5 - Will Barton

6-6, 174 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
Memphis Sophomore
01/06/91 (30 yrs)
Baltimore, MD
High School
Brewster Academy
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Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Doug West

Strengths: Wiry thin swingman at 6’6 with tremendous length … Production increased exponentially from freshman to sophomore campaigns … Versatile and creative scorer without a distinct offensive pattern (18 PPG). Lethal in the mid-range shooting off the dribble … Quick trigger. Effortless range from downtown, strong wrists … Consistency from deep on the incline (35%) from standstill and utilizing screens … High percentage of drives/slashes to the basket result in a floater or short jumper, both of which he is adept at converting … Soft touch gives the ball a chance when hitting the rim, gets many friendly rolls … Look no further than his 51% field goals to assess advancements in shot selection … Overall decision making has been cultivated in a short time frame … Plays with a newfound patience- probing the defense and seeking out a high-quality look for himself or a teammate … Herky jerky off the dribble repertoire, hesitation dribble suits his style … Possesses a quick first step and long, loping strides … If he gets past you he’s at the hoop in a hurry … Able to squirt through small openings in the defense while remaining on balance … Excellent body control around the rim. Ability to suspend himself in air allows for sublime body contortions … Creates unconventional angles due to exceptionally long arms. Above average athlete … Excels in transition where he gobbles up ground and is a strong two-footed leaper … Premiere rebounding guard in the country (8 RPG) that results in instant fast break opportunities, due to his ability to take the ball coast to coast …  Nose for the rock. Spent more time with the ball in his hands as a sophomore, showing glimpses of burgeoning passing skills and court vision (2.9 APG) … Disruptive weapon defensively (1.4 SPG & 0.7 BPG). Can guard positions 1-3 with his length and fluid lateral movements … A great kid, charismatic individual with an infectious personality …

Weaknesses: Must get stronger. Classification as “thin” is an understatement. Body type doesn’t suggest he can add weight comfortably. Avoids contact and physical encounters at the rim- struggles to finish through a bump … A slight bump when off balance can send him reeling … Gets to the free throw line due to awkward style more so than consistent aggression (5 attempts per game) … Lacks elite level explosiveness … Despite improvements in shot selection and decision making (2.8 TO), momentary lapses of reason still invade his game … Has a tendency to settle, particularly in physical matchups … At times displays a lack of confidence in his handle, picking up his dribble unnecessarily when unable to beat his defender … Off the dribble variety is not a staple. His natural feel for putting the ball in the hoop is absent in the remainder of his offensive skill package … While shooting range is not in question, consistency is … Doesn’t use his base or get much elevation on his jumper … Adjustment to complimentary part status will be integral, playing off the ball and not dominating it. Does he have the strength to guard opposing 2’s and 3’s in the league? Likely to be bullied by power guards and wings … It’s difficult to define how his skill sets translate to the next level, as Barton is a unique player without a clear-cut role … He’s also a year old for his grade, born January 1991, so that must be taken into account when guaging his potential …

Notes: Some skinnier players such as Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince have had productive NBA careers but numerous skinny players such as James White have failed to live up to their potential. How much his bad frame (narrow shoulders and hips) and lack of physical strength will inhibit Barton’s effectiveness remains to be seen …

Adam Ganeles 5/14/12

YouTube Clip – 3/26/2010