No, there wasn’t really a third round of the NBA draft, but this was a year that actually could have had one. Most of these guys have signed to play with various teams for the NBA summer league. But if there had been a third round, here’s how it would have looked…according to the Forum All Stars.

With the first pick in the THIRD round of the 2010 NBA draft, the New Jersey Nets select…
 Round Three

61.) New Jersey – Brian Zoubek – Zoubek only had one pre-draft workout. It was at a hospital for the physically impaired. His lack of footspeed showed as he couldn’t stay in front of the kids in wheelchairs (or crutches for that matter). On a positive note, he dominated the glass. Nets pick him up with the first pick in the 3rd round. – butidonthavemoney

62.) Minnesota – Denis Clemente – Ahhh, how awkward it is to write about the Spanish-speaking speed demon again. He HAS to make an NBA roster or Kansas State fans everywhere will be down. – JNixon-Iggy9

63.) Sacramento – Ryan Thompson – This was simply done by Geoff Petrie to please Jason Thompson. Now Jason Thompson will be able to vent to Ryan on road trips when everyone on the team is mad at him. – knicksfan7

64.) Golden State – Aubrey Coleman – The Warriors get the perfect replacement for the departed Corey Maggette; a high scoring, take it mean to the rack gunslinger. He will have to ‘step’ *cough* up his game if he wants to stick around however. – DanEboy

65.) Washington – Scottie Reynolds – This, kids, is why you should leave early for the draft, so that you can get picked in the first round, become a bust, but still collect first-round pick money while simultaneously collecting splinters in your rump. – OrangeJuiceJones

66.) Philadelphia – Jon Scheyer – Philly needs a shooter. They got Evan Turner already who can do everything but shoot. Scheyer can’t do anything but shoot. Seems like a good match, no? – butidonthavemoney

67.) Detroit – JP Prince – This long-armed point-forward has high defensive potential, but bad decision-making and a lack of shooting ability caused him to go unpicked. He probably was the most mature player on UT’s team, maybe because he was near the same age as Coach Pearl. – JNixon-Iggy9

68.) LA Clippers – Edwin Ubiles – Another talented player who rarely uses his talents. Ordinary Clippers player. – knicksfan7

69.) New York – Sherron Collins – The Knicks get a score first PG who is a proven leader, something they have been lacking. Collins takes one look around his current teammates and proclaims, "Well, I am definitely not in Kansas anymore!" Eddy Curry coughs up a pastrami sandwich from laughter. – DanEboy

70.) Indiana – Mac Koshwal – Upon Koshwal’s arrival in Indianapolis, he sticks his hand out to greet Larry Bird, who mumbles "Again?" under his breath. Then, Bird shows him "that smile." You know, the awkward one that a girl you’re talking to gives you when she doesn’t want to talk to you, but she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings? – OrangeJuiceJone

71.) New Orleans – Tim Ohlbrecht – Tim-Oh could make an NBA roster. Especially one that is too cheap to afford any established shooters. What exactly does a 3rd rounder cost? Now that I think about it, the Hornets will probably just sell this pick to anybody with some spare pocket change. – butidonthavemoney

72.) Memphis – Alexey Shved – He’s athletic and quick with combo guard skills. Teams passed on him because he hasn’t gotten better since 2008, and is still too skinny. – JNixon-Iggy9

73.) Toronto – Mikhail Torrance – I can’t believe I am writing about this guy because I thought he was going to get drafted. If there were a 3rd round, this would be Toronto’s best pick. – knicksfan7

74.) Houston – Charles Garcia – The Rockets get a high motor guy who has a knack for getting to the free throw line and can also bring the ball upcourt. Low basketball IQ is a major concern. Jordan Hill is ecstatic to have someone help him carry all the luggage. – DanEboy

75.) Chicago – Sylven Landesberg – Landerberg’s first order of business is to challenge Devin Brown to a game of one-on-one for the 2nd spot on the depth chart. Don’t embarrass yourself, Devin. – OrangeJuiceJones

76.) Charlotte – Art Parakhouski – If John Bryant can make a Summer League roster, what exactly is stopping Para… uh… Art? Bryant, Zoubek, Para-blabble. Who says that the "Dominant Center" is dead? – butidonthavemoney

77.) Milwaukee – Samardo Samuels – I don’t understand why he left school. He’s not athletic, lacks foot speed, is undersized and wasn’t really that productive at the ‘Ville. Just be patient kids. – JNixon-Iggy9

78.) Miami – Jeremy Lin – If Wade happens to leave, the Heat will just have to fall in love with the only Asian-American in the NBA. – knicksfan7

79.) Boston – Jerome Randle – Celtics get instant offense off the bench and an engine that never quits. Randle swaggers up to Nate and says, "I am the new you, so you can clean out my locker now little man." He then reaches up to pat him on his head. – DanEboy

80.) San Antonio – AJ Ogilvy – In order for Ogilvy to stick in the NBA, he’s gonna have to learn Tim Duncan’s patented bank shot — the long, hard, nightmare-causing way. – OrangeJuiceJones

81.) Oklahoma City – Deon Thompson – Do teams draft for need in the 3rd round? Deon Thompson doesn’t seem like a future rotation player to me, but the Thunder could use a post scorer. Unfortunately, Thompson has nothing else to offer you… Except his love… 😀 – butidonthavemoney

82.) Portland – Obi Muenelo – I know you’re thinking "Who?" but he could be the next Kelenna Azuibuike, who he plays just like. Problem is, for as bulky as he is, he is a poor finisher around the rim. – JNixon-Iggy9

83.) Utah – Tyler Smith – The Jazz take a guy with a tear drop tattoo, this is quite shocking. The people of Utah boo louder than they did when Gordon Hayward was selected. – knicksfan7

84.) Atlanta – Marqus Blakely – The Hawks add another freak athlete to their roster. Blakely, the winner of the NCAA slam dunk contest this past year, can also guard multiple positions on the defensive end. The practice dunk-offs between J-Smoove and Blakely should be open to the public. – DanEboy

85.) Denver – Marquis Gilstrap – Kenyon wanted the Nuggets to pick him because of his age; that way, he won’t have to worry about somebody taking his keys while he’s playing. – OrangeJuiceJones

86.) Phoenix – Devan Downey – His performance against Kentucky last year is worthy of a 3rd round pick. You really don’t want him on your team though. If John Wall sees his face on your team’s bench, we might see Wall go Hulk. Then your center is getting posterized. – butidonthavemoney

87.) Dallas – Elijah Milsap – He looks and plays like a before and after version of his big bro, Paul, who plays for the Utah Jazz. – JNixon-Iggy9

88.) LA Lakers – Wayne Chism – Los Angeles takes Wayne Chism with the 88th pick and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak proudly proclaims, "He’s twice the player that the Thunder added (Ryan Reid) 31 spots eariler, in the second round!"  – knicksfan7

89.) Orlando – Manny Harris – Corperryale L’Adorable ‘Manny’ Harris takes so long to write his name on the Summer League sign up sheet that he misses the first game and gets cut from the team. – DanEboy

90.) Cleveland – John Sloan – LeBron’s secret wish is finally fulfilled. Sloan is the first drafted waterboy in NBA history. Aside from being a quick Gatorade cup filler, this kid’s skin is thicker than LeBron’s ego. – OrangeJuiceJones

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  1. I can only imagine
    How much fun this would have been to watch if it actually happened. I know commentary would have been in rare form. I would petition that either A) We switch the 3rd round to TNT (as well as the 1st/2nd/coverage), or B) The forum All-Stars actually get to commentate, and hell, maybe even make picks for each team as well 🙂

  2. if they had a third round,
    if they had a third round, they should have try outs for each pick, each team picks five to eight guys and they have a tryout to be taken

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