Golden State Warriors

Team Needs: SF, PF, C

Picks: 6th, 34th

The Warriors most glaring area of need is at the forward positions. After hitting a home run with Stephen Curry in last year’s draft, the W’s could use some bulk inside. Although the front court has building blocks in Anthony Randolph, Brandon Wright and Andris Biedrins, none provide what GS desperately needs —  a rugged back to the basket post presence. Wright and Randolph are both long with plenty of upside, and the team could use a rock in the middle such as Patrick Patterson. DeMarcus Cousins would be an intriguing option if he were to fall to them at 6, however that might signify a bigger problem, as teams are wary of character/motivational concerns with him. Showing up to the NBA draft combine at over 16% body fat and 292 lbs didn’t help alleviate those fears. He’s a top 5 talent, but concerns over his head could cause him to slip to the mid lotto. Considering this, Cousins might be a bad fit for a disfunctional franchise like the Warriors.A backcourt of Curry (2nd in ROY voting) and Monta Ellis (25 ppg) looks great on paper, but can the two co-exist? Both play at optimum efficiency with the rock in their hands. Al Farouq Aminu and Paul George would give them some real potential and athleticism from the wing position. GS could also entertain packaging Ellis and their #1 pick in a sign and trade for a premium free agent i.e. Chris Bosh (if he were willing to play for the W’s). Small forward Corey Maggette has garnered interest from contending franchises after a strong 09-10 season (20 ppg in under 30 minutes). With his exorbitant contract, it’s quite possible the Warriors could ship him, but would likely need to give something to do so. The Warriors could lose quality depth to free agency in spark plug CJ Watson and versatile Vladimir Radmanovic.

Options at #6: Al-Farouq Aminu, Patrick Patterson, Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins

Options at #34: Stanley Robinson & Terrico White

Los Angeles Clippers

Team Needs: SF, PG (depth)

Picks: 8th, 54th 

The Clippers will have only 5 occupied roster spots entering draft day. They have a glaring hole at the SF position and need depth throughout the roster. Wing production was a problem last year with Rasaul Butler and Travis Outlaw (21 games), both of whom are free agents. A prototypical SF, Al-Farouq Aminu would be a supreme fit if available at the 8 slot. He’s extremely skilled with terrific length and agility. If they choose to go in a different direction in the draft, Rudy Gay is a viable FA option at SF. The Clipps are also likely to be involved in the LeBron sweepstakes with their mass of cap space. Whether it’s a realistic destination, nobody knows at this point. The remainder of the starting five is solid. After missing the entire 09-10 season with a stress fracture in his left knee, #1 pick Blake Griffin has been cleared to participate in basketball activities with no limitations. If 100%, he should become the pillar at PF as expected. He’ll join All-Star C Chris Kaman (19 & 9), who emerged last season with consistent post touches, on the back line. Developing big man DeAndre Jordan has shown signs of improvement and could play an increased role in 10-11. The starting backcourt is also set with PG Baron Davis and burgeoning scorer Eric Gordon (17 ppg). Backup PG’s Steve Blake (unrestricted) and Mardy Collins (restricted) are free agents.

Options at #8: Al-Farouq Aminu, Paul George, Luke Babbit

Options at #54: Sherron Collins, Charles Garcia

Los Angeles Lakers

Team Needs: PG, PF-C (depth)

Picks: 43rd, 58th 

Currently aiming to finish back to back title runs, the Lakers will have some decisions to make this off-season. The Lakers have a dearth of guards under contract for 10-11, specifically point guards. Their two PG’s Derek Fisher (unrestricted) and Jordan Farmar (restricted) are free agents. It’s hard to imagine them not bringing at least one back into the fold. The FA market for lead guards is weak with Raymond Felton topping the list, followed by names like Ridnour, Duhon and Watson. The Lakers could look at Greivis Vasquez and Matt Bouldin at pick 43, two PG with great size for the triangle (but whether the Lkars will still be running Phil jackson’s triangle is in question). SG Shannon Brown is likely to use his player option to test the waters after a career season. If so, that will leave Sasha Vujacic as the primary backup SG to Kobe Bryant. The front line core of Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum will all be returning. However, with the fragility of Bynum, the Lakers would be wise to seek out depth at the PF-C position. Josh Powell and DJ Mbenga are free agents. 

Options at #43: Greivis Vasquez, Matt Bouldin, Mikhail Torrance, Jarvis Varnado

Options at #58: Dexter Pittman, Alexey Shved

Phoenix Suns

Team Needs: PF & C

Picks: 46th, 60th 

The Suns have serious concerns at PF and C. Amare Stoudemire is expected to opt out of the final year of his contract. The Suns #9 pick in the 2002 draft has developed into one of the most dynamic interior offensive forces in the NBA. His departure will leave a major void in the Suns frontcourt, which lacks offensive punch. Three point specialist Channing Frye also plans to opt out of his deal. His presence was a major factor in the Suns’ ability to stretch the floor. The gritty, workmanlike Louis Amundson is an unrestricted FA. The good news is Grant Hill plans on picking up his player option and opting in. 2009 first round pick Earl Clark is awaiting his opportunity to showcase his well-rounded skills. Derrick Caracter and Dwayne Collins would be interesting options at 46 to provide power on the inside. For all the question marks on the front line, the backcourt is top notch. The PG spot will be in good hands with Steve Nash at the helm in 2012. His backup Goran Dragic certainly played himself into more minutes next season, putting up 8 points and 2 assists per game in postseason play. Jason Richardson and Leandro Barbosa occupy the SG spot. With Stoudemire likely coming off the books, the Suns will have an abundance of cap space to sign a marquee free agent. With Dirk Nowitzki expected to opt out of his contract with Dallas, perhaps reuniting with Steve Nash is on the horizon.  

Options at #46: Derrick Caracter, Dwayne Collins, Trevor Booker

Options at #60: Lazar Hayward, Tim Ohlbrecht

Sacramento Kings

Team Needs: PG & C

Picks: 5th, 33rd 

The Kings have needs at PG and C. They grabbed their new certerpiece with Tyreke Evans at #4 last season, setting them up with a new age playmaker to build around. Evans won ROY with 20 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists per game. Backup PG  Beno Udrih  wont be back. Ray Allen would be a good fit here, spotting up for open jumpers off Evans’ penetration. Allen plays better without the basketball, unlike a Joe Johnson who dominates the rock. Wesley Johnson would be a terrific catch for the Kings if he falls to 5 with his sweet stroke and athletic gifts. The forward position is set up quite well: SF Omri Casspi had a strong rookie season with 10 & 5, 2008 1st round pick PF Jason Thompson is a beastly rebounder and post threat (12.5 & 8.5) and PF Carl Landry shattered his career high with 17 points per game last season. Other forward options include SF Donte Greene who looked far more comfortable offensively in his 2nd season, and the feisty veteran Andres Nocioni. Spencer Hawes bring a lot of unique skills to the center position i.e. three point shooting and passing, but he’s lacking in the toughness and athleticism departments. Despite conditioning and character concerns, DeMarcus Cousins would a fit at the C spot. 

Options at #5: DeMarcus Cousins, Wesley Johnson, Greg Monroe, Al-Farouq Aminu

Options at #33: Willie Warren, Dominique Jones, Gani Lawal

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  1. this site really doesnt understand the W’s
    Why do you insist on Patterson to the W’s? It won’t happen. Also Dont rule out Wes falling to the W’s. If Monroe and Cuz go at 4/5 Wes will be at 6. If Philly and Minny do a trade I can definitely see Wes falling due to age. Why in the world would Tdot trade Monta for Bosh? Even with the pick thrown in it is a dumb deal

    AR is exactly what we need, a potential star at PF.. What we lack is a bruising center. Were fine at the 4 until we know AR or BW dont pan out. But we already know when AR is given consistent minutes he is a easy 15 and 8. Also why in the world would we take Terrico White when we have 5 guards on the team? Monta, Steph, Williams and Morrow alone take up the back court and if CJ comes back we have 5 guys. White makes 0 sense

  2. This site really didn’t look
    This site really didn’t look into players’ salary and whatnot, did it? Radmanovic has a player option for next year, and I highly doubt that he’d decline it for free agency; even if he were, how is Vlad Rad “quality depth”? The man barely played.

    The stats show that Monta Ellis plays far better off the ball than on the ball; it limits his turnovers and low bball IQ. So a backcourt of Curry and Ellis, while possibly defensively weak, can work offensively.

    We do not need Patrick Patterson. With the 6th pick, the Warriors select…a backup for a position of strength. What a good idea. Or, if you take what the site says, GS could “use a rock in the middle such as Patrick Patterson.” This would mean GS decides to ‘supersmallball’, with a 6-8 guy as the center! Great idea.

  3. GS trade
    If Cousins slips to GS at 6, an Ellis and Cousins for Bosh trade would be more than ideal for Toronto. TO gets a dynamic perimeter scorer that they have been desperately searching for and a big, low-post threat of a 5 man to rebound and kick out to bargnani while he prances around on the perimeter.

    Derozan (he is not a 2, he is a natural 3 and just needs to fill out)

    bench: calderon, whatever scrap we get for turkoglu, weems etc

    you’ve gotta like that mix of talent. Even if TO can’t get rid of turk, this lineup would be much better for him to work off of than when bosh was the main man. Whoever was questioning this deal clearly didnt think about it. It won’t happen though because bosh won’t want to go to GS unless it is sold and mgmt is cleaned out

  4. Backup PG Beno Udrih wont be
    Backup PG Beno Udrih wont be back?

    More like starting PG has 3 or 4 years left on his deal….. Where is he going to go?

  5. Spencer
    That is exactly what I was wondering. I am not sure if they know something we do not or if they mean he will not be back in the starting lineup?

  6. Kings
    I was confused about the Beno comment, too. I don’t know why Ray Allen would be mentioned either.. I guess he would be a good fit, but I don’t see how he would go to Sacremento.

    Andres Nocioni wants to be traded from Sac but they still have some nice pieces at SF with Casspi and Greene. I think Casspi and Wes Johnson have a lot of similarities on the wing (though I think Johnson has better long term position). They both run the court well, play hard defense, rebound strong, and are more of spot up shooters than players that create for themselves.

    I want to ask the Kings fans something. How do you feel about Cousins? He is a unique talent that would definitely add something to the Kings, but I wonder how he fits with the team. The Kings are one of the fastest paced teams in the league and I’m not sure if Cousins would be able to play up-tempo for a long time. Also, do you guys think Cousins would clog Evans’ driving lanes too much in the paint? These are reasons why I thought Cousins might not be a great fit. I’m just really undecided about what I think the Kings will/ should do with this pick

    • Kings
      Cousins is the right guy for the kings. The kings could use a little more rebounding and toughness skills. Cousins has that chars.
      And Beno, hope he doesn’t leave Sacramento. He’s finally starting to become like Nash and the OR32 award is enough proof that he is. Still, the kings will be a great playoff team in 2-3 years.

  7. Warriors
    Fact- Wall and Turner will be gone with picks one and two.

    The players selected 3-5 will be Favors, Wesley Johnson and Cousins, thats not really up for debate in my opinion, but the 6th pick is.

    Those 5 listed above look like they all will be good starters in the NBA and I believe 3 more players fit into the category of a “good career starter” for the Warriors to consider. (There will undoubtably be more starters then just these guys but these are the sure fires)

    Greg Monroe- Skilled Big. Not extremely aggressive in college but he can play.

    Paul George- Lengthy 2/3 who has nice touch and good mobility at 6’9

    Al Aminu- Dunking, Running on the break, Put back dunks are all things I associate with Aminu. Not a fluid shooter.

    Monroe should be the pick for the W’s unless Cousins slips. W Johnson would be a great picks if he falls as well but I thinks either scenario is unlikely.

  8. Honestly, I’d like us to
    Honestly, I’d like us to draft cousins. He can be a force in the paint on both sides of the ball immediately. I’m a kings fan and i have heard the whole thing about cousins clogging the driving lanes for tyreke. I honestly think cousins is more mobile than he’s given credit for. In kentucky calipari told him to play with his back to the basket and that was pretty much it. (another thing to think about; john wall and bledsoe were penetrators and it obviously didnt stop them this past season right?) But back to my point, cousins showed some great handle/passing ability for his size on many occasions even finishing in transition. Also in high school he handled the ball an awful lot and even shot 3 pointers. Obviously we wouldnt want him doing that but the fact that he can do those things is a plus. As far as monroe is concerned, i love his amount of skill but i dont like his lack of tenacity (something cousins has) i think if monroe were to play alongside a team with a defensive big next to him he’d be an all star, but i dont know how he’d fare in a situation where he’d be expected to be the number one option down low. It’s all to be determined however, as monroe just had an individual workout for the kings last sunday. It’s on youtube btw. And this saturday there is a favors and cousins workout scheduled for the kings which should be very interesting.

  9. Sacphil
    Thanks Sacphil. That’s a good point about Cousins’ production playing alongside John Wall and Bledsoe. He was a lot more versatile in high school, but I don’t think those skills are developed enough that they would translate into his game at the NBA level. I know what you’re saying though. I’m not as high on Monroe as you are mostly because of those intensity concerns that you mentioned. I’m not always sure whether it means he isn’t passionate for the game or not, but I figure that he is. I hope he does well next year

    I think that as long as the Kings don’t make any desperate moves, sign any bad contracts, etc. they will become pretty good in the future because they have a lot of good young players that play hard and overachieve for Eric Musselman. Too bad they’re in the west and they probably won’t make the playoffs for the next few seasons haha

  10. Warriors
    1) Re-sign CJ Watson.
    2) Trade Monta Ellis for frontcourt help. Curry plays the 2 full-time.
    3) Draft Greg Monroe at #6 (sorry, Cousins will not be available).
    4) Draft a smart, dynamic PG in the 2nd round — Lin, Torrance and Randle are all steals.

  11. Fellow kings fan baby
    On Cousins we NEED a big that can play tough Hawes is too soft he had time to beef up and didn’t at best he is gonna back up Cousins but if we get him I don’t see why Hawes would return… hoping we can get Turkoglu we have the money and I’m sure Hedo won’t demand the ball because he knows if he comes here Tyreke will be calling the shots and he can develop Omri and Donte into good SF so I don’t think we will go after a SF in the draft… Without Cousins it is slim that we will get any tougher as Monroe isn’t any bigger then Thompson… Attitude wise I don’t think it will be a problem for the Kings as almost everyone on our squad are humble and it can rub off to others… Lastly he shouldn’t have a problem with clogging lanes and uptempo style (however kings aren’t as uptempo as most teams unless it’s Tyreke or guards running the big shouldn’t be going back and forth) because we don’t run much just when we need too

  12. On CJ Watson
    Average player that can’t play d sure he can put up 40 but if he is a liability on defense u won’t win championships… Curry can’t play the 2 effectively because he got no d also better off at the 1 as players are much smaller

  13. Kings
    Cousins is the right guy for the kings. The kings could use a little more rebounding and toughness skills. Cousins has that chars.
    And Beno, hope he doesn’t leave Sacramento. He’s finally starting to become like Nash and the OR32 award is enough proof that he is. Still, the kings will be a great playoff team in 2-3 years.

    Draft: Monroe or

    Draft: Monroe or Patterson
    Monroe at the bare minimum can replace Beidrin’s production and add more skill (free throw shooting % especially). Patterson for one measured out to 6’9”, and should be able to play a Tolliver role (15/9/2 in April) and bring toughness and character along with his inside out game, besides neither Randolph or Wright’s bodies are exactly physically ready to handle the NBA as evident by their skinny frames and constant injuries. More than anything the Warriors need to stick with drafting high character guys to get this team headed in the right direction. Randolph and Ellis have been headache enough.
    Free Agency: resign CJ Watson.
    CJ is an excellent defender, and very efficient. He can play the 1 or 2, shoot and penetrate. More than anything he is a great locker room guy that plays hard and is the type of player that takes a franchise in the right direction. Reggie Williams’ emergance allows us to not have to resign Morrow. Drafting Monroe or Patterson will allow us to let Tolliver go as well.
    — Healthy, this is a very talented team that just needs to gell, and has the potential to take a big step next year.

    CLippers: draft- Al Farouq Aminu
    Lakers: Sign and trade for Kirk Hinrich
    Suns: draft – Ryan RIchards/ Trevor Booker
    Kings: draft – Cousins (Westphaul looks to have ownership’s support to institute accounatbility with their young guys)

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