43 - Jordan Hill

6-10, 232 Power Forward
Arizona Junior
07/27/87 (36.4 yrs)
Atlanta, GA
High School
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NBA Comparison: Chris Bosh

Strengths: One of the most improved players this year … Has the ideal size and length for a PF … He has worked on his body, adding some bulk and definition to an already wiry frame; this new strength allows him to get great position on the block where he is able to utilize a number of moves, but he prefers the left shoulder hook shot … He is comfortable operating from the high post, either shooting a nice looking midrange shot, or utilizing his quickness and putting the ball on the floor to get to the hoop … His faceup game developed nicely; not only has he become a consistent threat out to about 17 feet, but he has added some nice sweep and jab moves to go along with it … Even with the added muscle, he has maintained good mobility and quickness … This season he is playing big minutes but he continues to battle and run the floor, showing a very good motor … He has become a rebounding force on both ends of the floor, he attacks the O glass relentlessly and is able to use his body to control the paint on the defensive end … He has cut down his fouls and increased blocks to 3 per game, proving not only that he is a defensive presence but also that he has become more disciplined … With his developing frame and ability to knock down midrange shots, he has the potential to become a very good weapon in screen & roll situations …

Weaknesses: He has definitely come a long way, but his inexperience still shows at times … When operating in traffic or while facing double teams, he struggles, putting his head down and turning the ball over frequently … A part of the problem could be his hands, often times he doesn’t catch the ball clean, which allows the defense to converge on him and get him out of his comfort zone … His athleticism and strength also get him into trouble at times as he tries to bully through the defense rather than take what they give him … On the block he favors his right hand on finishes (even when turning to his right shoulder), usually exposing the ball back to the defender, and making his shots much more difficult than they have to be … While he has made strides with his maturity, there are still periods of lackadaisical play that he goes through … His lack of focus is also seen at the line, where he shoots a poor 60% on the season (he has shown he can be reliable, going 9-12 and 9-10 in separate outings this season) …

Borko Popic – 12/20/2008

Strengths: A freakish athlete with great leaping ability and a long frame … Very aggressive at taking the ball to the basket and usually tries to finish everything with a dunk … Plays bigger than 6-10 with his long arms and explosive leaping ability. Extremely light on his feet and quick to explode to the basket … Has really developed into a force inside for the Wildcats in a short time … Has become a factor defensively as he’s an excellent shot blocker who is able to intimidate opponents … Has a solid skill set developing. Post moves and footwork are improving nicely. He can use the dribble to get around opponents and is beginning to understand when to kick it out and not force things, and when to attack the basket … Runs the floor exceptionally well, thriving on the break with highlight finishes … Has developed his mid-range shot to the point where it is relatively consistent and showing very solid potential … Free throw shooting is under 70% but showed vast improvement from his freshman season. Hill has good touch and a solid motion giving him solid promise from the line …

Weaknesses: For all of his physical gifts, at times you’re left wanting more, wondering what if he played hard all the time … Doesn’t always make great decisions on the court, some of which can be attributed to his time playing the game, and some to a lack of focus and intensity … Still has a tendency to turn the ball over too much, lifting his pivot foot and getting called for walks … His supreme athletic ability can work against him at times, as he is able to outclass lesser athletes without using proper technique boxing out, as well as offensively around the basket … Still learning the game. Played just two years of high school ball, so his understanding and feel for the game are a work in progress … Still very foul prone. He’s improved as the season has gone on, but foul problems have plagued him throughout his 2-year career at Arizona … Lacks bulk, but has wiry strength. Appears to be maxing out physically and that he will likely always be on the skinnier side with narrow shoulders, but can out-quick opponents at the next level and use his length and athleticism … There is legitimate fear that he doesn’t have the bulk to withstand the pounding inside at the NBA level … Gets criticized for having a lack of a killer instinct … One year old for his grade, which takes a slight degree of intrigue away from his potential …

Aran Smith – 3/13/2008

YouTube Clip – 6/13/2009