This piece is the first of three that will summarize and analyze each important segment of the NBA Draft Combine. Here, we will look at the biggest winners and losers of the measurement portion of the NBA Draft Combine and who might see the biggest dip or rise at the NBA Draft because of it. Without further ado, the tale of the tape…

2022 NBA Draft Combine Measurements


Jalen Williams, Santa Clara

The point-forward wing who had a late growth spurt in high school, came in at 6’4.5 barefoot but his staggering 7’2 wingspan was the longest of any shooting guard and small forward at the combine. And he has the biggest discrepancy between barefoot height and wingspan of any player in the draft at +9.5. His 8′.9″ standing reach is excellent for a wing as well.

For a player who was projected by many as a second rounder (he has been in our late first round for a couple months), his combine measurements are a massive boost and could be the very reason why a team is willing to pull the trigger on him with a guaranteed contract.

Tari Eason, LSU

Eason is a rare prospect who doesn’t stand out in any major way offensively, yet still hopes to be a lottery pick in the upcoming draft. His defensive upside and versatility is what makes him so special, and it is a challenge to project how defense will translate to the next level. The one thing scouts can trust is effort and  length and Eason measured a 7’2 wingspan and a 6’8 height in shoes to show that he has next-level length to continue to be disruptive and clamp down opposing wings and bigs at the next level.

Eason also has extremely big hands with a width of 11 inches, which is the biggest of any player in this year’s draft. This is something that Kawhi Leonard (11.25 inch hand width) has proven can be a huge benefit.

Mark Williams, Duke

To no one’s surprise, Williams had excellent measurements at an even 7′  barefoot and most impressive was his 7′ 6” wingspan and 9′ 9′ standing reach. His  242.4 and 5.4% body fat are also extremely impressive numbers for the athletic big from Duke.

Nikola Jovic, Serbia

Jovic had excellent measurement numbers at 6′ 9.5” barefoot making him 6’11, and a wingspan of 7′.25. And another number that helps his cause was his 9′.0.5” standing reach. His weight of 222.6  is also a positive as he appears to have added some weight over the past year.

Dyson Daniels, Australia/G League Ignte

Daniels measured in at an even 6’6 barefoot making him a solid 6’7 in shoes and a 6’10.5 wingspan and an 8’9 standing reach which are all impressive numbers for a wing, much less one that plays some lead guard. The fact that his athleticism testing numbers stood out further helps his cause.

Christian Koloko, Arizona

Koloko had excellent numbers coming in at 6′ 10.75” barefoot and 7′ 0” in shoes,  His 7′ 5.25” wingspan was the eye popper and gives him extremely impressive length and he’s got a massive 9′ 5″ standing reach, which puts him in elite company at the NBA level. At 221.0 he can obviously add some weight, but 5.7% body fat shows that he should have the ability to add good weight.

Dominick Barlow, Australia/Overtime Elite

Jean Montero is the major headliner from the Overtime Elite program, but the unheralded Barlow wowed in his measurements last week. The 18-year-old project pick had a great day, measuring in at just under 6’10 and showing off a wingspan that ranked fifth at the combine at 7’3, behind just four centers.

Barlow also has some impressive hands at 10.5 inch width giving him added intrigue.

Justin Lewis, Marquette

First the bad news, Lweis is a post player and measured at just 6′ 6.25” barefoot and 6′ 7.5” in shoes. But the great news is he has a +8 inch ape index with a  7′ 2.50” wingspan and 8′ 9.50” standing reach. He is raw from a skill perspective and could probably use another year or two in college, but he benefited from a lot of hype during the season that could help to him get drafted.

TyTy Washington, Kentucky

Washington is a winner due to his surprising height at and length with a 6′ 8” wingspan at with a 6′ 2.25” barefoot height and very impressive 8′ 3.50′ standing reach as a lead guard. He obviously has some work to do on conditioning and in the weight room with a 12.00% body fat.


Kennedy Chandler, Tennessee

We’ve talked a great deal about the stunning progression of Chandler throughout the college season, but the combine is fresher in the eyes of scouts and he did not measure well in Chicago. The five-star point guard measured in at just under six feet tall barefoot (5’11.5), a threshold that many NBA teams maintain when seeking their future signal-caller in the backcourt.

Chandler had a ton of visible success in Knoxville jumping passing lanes and using his (6’5) long arms to do so and start the break in transition. Scouts may question if he actually has the length to pull off these plays at the next level, and rightfully so with point-forwards and taller point guards taking over the game in recent years. it may be hard to envision Chandler as a starting point guard in the future considering his physical limitations and could knock him into the second round on draft night.

JD Davison, Alabama

There was a great deal of hype for Davison coming into this season, but it is consistently dwindling and the combine proved no different. The explosive combo guard is only listed at 6’0.50 without shoes after initially being considered at 6’3. A 6’3 combo guard is still undersized and to be under 6’1 barefoot is pretty concerning for a player that is not seen as a true point. Although he has the vertical to fly high above the rim, his play with both feet on the floor may deteriorate even further without the size to look over defenders and read off-ball action.

Davison’s 6’6 wingspan and 8’3 standing reach help to make up for his lack of height some, however for a combo guard lacking a high skill level, these are average numbers.

John Butler, Florida State

The promising shooting bigman had some tremendous length measurements with a 7’2.25″ wingspan and a 9’4 standing reach. But the glaring measurement for teams is his weight at 174 lbs. To weigh that amount at his size illustrates just how far away his body is from being ready to compete and contribute. He needs to add roughly 60-70 lbs just to be at a normal weight for his size. He would be best advised to return to Florida State for another year and improve his body and hit the NBA at a point where he is a just a season or two away, instead of being a Fran Fraschilla quote, “two years away from being two years away”.

Keon Ellis, Alabama

Ellis was solid though not spectacular in his length measurements at 6’3.5 barefoot with a 6’8.5 wingspan but he weighed in at just 167 lbs, which is exasperated by the fact that he is one of the older players available for this year’s draft, having turned 22 in January. How much strength and weight he can add is a question that teams will likely grapple with when deciding whether to select him in the second round.


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