2 - LeBryan Nash

6-8, 232 Small Forward/Power Forward
Oklahoma State Senior
06/30/92 (28.7 yrs)
Dallas, TX
High School
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
84 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Korleone Young

Strengths: Le’Bryan’s size and ability to defend are his biggest selling points when looking towards the NBA. Standing 6’6.5’’ barefoot, possessing a 6’10’’ wingspan, 8’6’’ standing reach, and weighing in at a powerful 232 pounds, Nash has really solid measurements for an NBA small forward … He’s proved to be a solid, and physical defender at the NCAA level, and his physical traits and athleticism project him to be a player capable of guarding the small forward spot at the next level … Not a player that really stuffs the stats on the defensive end, his role with the Cowboys was to defend their opponents most prolific wing, something Le’Bryan did with great success … Offensively, Nash has a great first step, and has really developed into a polished slasher at the college level … He not only has the speed to get past defenders, but the hops and strength to dunk over, and finish through contact … Nash made 7.1 trips to the line per contest last season, and he hit 79% of those shots, very good marks … His offensive game is limited within the 3 point arc, but he’s a 40.6% jump shooter on 2 point field goals, and his a good shooter off the dribble out to about 18 feet … He knows his game, and as a first time 1st option as a senior, scored at a high level (17.2 ppg) and hit double figures in every game this season … He uses his strength on the glass as well, and is an above average rebounder for his position (5.7 rpg, and 7.2 per 40 minutes).

Weaknesses: Le’Bryan’s jump shot is by no means busted, but he simply does not have 3 point range … Despite a surprising long range showing in the Portsmouth Invitational, he still doesn’t have a large enough sample size to sell himself as an improved 3 point shooter … He was just 2-20 during his senior season, and didn’t make a single 3 pointer as a junior … Merely getting his long range game up to the level where he can hit an open corner 3 would do wonders for his NBA outlook … Nash’s physicality on defense is one of his selling points, but he fouls at a pretty high rate for a wing player. And he gained a reputation while in high school as a player that was averse to contact …. Adapting to the speed of the NBA game, while not giving up easy fouls will be key in his translation, but I’m confident this is a weakness Le’Bryan can improve upon with gained experience … As a senior, his TO rate was a little high (3.2 per game), but as a junior when he was a 3rd option, he played well in a less featured role and only gave up the ball 1.9 times per contest … Hopefully in an NBA system where he’s more of a cog in the machine rather than a featured offensive player, his turnover rate will settle down to the numbers he posted as a junior when he wasn’t a number 1 offensive option … Probably pretty close to the player he’ll end up being, Nash has room for improvement, but not a particularly high ceiling at his age …

Overall: Nash came into college as a top 20 recruit and decorated high school All American, but struggled to fulfill his promise as an elite level recruit … He is a physical defender, who has a developed mid-range game, and the size and athletic chops to execute his strengths against NBA talent … His lack of a 3 point jumper is the biggest hurdle for him to overcome, as he projects a mid-range and D player, rather than the 3 and D role which many players have excelled in during the past 10-15 years. Still, Nash is a mature player, who plays within himself, and with some continued polish in the D-League or on the end of an NBA team’s roster, could prove to be a nice option in the last fews picks in this year’s draft, or as a free agent. 

Notes: Measured 6.6.5’’ in barefoot, with a 6’10’’ wingspan and 232 lbs at the 2015 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament … All-Big 12 2nd Team in 2014-15 … All-Big 12 Honorable Mention 2013-14. All-Big 12 3rd team in 2012-13. Big 12 Co-Freshman of the year 2011-12. 14th Leading Scorer in Big 12 History (1,834 points).

David Ray 5/11/15

Strengths: Possesses a pro body, NBA athleticism, a real ability to score the basketball … Nash, quite frankly, looks like a man amongst boys when competing against high school kids … Has a wide variety of offensive arsenal including an explosive 1st step, keen ability to attack the basket at will, and shooting range that extends out to NBA 3 point range … Nash knows how to let the game come to him, really using his physical gifts to dominate his competition, especially in the post … Has the ability to create for others off the bounce … Finishes around the rim with finesse when needed, but prefers strong powerful dunks …

Weaknesses: The comparisons to Artest run deeper than the physical resemblance and style of play, Nash has developed a reputation for being a little bit of a headcase … College should be a great experience for him and staying more than a year would likely benefit his long term potential … Displays poor body language at times when team is ineffective. Maturity/Attitude has been questioned and could be an issue that needs to be addressed in order to maximize potential … Tends to take plays off at times especially when the game isn’t going his way … Seems as if high school basketball doesn’t interest him as much other players as Nash is already 19 and looking forward to college and beyond … Doesn’t utilize his strength advantage enough and some have questioned his toughness and willingness to seek physical contact …

Overall: Nash is a phenomenal talent and has a pro body. His skill set should translate well in Travis Ford’s offense … While his game could stand to grow from a year or 2 of maturity, I don’t think his stay in college will be a very long given his work ethic and toughness … NBA scouts already love his frame and toughness and with some polishing he could easily be an effective player in the NBA before long …

Chris Clayton 2/11/11

YouTube Clip – 6/24/2010

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