and all around game are also solid (1.3 a/to ratio) … A good two foot leaper who gets a fair amount of dunks on the break … Solid wingspan for his size … Excellent frame and body strength allows him to stay on balance and gives him the strength to hit shots with range late in games … High motor kid with a strong work ethic …

Weaknesses:  Lacks elite level athleticism … A solid athlete who gets up for dunks on the break, but his lack of height combined with his average quickness and all around athleticism limits his long term potential some … Not the fastest player in the open floor … Much better in the half court than in transition … Transition game is still a work in progress as he gets caught trying to force things and his lack of length makes it difficult for him to finish over opposing players … Needs to improve on his ability to create shots off the dribble … Defensively he doesn’t have the size and foot speed to be an elite defender but puts forth solid effort and uses good technique to stay in front of his opponent …

Notes: Likely to take a much greater role in the Vandy offense as a sophomore with Jermaine Beal and Andrew Ogilvy gone … Has been working in the offseason on his point guard skills some …

Aran Smith 7/20/10

YouTube Clip – 10/25/2009

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  1. Thumbs Up For John Jenkins
    John is a whirlwind of a player. He is smooth and a joy to watch on the court as he floats those balls into the basket with such ease. He is my number one pick and the one to beat.

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