77 - Jean Montero

6-2, 170 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Overtime Elite International
07/03/03 (20.6 yrs)
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
High School
DME Academy
International Team
Gran Canaria
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Luther Head

Strengths: A natural scorer, the Overtime Elite guard has shown that he can finish around the basket, stop on a dime and shoot in the mid-range or create his own shot from behind the three point line …  In transition and on the offensive side of the floor is where Montero truly shines … Playing at the international level has improved Montero’s ability to make the right decision when leading the offense … A crafty playmaker … Unselfish passer … Add to the mix that he is a good free throw shooter … On the defensive side of the floor, Montero has proven he can get into passing lanes and create easy transition offense for himself or his teammates … As he continues to grow he should become a better overall defender at his position … Playing at the international level has increased Montero’s ability as a floor general, who has proven to usually make the right decision when running the offense … He generally appears under control and even when the opposing team is trying to trap or double team, he takes his time finding the open man  … This is especially true during his limited appearances for Overtime Elite, Montero was controlling the game the same way internationally … Born in July of 2003, Montero is one of the younger players in this year’s draft …

Weaknesses: Montero lacks standout length (6-2 with a 6-4 wingspan), explosiveness and quickness … At 175 lbs, he is in need of strength in order to finish plays and handle the physicality of the next level … He has yet to standout and prove himself against a high level of competition and question marks remain about his ability to run a team and score on elite athletes because of this … Montero is clearly not playing against competition close to his ability. Which leads to the question of if he is being challenged, which likely means that he isn’t going to drastically improve any aspect of his game this season, aside from confidence, while the rest of his class is progressing, playing in college, overseas or with the Ignite … Going forward he should work to become more involved on the defensive side of the floor … Even though he excels at jumping passing lanes, this also leads to gambling for balls when he should be playing his man … In his recent games for Overtime Elite he has been a bit too straight up … He also has a tendency to let his defender slip by him with or without the ball … This is especially true in the pick and roll as ball handlers seem to be able to get downhill on Montero with ease, raising questions about his ability to defend high level guards in the NBA … As he improves on the defensive end, he will also have an opportunity to develop further on the offensive end. Even though he has already been shown as a quality decision maker, improving his shot from range will help his effectiveness as a scorer …

Outlook: Montero is the best player on Overtime Elite and the only one available for the 2022 NBA Draft … At first glance, Montero is a typical international guard with a solid frame and room to grow. With all the size and length to command an offense, the 6’3” guard currently playing for Overtime Elite …  With the benefit of an International career, Montero is extremely polished player for his age, and does a lot well … While his best attribute is his ability to handle the ball and create baskets, it isn’t enough to make him an elite prospect in comparison to the rest of his draft class … Montero will most likely slot in around the early second round … The best way for the young guard to move up draft boards will come at the combine … If he can prove himself as a shooter and become more inspired on the defensive end, he could get looks in the late first round area … He should have a chance to become a solid rotation player at the next level …

Joe Casey 12/14/21

Notes: Measured: 6’1.0” barefoot, 6’2.25” in shoes, 8’2.5” standing reach, 171.8 lbs, 6’5.25” wingspan at the 2022 NBA Draft Combine …