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2010 NBA Draft Combine Official Measurements
Combine Measurement Analysis

PlayerNo Step Vertical JumpNo Step Jump HeightMaximum Vertical JumpMaximum Jump HeightBench Press
(185 lbs.)
Lane Agility Drill3/4 Court SprintHand LengthHand Width
Solomon Alabi22.511′  3.5”26.011′  7”1013.23.689.259.25
Cole Aldrich23.011′  2.5”28.011′  7.5”1011.483.359.009.25
Al-Farouq Aminu27.011′  3.5”33.511′  10”1311.293.39.509.50
James Anderson30.011′  2”35.511′  7.5”1411.863.198.507.25
Luke Babbitt29.511′  2”37.511′  10”1510.983.48.5010.00
Eric Bledsoe-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A9-N-A-N-A8.509.75
Trevor Booker31.011′  5”36.011′  10”2211.
Craig Brackins26.011′  3”35.012′  0”611.653.399.5011.25
Avery Bradley31.510′  10”37.511′  4”211.473.148.259.50
Derrick Caracter25.011′  0.5”30.511′  6”2212.783.619.0010.25
Sherron Collins27.510′  1.5”33.010′  7”-N-A12.313.248.509.50
DeMarcus Cousins23.511′  4.5”27.511′  8.5”-N-A11.43.559.2510.00
Jordan Crawford31.511′  0.5”34.511′  3.5”711.033.378.009.00
Ed Davis31.011′  7”36.012′  0”-N-A11.73.219.2510.00
Devin Ebanks23.510′  11”32.011′  7.5”611.693.448.259.00
Derrick Favors31.511′  9.5”35.512′  1.5”1411.743.258.759.25
Keith Gallon23.511′  1”28.511′  6”1413.443.79.2510.50
Charles Garcia24.511′  0”30.511′  6”211.653.238.759.00
Paul George-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A4-N-A-N-A8.509.00
Luke Harangody24.010′  10”28.511′  2.5”2311.833.418.759.75
Manny Harris-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A11-N-A-N-A8.509.00
Gordon Hayward30.511′  1.5”34.511′  5.5”1011.733.228.509.25
Lazar Hayward31.011′  1”36.011′  6”1510.873.319.259.50
Xavier Henry28.511′  1.5”36.511′  9.5”811.13.188.7510.00
Darington Hobson29.011′  1.5”34.011′  6.5”-N-A11.683.258.259.00
Damion James29.011′  4”33.011′  8”1310.893.219.258.75
Armon Johnson31.510′  11”38.511′  6”1811.
Wesley Johnson32.011′  6”37.011′  11”1611.433.149.009.50
Dominique Jones26.010′  7”32.511′  1.5”1910.883.319.0010.25
Jerome Jordan-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A9.0010.25
Sylven Landesberg28.010′  8.5”32.011′  0.5”811.593.368.7510.75
Gani Lawal27.011′  2.5”31.511′  7”2011.613.248.5010.00
Greg Monroe25.011′  1.5”29.011′  5.5”1512.13.358.759.50
Daniel Orton24.011′  2.5”30.511′  9”1312.323.398.509.75
Art Parakhouski25.511′  3”26.511′  4”1612.073.339.0010.50
Patrick Patterson28.511′  3.5”33.511′  8.5”1711.143.259.2510.25
Dexter Pittman-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A10.2510.50
Andy Rautins23.510′  3.5”30.510′  10.5”811.273.498.009.75
Ryan Richards25.011′  3”28.511′  6.5”411.333.379.009.75
Stanley Robinson-N-A-N-A37.512′  1”611.653.239.009.00
Larry Sanders25.511′  5.5”28.011′  8”712.493.279.7511.00
Jon Scheyer-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A7.759.50
Lance Stephenson27.010′  10”33.011′  4”1011.393.389.0010.25
Mikhail Torrance23.010′  6”32.011′  3”811.433.178.759.50
Evan Turner27.510′  11”34.511′  6”911.063.278.759.50
Ekpe Udoh31.011′  5.5”33.511′  8”1011.153.299.508.75
Jarvis Varnado29.511′  7”32.511′  10”311.613.379.259.50
Greivis Vasquez-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A7.759.25
John Wall30.010′  11.5”39.011′  8.5”-N-A10.843.148.259.50
Willie Warren23.010′  2.5”31.510′  11”1011.213.58.509.50
Terrico White31.011′  0”40.011′  9”1011.383.159.0010.50
Hassan Whiteside27.011′  8”31.512′  0.5”1211.833.548.2510.25
Average:27.3811′  1.12”32.9411′  6.73”11.3711.603.328.809.65
Maximum:32.0011′  9.5”40.0012′  1.5”23.0013.443.7010.2511.25
Minimum:22.5010′  1.5”26.0010′  7”2.0010.843.107.757.25




  1. Wheres Paul George
    Pattersons max vert numbers shocked me too he plays so much more athletic. And Luke Babbitt is looking like a Joe Alexander who can shoot and just knows how to actually play basketball well. Evan Turners numbers are also very disappointing to me. I thought that atleast after having a small wingspan he would make up for in by having altleast a 36 inch vert. Trevor Booker is a freak show. Did Paul George not do the athletic testing cuz i was betting that he was gonna show similar combine numbers to rudy gay only a lil quicker. And am I the only person completely impressed by Derrick Favors combine numbers. He runs the floor faster then most the guards and his no step max height is 12 feet, thats 2 feet above the rim jumping without any steps and thats also higher then mostly everybody’s except a few max jumping height. He should have no trouble playing center in the nba and the Sixers should have no trouble making him the second pick in the draft.

  2. Wow good catch. Yeah the

    Wow good catch. Yeah the 2 Haywards were flipped. Also Parakhouski and Patterson (33.5 max vert) were accidently  flipped as well. It’s been corrected. Thanks.

  3. ?
    I wonder why guys in the NFL put up 40 inch verts at the combine no problem even tho they weigh 250 plus pounds but guys who are about to making a living from basketball only have 1 person out of like 30 with one. I think Tim Tebow could dunk on some of these guys he had a 39 inch no step vert and that’s a QB!

  4. ?
    I wonder why guys in the NFL put up 40 inch verts at the combine no problem even tho they weigh 250 plus pounds but guys who are about to making a living from basketball only have 1 person out of like 30 with one. I think Tim Tebow could dunk on some of these guys he had a 39 inch no step vert and that’s a QB!

  5. football players LIVE in the
    football players LIVE in the weight room, when i was in highschool i had a 31inch vertical, could dunk with ease, but i was in the weight room alot, i rarely seen the weight room when i was on the basketball team.

    • Vasquez and Sheyer
      Both measured (ht/wt) very well and then probably figured it would be better not to embarrass themselves with puny white man verticals and weak skinny guy bench reps. Hayward and Babbitt, damn, those are some freakishly athletic white guys.

  6. I really wanted to see Manny
    I really wanted to see Manny Harris’ results…oh well.

    Luke Babbitt’s numbers are definitely impressive.

    The winners and losers for each category:
    No step vertical jump: Best-Wesley Johnson (32 inches), Worst-Solomon Alabi (22.5 inches)
    No step jump height: Best- Derrick Favors (11 feet, .95 inches), Worst-Sherron Collins (10 feet, .15 inches)
    Maximum vertical jump: Best- Terrico White (40 inches), Worst- Solomon Alabi (26 inches)
    Maximum jump height: Best- Derrick Favors (12 feet, .15 inches), Worst- Sherron Collins (10 feet, 7 inches)
    Bench Press (185 pounds): Best-Luke Harangody (23 reps), Worst- Avery Bradley, Charles Garcia (2 reps)
    Lane Agility Drill: Best- John Wall (10.84 seconds), Worst- Keith Gallon (13.44 seconds)
    3/4 Court Sprint: Best- Trevor Booker (3.1 seconds), Worst- Keith Gallon (3.7 seconds)
    Hand Length: Best- Dexter Pittman (10.25 inches), Worst- Greivis Vasquez, Jon Scheyer (7.75 inches)
    Hand Width: Best- Craig Brackins (11.25 inches), Worst- James Anderson (7.25 inches)

    Overall thoughts: I don’t like to read too much into the NBA combine (remember Joe Alexander anyone?) but the guys that impressed me the most were John Wall, Trevor Booker, Derrick Favors, Luke Harangody, and Luke Babbitt. I was somewhat dissapointed by Evan Turner’s numbers, and the thing that was most shocking was Charles Garcia’s lack of strength for a big man and Sherron Collins’ inability to jump.

  7. I think some of these numbers
    I think some of these numbers are suspect but also i think once guys who has natural jumping ability like we see them in their games start working out. It will be apparent once again who is more athletic than who. Look it is obvious from watching actually game that Lance Stephenson athleticism is better than this. Also if Cousins loses another 10 lbs or so all these numbers will be increased for him. I am impressed Babbitt. He showed up ready to work I wonder why he does not have that great white hope tag because he could maybe actually come closer to fulfilling it.

  8. NFL/NBA
    1)Most NBA guys are taller than the athletic football players. Tall WRs and CBs are 6’3 so their verts have to be high..In the NBA if your 6’3 your little…so alot of the taller guys dont’ need crazy high verts

    2)Football players usually live in the weight room like someone earlier said. Most basketball players are on the court doing skill work. Specially with alot of idiots now days thinking “liftings weigts stunts your growth” and all that crap.

    3) most football players work on speed alot more than basketball players. those are usally the same muscles that help you jump.

  9. Whoever bashed Patterson’s
    Whoever bashed Patterson’s STANDING vert doesn’t know much about standing and one step verts. A standing vert of 28.5″ for a PF is pretty good. It was higher than Evan Turner, Greg Monroe, the same as X. Henry so your comment about Patterson’s vert not being high enough is just stupidity. His standing vert was 1.5″ less than John Wall’s for Christ’s sake.

    And if you were trying to bash his one step vert., it was only 1″ less than Evan Turner and only 1.5″ less than “super athlete” Derrick Favors.

    So, as they do on 670 in Chicago about this time….Who you crappin?

  10. Clearly you misread our
    Clearly you misread our comments on Patterson, and when we made the comments his numbers weren’t switched yet, and we were actually looking at Art Parakhouski’s numbers. Really you should pay a little more attention before you get so angry, just makes you look bad…

  11. manny harris
    manny harris’ 11 repetitions are shocking. people question his weight and strength but both came out great with only 3.8 percent body fat. The man is solid.

  12. .
    Won’t happen but we need robinson combined with rajon rondo, i believe i can fly fo’sho.
    Need paul george ‘s numbers !!!
    Good one wes johnson….
    Terrico white in the the 20’s…
    Babbit makes a name for himself for the bucks, wolves, heat, spurs, celts, thunder.

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