10 - JT Thor

6-10, 205 Power Forward/Center
Auburn Freshman
08/26/02 (19.2 yrs)
Anchorage, AK
High School
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NBA Comparison: Wenyan Gabriel/Al-Farouq Aminu

Strengths: A very rangy 6’10 stretch four, who has generated intrigue as a prospect with his ability to use his size (7’3 wingspan, 9’2 standing reach) to his advantage as a PF/C hybrid … Is a pretty fluid athlete for a 6’10 player as well, mostly showing good coordination and agility … Pretty active defensive player who projects to be both an asset switching on the perimeter swallowing up smaller guards and in the paint as a solid rim protector (1.4 bpg as a Fr.) as well…Can meet finishers at the apex and alter shots at the rim … Uses his length to deflect a ton of passes, his steals numbers don’t tell the full story of how often he disrupted passing lanes … Runs the floor well offensively and will get some easy transition dunks with his ability to fill lanes and finish above the rim relatively easily … Shows a developing southpaw jump shot with decent touch (74% FT shooter) and a high release, making just enough shots when spotting up from 3 to keep the defense honest … Could become an effective pick and pop threat in time, and sporadically made simple 1 and 2 dribble pull up jumpers against hard closeouts … Also showed effectiveness slipping to the rim in the screening game, using his size and athleticism to either draw a foul call or a finish after catching the ball … Plays with high energy overall and had his moments moving without the ball for open shots in the paint and beyond the arc … Has the type of frame that should be able to add significant weight to his current thin build without the loss of mobility, which would be even more helpful in allowing him to establish position and play at the point of attack more effective than he does now … Blew away NBA teams at the Draft combine with his shooting and athleticism. He struggled to show it at Auburn, but teams have to be considering what he can become if he can add strength and become better at playing through contact … His shooting potential, length and agility are extremely intriguing …

Weaknesses: Has one of the most impressive highlight reels of any player, but had a tendency to disappear for long stretches … Has a pretty raw offensive skill set as a player, and he needs to improve his overall fundamentals to become a consistent contributor at the NBA level … For now the game looks too fast for him at times, and he can be slow to react to plays … has a lot of potential, but a team drafting him will need to be patient as he’s clearly a long term project … Has rudimentary ball skills at the moment, with a high, somewhat predictable dribble that SEC defenders often exploited when Thor tried to break them down off the dribble … Becomes more turnover prone with each dribble he takes in half court offense at the current stage, tends to make some head scratching decisions with the ball when he’s forced to make plays on the fly…Had trouble in multiple games making inbounds passes, reacting to live ball pressure/traps, and made a number of very risky cross court passes that led to ugly turnovers, at times showing total concentration lapses that just won’t fly in the pros … Needs to improve his footwork significantly to become a more consistent shooter, often changes his shooting base from shot to shot and seemingly rushes his mechanics when defenders contest which led to middling results (44% FG, 30% 3FG) … Only made multiple 3 point shots in 4 out of 27 games as a Fr … Though he has a high release on his shot, he also some hitches in his shot mechanics, including his habit of dipping the ball to his waist before he gets to his shooting motion, which will buy athletic, savvy pro defenders extra time to contest or even get a hand on the ball before he shoots. He also has a tendency to allow his body to twist too farto the left into  into his shooting motion … Lacks overall strength and girth at the moment as a 205 lb PF/C, really struggled to play through any type of contact as a Fr. on either end of the court if he couldn’t use his length to his advantage…Not much of a low post scorer as a frontcourt player, mostly prefers to face up offensively…Sometimes bails out the defense and makes himself easy to guard by settling for jump shots…Average rebounding production for someone with his physical traits and motor in his lone college season …

Overall: In the modern NBA where being able to defend different positions is of increased paramount, Thor already had intrigue … When his combine measurables showed NBA teams his tantalizing 7’3 wingspan and straight-line run and jump athleticism, he made the decision to remain in the 2021 Draft … His physical skills, defensive upside and smooth athleticism will be enough to attract multiple teams to potentially select him to their roster, but the development of his offensive skills and adding on more pounds to his frame will go a long way to determine what type of career he actually has … He is a work in progress and he may find it difficult to ever become a true creator on offense, but he does have some correctable flaws that could see him blossom if he works smart/hard …

Notes: Measured: 6’8.5” barefoot, 6’9.25” in shoes, 9’2.0” standing reach, 203.0 lbs,  7’3.25” wingspan at the 2021 NBA Draft Combine … Native of Anchorage, AK

Jorrye Nixon 7/13/2021

Strengths: 6’8 left-handed forward … Good length and covers ground with a 7’0.5 wingspan … Fluid athleticism with high-level run and jump ability. Quick off the ground and can jump off one or both feet … Good shooting mechanics and arc. Can shoot off the dribble as well as hit from midrange or 3PT range. Shot 44.4% 3PT% (4-9 3PT) over his 5 games of the Nike EYBL in 2019. Shot 40% 3PT% (2-5 3PT) at the NBPA Top 100 in 2019 … Good stroke from the foul line. Shot 80% FT% (8-10 FT) over his 5 games of the Nike EYBL in 2019. Made all 6 free throws at the NBPA Top 100 in 2019 … Can score as a slasher and covers a lot of ground on drives … Good tools and versatility defensively. Moves feet well and length disrupts jump shots when defending on the perimeter. Good shot blocker, especially for position. Averaged 1.6 blocks per game in his 5 games of the Nike EYBL in 2019 …

Weaknesses: Slight build and lacks strength in both upper and lower body. Body form breaks with contact … Slashing comes on straight line attacks. Lacks touch and technique finishing inside when he doesn’t dunk, especially with his right hand. Only shot 40% FG% over his 5 games of the Nike EYBL in 2019. Only shot 40.9% FG% at the NBPA Top 100 in 2019 … Spaces the floor well but generally just waits for the ball offensively, would like to see him post up and utilize mismatches closer to the basket. Settles for jump shots … Doesn’t look real comfortable as a ball handler and doesn’t always keep the ball secured. Does have some court vision but lacks overall as a playmaker. Passed a total of 5 assists to 9 turnovers over his 5 games of the Nike EYBL in 2019 …

Outlook: Auburn freshman … Transferred to Norcross for his final year of high school …

Evan Tomes 11/22/20