45 - Charles Garcia

6-9, 232 Small Forward/Power Forward
Seattle Junior
10/13/88 (33.6 yrs)
Los Angeles, CA
High School
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
82 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Dominic McGuire

Strengths: Forward with excellent size and versatility … Has a scorer’s mentality, putting up monster stats after transferring from Riverside(CA)Junior College. Should be able to finish as one of the nation’s leading scorers this year with such a talent edge over his teammates and competition level … Shows excellent ability to handle the basketball (particularly for a 6-10 forward) and the ability to use his foot speed to get past defenders off the dribble … Loves to bring the ball up the floor and appears very comfortable going between his legs or behind his back to allude defenders … Was a guard up until his sophomore year in high school and retains some guard skills … Most dangerous isolating on his man from the perimeter and driving towards the basket … Right hander with a solid jumpshot, fundamentally sound release … Shows a nice pull up off the dribble … Active on both ends of the glass. 10 rebounds per game against this level is a piece of cake … Decent athletically with good height … Shows solid body strength, particularly in his legs giving him good balance …

Weaknesses: Has an intriguing combination of size and skills, but still extremely raw for a 21 year old … Right now he’s a walking turnover. 4.8 per game, has to improve. Must become better at creating offense without turning the ball over … Lacks a true position for the NBA level right now … Appears very relucatant to play in the post and bang with inside players … Post skills are under-utilized … Has the frame and athleticism to be effective, but is extremely raw in the post. Adding this would significantly augment his perimeter skills … Despite showing excellent scoring ability and solid potential, his feel for the game is a work in progress … For a player so adroit at creating offense for himself off the dribble, his vision and playmaking ability for others is subpar, as is his ball protection, which is important if he expects to have the ball in his hands extensively at the next level … His major strength (creating off the dribble) likely to be neutralized against quicker, more athletic opponents … Level of competition obviously inflates his statistics. (Seattle University is an Independant school).  The question is how effective would he be as a scorer playing alongside and going against high division one players  every night … Athleticism is solid but not spectacular, as he’s more fluid than explosive … At times appears to be too enamored with the outside shot instead of using his size to create shots closer to the basket, also forces up low percentage shots too often, but that can be justified to a degree due to his level of teammates. Also gets double and triple teamed frequently for the same reason … While his strength is good, he still needs bulk to play in the paint at the next level …

Notes: Juco transfer playing a Seattle University … Seattle’s schedule features match ups with Portland, Fresno State, Oklahoma State, Oregon State and Washington.

Aran Smith 12/15/09

The one that got away: Charles Garcia

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