14 - Tony Wroten

6-6, 203 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Washington Freshman
04/13/93 (28.1 yrs)
Seattle, WA
High School
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Jump Shot
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Ball Handling

Player Comparison: Iman Shumpert/Tyreke Evans

Strengths: Great size and strength for a point guard … Excellent crossover, change of pace dribble, and first step make him near impossible to prevent from reaching the basket … Finishes well in traffic, while being able to adjust his shot in the air … His success grew as the season progressed as his finesse layups started to fall … Always looking to attack and put pressure on the defense, while remaining a very willing passer … Very good at making the simple pass to open teammates, and great at making the quick pass/lob to cutters, even before they realize they are open … Active cutter towards the basket when off the ball … Outstanding offensive rebounder …When engaged, displays excellent lateral quickness and ball pressure on defense … Reads passing lanes and anticipates very well out of help-side defense

Weaknesses: Greatly needs to improve spot up and off the dribble jump shot, as well as free throw shooting … Needs to become a better ball protector and decision maker … While he has a great feel for the game, added maturity will help in better situational decision making based on time and score … Thrives more in an uptempo game at this point … Needs to strengthen dribbling and finishing with right hand … At times can play overconfident and try to do too much …

Notes: In his one collegiate season, Wroten proved to be both spectacular and frustrating … He won PAC-12 Freshman of the Year and narrowly missed out on PAC-12 Player of the Year …Will benefit from the spread, open floor nature of the NBA game …Will need time to develop and mature, but undeniably a first round talent in the draft … Perceived as baggage-laden by some GMs, which could hurt final draft position …

Logan Lemberger 4/24/12

Strengths: A super athletic 6’5” lefty combo with a finesse game that is under control and spectacular at the same time … Wroten shows a great eye for the court overall, finding open teammates with creative skip passes, and one-handed lasers to cutters who seem to simply be in the right place for Tony’s passes, instead of the passes being in the right place for their intended players … He uses his athleticism by helping out on the offensive boards, scooping up loose balls, playing hounding defense and being a general terror on the court … He picks his spots for his own offense, spending most of his possessions looking for teammates, yet he can rise up and dunk on you with authority if you’re not careful … Wroten’s most notable skill, however, is his ability to change directions and show great body control …Physically he is very quick to adjust, whether he’s trying to rise up for a rebound or when attacking the basket … Teams often attempt to be overly aggressive with Wroten and he has shown that he doesn’t back down. Shows a high level of intensity when he’s interested …

Weaknesses: Wroten can certainly shoot, but it’s unclear how consistent he is, and whether he has range to be a threat as a shooter. He shied away from shooting it on a number of occasions with the game on the line in Vegas during summer of ’09. Is he unselfish to a fault? His game is a little bit more finesse than power, which will be tested at higher levels of play by rough teams … He could be helped out by another 15 lbs. of muscle to withstand contact better … Besides this there isn’t a whole lot to complain about with this kid … His defense is solid, his offense is superb, especially when facilitating team play, and he can even take over a game … The only thing that’s unclear is how good this kid can become … Granted he was already a highschool superstar a year ago, but he hasn’t grown (physically) or developed (his game) a great deal in the past year, causing some to lower his ranking … He has the potential to be a superstar on future levels, but it’s never a given that players with this kind of talent will reach stardom … If he was a few inches taller, he would be closer to can’t miss. Time will tell for Wroten.

Joshua Motenko 8/3/09

Strengths: A combo guard who can fill it up in a hurry, but understands how to get his points within the flow of the game … A dynamic passer who gets his teammates easy looks … Truly has the ability to play both positions … Makes highlight-reel passes, but not flashy for the sake of flash … Has the strength, balance, and athleticism to finish through contact … At his best attacking the rim and finishing or dishing to a teammate … Excels at breaking his man down off the dribble … Has a fluid shooting motion and effective out to 20+ feet … Plays with a swagger and attitude unusual for his age … A very good ballhandler … Primarily a lefty, but doesn’t shy away from his right hand .. Unselfish and willing to sacrifice his own points to get teammates an easier shot … Extremely aggressive on-ball defender … Excellent ball thief who works very hard … Very good rebounder at both ends of the court … Understands team defense … Has long arms and a sturdy frame … Good strength and muscle tone, especially considering his age … Dominant in transition, but can run a half-court offense efficiently … Already a leader on the court … Has developed a reputation as a high character guy …

Weaknesses: If he doesn’t grow any further, it could hamper his ability to reach star status at the highest level as he is n the small side as a 2-guard now, and not a full time PG yet … A streaky shooter, especially from outside 15 feet … Must become more consistent from the perimeter at the next level … Does not have the physical tools of a Demar Derozan or Bill Walker, but will have no trouble hanging with NBA guards … Needs to work on conditioning, was visibly tired in his second game of the season … Must work on free throws, especially since his game is built around penetration … A little too reliant on his physical gifts … Remains to be seen how he will fare against players who he cannot outrun, out jump, or outmuscle … Can sometimes drift on defense when his man doesn’t have the ball …

Chris Lehman 2/3/09

Notes: Measured 6’6.5 (in shoes) 204 lbs, with a 6’8 wingspan at the 2011 Deron Williams Skills Academy.

YouTube Clip – 8/13/2010