23 - Mike Scott

6-8, 237 Power Forward
Virginia Senior
07/16/88 (32.3 yrs)
Chesapeake, VA
High School
Hargrave Military Academy
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison:

Strengths: Used a breakout season for both himself and the Virginia basketball program, who made the tournament for the first time in 5 years, to become a more known prospect … At 6’8 245, Scott is on the small side for the PF position, but makes up for that with effort and hard work … Pretty underrated athleticism … Offensively, Scott has some nice tools and a relatively mature game … He likes to play with his back to the rim, but also is a decent face-up shooter …In the post, Scott seals well and is willing to bang … Also has a pretty soft touch … He has a nice right hand jump hook and is most decisive with that move than any other move he has in his arsenal. Shows a turnaround jumper as well that he likes to use when he flips his left shoulder … Crafty about drawing contact and creating space, using his decisiveness in and out of his moves and his off-arm to get shots … Generally plays under control with the ball in his hands … As a shooter, Scott is solid from the 15-18 ft area … Looks nice making shots in the pick and pop game, and it is a tool he’ll need as a PF with middling physical tools … Shows good shot selection too, and doesn’t settle for jumpers when he has room to hit the lane or dive to the hoop … Touch and shot mechanics are adequate … Can get streaky, but the fact that he developed a jumper after being mostly a back to basket, pick and roll player in his 1st 3 or 4 years is encouraging … A nice pick and roll player, and will finish strong or above the rim when he gets a running start … Will get you And-1’s … Plays with good energy and is a reasonably active offensive rebounder … Finishes above the rim when he gets clean passes in pick and roll action … Ability to draw contact and willingness to play aggressive makes him a threat to get to the line, and he is a solid FT shooter when he gets there … Not bad passing the ball … Defensively, Scott is adequate … He has the lower body strength to stagnate backdowns from average sized bigs and some bigger ones, and he has solid fundamentals … Pretty savvy, and understands positioning, all you ask for from a PF with just OK athleticism … Solid rebounder on both ends of the floor … Not bad body strength …

Weaknesses: Not going to overwhelm many NBA-level PF’s physically with his just average tools … Athletically, Scott is also average … Doesn’t have great explosiveness as a leaper, also it is fairly underrated … Isn’t particularly fast, quick or agile … Might struggle to get shots off consistently against long armed, athletic PF’s down low, but he is … Can be forced into tough shots at times when defended well … Not a face-up player who will take guys off the dribble much, and doesn’t show a lot in terms of a 1st step or ball-handling … Often needs picking action to be effective offensively, and has just OK understanding of utilizing space when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands … Although he has developed a nice face-up game, it will be interesting to see how that holds up in the NBA, as he was not known for his mid-range game in his 1st 3 years in college…Is not a shot blocking threat…Not likely to be much of a transition threat, although he is OK running the floor … Quicker PF’s will be able to get some hay off the bounce against him off the dribble … Will be 24 by the start of the NBA season … Minor injury concern due to him having to sit out his true Sr. season due to injury …

Overall: He had a productive Sr. year and has a mature game … Was pretty productive leading up to his Sr. year and appeared to be poised to breakout as a Jr. before his injury … The jump shot he has developed was steady as a Sr., and the fact that he chips in rebounds and the ability to post some is a plus … He also will at least be adequate defensively in most cases, athough limited … Pretty well-rounded, but has no outstanding trait(s) … Has role player potential …

Jorrye Nixon 6/10/12