1 - Renardo Sidney

6-10, 300 Power Forward/Center
Mississippi St. Junior
12/06/89 (30.8 yrs)
Jackson, MS
High School
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
84 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Chris Washburn

Strengths:  Talented, but underachieving post player … Overwhelming size, weighing more than 300 pounds … Stands 6’9.5" in shoes with a 7’4.5" wingspan … Solid athlete, considering his size … Leaping ability and mobility would improve vastly if he loses some weight … Difficult to contain with his back to the basket … Soft hands … Can eat defenders alive when he gets on the block … Hook shot is erratic, but effective when he gets a clean look at the hoop … Promising jump shooter … Shot 40.5% from deep in his junior year, albeit on a limited number of attempts (37 on the season) … A strong area rebounder due to his size … Solid defender, even if he isn’t much of a shot-blocker …
Weaknesses: Has a lot of innate skills, but has yet to put everything together … Even in the post, his footwork isn’t great and he finds himself off-balance quite a bit … Lacks control … Isn’t much of a passer out of the post … Didn’t use the time he had between the college basketball season and the draft effectively … Was measured at the 2012 NBA Draft Combine a body fat percentage of over 22% … Has always had problems with conditioning and keeping himself in shape … Has found himself getting in trouble off the court … Fought a teammate at one point in his sophomore season … Hasn’t improved much at all since high school, which further suggests a lack of a strong work ethic … Displays a low basketball IQ … Seems to be injury-prone; surely due in part to his weight …
Overall: Unfortunately Sidney has become a cautionary tale that too much too soon can ruin even the most talented prospects. Sidney has always had a lot of potential, but he hasn’t come close to living up to it … If he can get himself in shape, polish his offensive game and continue to stay out of trouble, then he could be a big-time steal, but his stock has been free-falling recently, and it seems unlikely he’ll get drafted at all …

Tyler Ingle 6/24/12

Strengths: A multidimensional bigman with a great combination of size and skills He has a huge frame already (just a sophomore in high school) plus excellent agility Has great versatility with the ability to play inside, grabbing rebounds and patrolling the paint, as well as facing the basket and using the bounce to create shots for himself and others Extremely skilled with the ball, can even isolate and take smaller players off the dribble from the perimeter Has excellent vision and passing ability for a big man Very strong body, and thick, can easily end up carrying 270280 pounds or more, depending how tall he ends up, and maintain his excellent mobility Has a feathery stroke out to college three point Better conditioning and strength as his body matures will no doubt result in more agility and explosiveness His post skills are developing well, with tremendous hands and feet The skys the limit for him, but it all depends how bad he wants it, and what type of work ethic and drive he develops

Weaknesses: Still has a long ways to go to reach his potential Right now hes very good, and can become great if he adds some key elements to his game He can do it all, but his consistency suffers at times Needs to gain better focus on both ends of the floor, when he becomes tired, his game suffers Needs to work on his stamina and build some of his body fat into muscle Shows good signs of competitiveness and toughness, but must work on developing a killer instinct Needs to become more patient with his post moves, incorporate more pump fakes and develop better moves

Notes: Moved to California (Artesia high school) after his freshman season. Hes considered the top prospect in the Class of 2009.

Aran Smith – 8/8/2006

YouTube Clip – 2/23/2009


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