No Shoes

With Shoes
Body Fat
Solomon Alabi6-11.57-0.752377-59-55.0
Cole Aldrich6-96-11.252367-4.759-3.58.5
Al-Farouq Aminu6-7.256-8.52167-3.259-0.58.2
James Anderson6-4.756-5.752086-8.58-87.9
Luke Babbitt6-7.56-8.752186-11.258-8.55.6
Eric Bledsoe6-0.256-1.51926-7.58-25.6
Trevor Booker6-6.256-7.52366-9.758-107.3
Craig Brackins6-8.56-9.752297-09-17.9
Avery Bradley6-26-3.251806-7.258-2.54.0
Derrick Caracter6-8.256-9.52807-0.258-11.2512.8
Sherron Collins5-10.255-11.752176-2.57-109.2
DeMarcus Cousins6-9.56-10.752927-5.759-516.4
Jordan Crawford6-36-4.51986-78-54.9
Ed Davis6-96-9.752277-09-010.0
Devin Ebanks6-76-8.252087-0.258-11.57.9
Derrick Favors6-8.756-10.252457-49-26.5
Keith Gallon6-8.56-9.53027-4.59-1.515.1
Charles Garcia6-8.256-9.252327-1.758-11.57.0
Paul George6-7.756-8.752146-11.258-115.0
Luke Harangody6-66-7.752406-9.58-1011.1
Manny Harris6-46-5.51856-7.258-63.8
Gordon Hayward6-6.756-82116-7.758-76.9
Lazar Hayward6-4.56-5.752267-0.758-67.5
Xavier Henry6-5.256-6.52106-11.258-94.7
Darington Hobson6-5.256-6.52046-9.258-8.56.2
Damion James6-6.256-7.752277-0.758-119.6
Armon Johnson6-26-3.251906-88-3.55.6
Wesley Johnson6-6.256-7.252067-18-104.6
Dominique Jones6-3.256-52166-9.258-55.9
Jerome Jordan6-11.57-0.752447-5.259-56.9
Sylven Landesberg6-4.756-6.252106-98-4.511.6
Gani Lawal6-7.56-92337-08-11.56.3
Greg Monroe6-9.756-112477-2.259-0.511.2
Daniel Orton6-8.756-9.52697-4.259-2.513.8
Patrick Patterson6-86-9.252407-1.258-115.3
Art Parakhouski6-10.256-11.752687-19-1.56.0
Dexter Pittman6-9.56-11.53037-69-320.8
Andy Rautins6-4.256-51926-78-46.2
Ryan Richards6-10.56-11.752307-1.59-28.0
Stanley Robinson6-6.56-7.752137-08-11.58.3
Larry Sanders6-9.256-10.52227-5.759-44.6
Jon Scheyer6-4.756-61806-3.258-35.4
Lance Stephenson6-4.56-5.752276-10.58-79.3
Mikhail Torrance6-46-52096-7.58-77.0
Evan Turner6-5.756-72146-88-7.58.6
Ekpe Udoh6-8.756-9.752377-4.58-10.58.0
Jarvis Varnado6-8.256-102107-3.59-1.59.5
Greivis Vasquez6-56-6.52116-78-58.6
John Wall6-2.756-41966-9.258-5.55.6
Willie Warren6-2.56-3.752086-68-3.57.6
Terrico White6-3.756-52036-98-53.7
Hassan Whiteside6-10.56-11.52277-79-55.5


  1. uhh Nathan, I believe there
    uhh Nathan, I believe there is a misprint on Armon Johnson. No way he is only 19 lbs. Click on his name and you will find his real weight. (195 lbs)

  2. I never realized Cole Aldrich
    I never realized Cole Aldrich was so small for a Center. Only 6’9 without shoes.Yikes. He must be wearing some seriously big high tops to make himself 6’11.

    • Dwight Howard was “only”
      Dwight Howard was “only” measured at 6’9″ shoeless and 6’10 1/4″ with shoes. They (Howard and Aldrich) have identical wingspans and standing reaches.

      • Portugoose, Good point,

        Good point, although Aldrich’s reach would be about 1″ less if he were wearing Howard’s shoes. Still, their length measurements are almost identical. Howard is a far better athlete, but no one is expecting Aldrich to be an All-Star like Dwight. The point is, Aldrich has the length to hang with NBA Centers–no problem. Just look at Spencer Hawe’s measurements: A mere 7’0.5″ wingspan and a 9’1″ reach (if he wore normal-sized soles) despite being a 7-footer in shoes. He’s nothing special as an athlete either, but he can play some NBA Center.

  3. Patterson, Orton
    A couple measurements that stood out, both of them being from Kentucky.

    Patrick Patterson measuring 6’8″ no shoes. This is great news for Patterson when there were rumors surrounding his height. I heard a couple people mention he may only be 6’6″. Squashing rumors about his height, it looks like Patterson should go somewhere beetween 8-14.

    Daniel Orton measuring 6’8 3/4″ no shoes. I really thought he was at least 6’10” and I think a lot of other people thought that he would measure taller. This measurement tells me he probably won’t be very effective as an NBA center and will have to play more of a PF role. This spells trouble and I think he may slip to the late first b/c of this measurement.

    • On Orton´s and other surprises
      Orton maybe only 6`8 3/4 ( your average PF without shoes) and 6 10 in, but consider standing reach and wingspan wich are very , very good over 7`4 and 9`2.5 almost center measures; Thats larger than Greg Monroe wich standing reach doesnt stand out given his measures.

      Aldrich maybe small but he plays taller with his enormous reach.

      Whiteside is a 7 footer in shoes, with Pterodactyl Wingspan. He could go higher with this test.

      Wall has excellent wingspan

      Patterson is 6`8 barefoot but small reach ala Blake ( but he is so polished that doesnt matter much)

      Tiny Gallon is not Tiny, good Measures, Almost Centerlike
      Favors is a legit 6 10 chiseled body with Durant´s standing reach.

      Remember wingspan and Reach are the two measures that actually translate to the real game

  4. other winners: greivis
    other winners: greivis vasques he could go 6’7” 210 as his stats and nobody could call him on B.S….

    and im impressed with art parakhouski and ryan richards stats


    sherron collins 5’10.25” and 217? maybe hes thinking this is the NFL combine…

  5. why the variable in shoes vs. barefoot
    Seems like the measurements are not consistent between shoes and barefoot. Why do some people gain 3 inches and others only 3/4 of an inch?


    Yea… But look at his wingspan… 6′ 3.25″ LOL… He wins this year’s T-Rex Arms Award.

  7. i kind of want to see the
    i kind of want to see the shoes that gain 2 inches or more. that is insane also i want to see the shoes that give less than a inch. Most basketball shoes and shoes period will give you at least an inch.

    • Sheltwon, My guess is the

      My guess is the average shoe gives you about 1.25 inches. That’s why 6’8.75″ barefoot generally translates to 6’10” in basketball terms, wouldn’t you agree?

      There was little point for Aldrich to “rig” his height and standing reach. GM’s can do simple subtraction. He has good wingspan and standing reach without the elevator shoes.

    • I read that Hassan Whiteside showed up to the measurements…
      in flip-flops. With that knowledge, it is surprising that he was a full inch taller in “shoes”.

  8. Dexter Pittman
    now a 7 footer. He has his weaknesses, but that’s very good news for him and I’d expect to be a late 1st now. Evan Turner has a smaller wingspan than John Wall, that can’t be good for him. I’m also surprised how short Aldrich is, but the wingspan looks great.

    • Boomdizzal, that’s the beauty
      Boomdizzal, that’s the beauty of human variety. Booker could simply have a short neck, higher shoulders, or a small head. It happens a lot.

  9. Shipargos, I mostly agree.
    Shipargos, I mostly agree. Too many of these people are caught up with height, because it has traditionally been emphasized way too much. Since when is this soccer? Are we heading the ball into the basket?

    Even if you knock Aldrich’s exta inch off of his standing reach because of his cheating elevator shoes, his reach is still acceptable for a Center, especially with the aid of his good wingspan.

    But I disagree with you on Patterson. 7’1″ wingspan and 8’11” reach are perfectly solid PF measures. Griffin was actually around 8’9″ with his reach, if memory serves.

  10. Or, Boomdizzal,
    Babbit could

    Or, Boomdizzal,

    Babbit could have shorter arms (limiting the standing reach), but broader shoulders (boosting the wingspan) compared to Brooker. There’s a lot of explanations.

  11. I think Ekpe Udoh’s reach is
    I think Ekpe Udoh’s reach is acceptable for a Power Forward, especially considering he only gained an exact inch from his shoes.

    Really, I don’t think folks should worry about a PF’s reach until it starts to dip below 8’10”.

    8’10.5″ combined with a 7’4.5″ wingspan can get the job done down low in the nba. Wingspan helps in a player’s “diagonal” extension, which can certainly matter a lot in the paint.

  12. Aldrich’s problem…
    …is that he’s only 236 lbs. That’s not real impressive for center.

    I don’t think these measurements significantly change the picture.

    Patrick Patterson came out of this well, obviously, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s not a dominating back-to-the-basket guy. Derrick Favors came out well, but he’s still a raw low post player. I don’t think John Scheyer is going to get drafted now. 180 lbs? Geez, a good strong wind will push him over. Cousins does need to drop 15-20 lbs., but good lord, 9-5 standing reach? That is monstrous.

  13. no shoes so wat?
    I dont really take into account the measurements without shoes. i mean the game isnt played without shoes so all this hoopla about omg he’s only 6’6 and stuff is jus crap

    • I completely disagree, IknoBall12
      I, personally, don’t take into account the measurements with shoes because a player can wear whatever shoes give him the most additional height just to measure as tall as possible. I would think when it comes to game time, a player’s shoe choice is not made by what makes him measure taller, but by what shoe he likes best or is receiving endorsement money for. Thus, the measurement at the combine with shoes becomes irrelevant.

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