2012 NBA Combine: Athleticism Results

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 8:57pm
Quincy Acy 32 37 13 10.48 3.28
Harrison Barnes 38 39.5 15 10.93 3.16
Will Barton 33 39 8 10.95 3.28
Bradley Beal 33 39 8 10.95 3.28
JCovan Brown 26 29.5 3 11.68 3.47
William Buford 27.5 32.5 8 11.4 3.43
Jae Crowder 31 34.5 20 1..45 3.37
Jared Cunningham NA NA 4 NA NA
Anthony Davis NA NA NA NA NA
Marcus Denmon 33.5 40 8 10.82 3.19
Andre Drummond 31.5 33.5 10 10.83 3.39
Kim English 29 36.5 10.59 3.33
Festus Ezeli 34 33.5 18 12.35 3.29
Drew Gordon 29 34 10 11.35 3.49
Draymond Green 28 33 9 11.01 3.4
JaMychal Green 29.5 32.5 19 10.63 3.38
Bernard James 30 32.5 6 11.84 3.4
Darius Johnson Odom 33.5 41.5 17 10.76 3.21
Moe Harkless 32.5 37 5 10.87 3.25
John Henson 25.5 30 5 NA NA
Tu Holloway 28 35 12 11 3.42
Robbie Hummel 27.5 30 13 11.56 3.41
John Jenkins 30.5 36.5 10 11.36 3.37
Orlando Johnson 32 39.5 13 10.98 3.25
Kevin Jones 27.5 32.5 17 11.94 3.6
Perry Jones 33 38.5 11 11.31 3.19
Terrence Jones 29.5 34.5 12 11.57 3.4
Kris Joseph 28.5 35 6 NA 3.46
Michael Kidd Gilchrist 32 35.5 6 11.7 3.18
Doron Lamb 29 33.5 2 11.2 3.41
Jeremy Lamb 31.5 38 5 10.98 3.25
Meyers Leonard 30 32.5 19 11.34 3.41
Damian Lillard 34.5 39.5 13 11.15 3.34
Scott Machado 27 32.5 17 11.26 3.3
Kendall Marshall 31 37 12.03 3.23
Fab Melo 29.5 31 9 12.13 3.44
Khris Middleton 28 31 4 11.45 3.47
Darius Miller 33 37 14 11.34 3.31
Quincy Miller 30.5 36 8 11.05 3.48
Tony Mitchell 31.5 40 14 11.72 3.47
Arnett Moultrie 33.5 37.5 10 11.32 3.22
Kevin Murphy 31 36.5 11 10.97 3.42
Andrew Nicholson 28.5 30.5 10 11.89 3.67
Kyle OQuinn 31.5 31.5 11.65 3.53
Miles Plumlee 34 40.5 15 10.64 3.36
Austin Rivers 32.5 37.5 1 11.54 3.32
Thomas Robinson 28.5 35.5 15 11.96 3.17
Terrence Ross 31 37.5 2 11.78 3.28
Tomas Satoransky NA NA NA NA NA
Mike Scott 27 32.5 14 11.49 3.44
Henry Sims 26.5 29.5 7 12.33 3.44
Jared Sullinger 29.5 31 9 12.77 3.81
Jeffrey Taylor 33.5 40 15 10.87 3.29
Jordan Taylor 33 36.5 14 10.57 3.19
Tyshawn Taylor 32 36 11.48 3.2
Marquis Teague 32.5 40.5 8 10.65 3.19
Hollis Thompson 28.5 36.5 6 11.72 3.38
Dion Waiters NA NA NA NA NA
Royce White NA NA NA NA NA
Tony Wroten 30 35.5 10.75 3.24
Tyler Zeller 30 34 16 11.3 3.4
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Is anyone else very very

Is anyone else very very disspointed with Drummonds results?

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The sprint result of Thomas

The sprint result of Thomas Robinson is very intriguing, he beats out a lot of guards with this score! I also didn´t expect the bench score of Meyers Leonard, he doesn´t seem to have that much upperbody strength.

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Can't believe Jared Sullinger

Can't believe Jared Sullinger had a better vertical than Henson. John has to be really dissappointed in his vert.

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Henson with a 30 vert? WoW!!

Henson with a 30 vert? WoW!! Jimmer did better than that last season ....

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Barnes from a physical

Barnes from a physical standpoint matches up most closely with Josh Smith out of high school.. How is he not more dominant?

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Why does this site have no profile on Tony Mitchell?

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a grain of salt needed

Most interesting was how slow - Buford n T.Holloway are. A guy mentioned Drummond but hes on parr with these too guards.

Barnes looks good. suprised the step ddint add much to his vert tho.

Henson vs Sulliger in terms of vert really shows how length can change your style of play

Rivers n Marshall not looking agile but if you watched Rivers play you would believe that

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Why are people on this site continuing to talk down Meyers Leonard strength? The dude looks the part and has backed it up in his work outs. Stop watching his high school mix on here, he has had 2 years in college to work on his strength and he took advantage of it. He'll be a big time contributor in the nba.

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Drummond overrated

All I keep hearing about is how much of a manchild Drummond is like he's a new age Shawn Kemp but this Kid Festus Ezeli has way better measurements. I think Festus will have a greater impact right off the bat....

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But his hops where not off

But his hops where not off the charts like you would believe. He reminds me of Larry Johnson a lot size wise but he doesnt have those off the wall hops...............

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how does harrison barnes not

how does harrison barnes not get over 40 inches on the max vert lol

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Perry Jones

Very good, i'd say...

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jcovan brown hurt his stock

jcovan brown hurt his stock badly

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Miles Plumlee

Had no idea that Miles Plumlee had a 40 inch vertical. With his height and that athleticism, he'll easily keep a job in the NBA.

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I heard that Henson hurt his

I heard that Henson hurt his ankle so that could be the reason because I expected him to leap higher. You can't always go off of these stats though because Blake Griffin measured not as great as we expected and no one will ever say that in game he is just average athletically.

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Barnes from a physical standpoint

"Barnes from a physical standpoint matches up most closely with Josh Smith out of high school.. How is he not more dominant?"

Dominance is between the ears, not in the legs.

Also - these tests do not measure explosiveness (how quickly someone gets off the ground, which I think is a better indicator of success than pure vertical.)

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A 38" no step vert from

A 38" no step vert from Harrison Barnes is amazing.

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Darius Miller

Whoever drafts Darius Miller is gonna get a steal.

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The major point to pay

The major point to pay attention to in Drummonds athleticsim results is the dexterity and 3/4 court sprint results. What these 2 results are saying is that you have a huge classic center body with the speed and agility of Rivers and Lamb and Beal. So basically if he is on your NBA team he gets caught 1v1 on a Rondo he won't be beat by any more than your starting PG. LOL

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How is Festus Ezeli's max

How is Festus Ezeli's max vert shorter than his no step vert? They should just list his no step vert as his max vert too. That being said, there are some rediculous athletes in this years draft.

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Andre Drummond's vertical is

Andre Drummond's vertical is better than DeAndre Jordan's was and we all know how athletic DJ is. YouTube DeAndre Jordan if you don't believe me.

Drummond will be just fine.

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Darius Johnson-Odom

djo is a major steal look at his athleticism great for a sg

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Wow Kendall Marshall got a

Wow Kendall Marshall got a 37inch vert, had no clue it was that high.

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John Henson tested very

John Henson tested very similar to Taj Gibson.

Henson weighed 216. Gibson weighed 214.

Same verticals, but Henson is taller with a longer wingspan.

I wouldn't be worried about Henson, though he could fall out of the lottery. I think he's a good fit on Detroit at #9. The Pistons need a long shot blocker next to Greg Monroe.

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Marquette's finest

Darius Johnson-Odom has only helped his stock since his seaon ended. Likewise, so has his teammate Jae Crowder. Both of them are very underrated heading into this draft; I know we all realize DJO has the highest max vert, but did anyone else notice that Crowder outbenched EVERYONE else?! Drummond, Leonard, Barnes, Sullinger, Ezeli...absolutely everyone. Strength is vital at the SF position; just look at how LeBron dominates everyone due to his. If both of those guys go undrafted, there is something seriously wrong with these NBA front offices.

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Drummond's no-step is very

Drummond's no-step is very good for a man his size and weight. Don't pay attention too much to the max vertical. That takes technique which can be learned but it is not the same jumping motion you will use in a basketball game. Very rarely does a player get a full running start and then a chance to max jump in a game. When they do it is usually on a breakaway dunk where any NBA player is going to score. Flying high gets you on sportscenter, but it also just gets you two points. No step though is just pure power and athleticism, that is the number to look at.

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Anthony Davis

He probably would've hurt his stock if he would've participated. I doubt he'd even be able to put up 185 once and his verticals probably would not have been all that impressive.

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wow Perry Jones is an

wow Perry Jones is an ATHLETE...i cant beleive hes so low in most mocks...

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Tony Wroten

Tony Wroten had the 2nd fastest time in nba combine history with a 3.0 only second to his cousin nate robinson . Just thought people may like to know that since this site failed to post the correct result and at 6'6 may be pound for pound the fastest , most savy gaurd in recent memory . Also Tony is a far more superior gaurd than kendall or lillard period . Kendall was in sports illustrated as a 6th grader and still chose to hold his self back to seem better than his new class . So for a guy who was supposed to be a college junior ya he had a nice iq and mature game . Tony just turned 19 in april and yes he is sometimes sparatic but has a pottential that is unmatched in this draft . Lillard would never workout against tony because he would be destroyed for a job .Tonys aggression is sometimes looked upon as brash but people please dont buy into the hype . Tony is one of the most solid 19 yr old kids you could meet . He has alot to work on Yes !! but that is all that is stated in attemp to downplay this kid . He is a top 5 prospect with what he has right now though ! I will also include some obvious video to prove Tony is a phenom that none of the draft sites have posted to show instead of write to add validity to this message http://youtu.be/HooPPwJTU3Y?hd=1

Leadership ??? At 18 Tony scored 30 on duke in madison square !! there is no way to down play that !while leaders T.ross and Gaddy admited the bright lights of the garden and duke had them a little nervous (understandable) but there was an 18 yr old kid who was fearless . Imagine going to a war and your sargent hesitates and gets people killed while the 18 yr old kid from rotc who was just along for the ride , leads your troops to near victory ...come on generals i mean gms who are you gonna take to lead your next war ??? Romar made a mistake by not giving Tony full rein (I commend Romars Loyalty to his returners so very understandable ) but Tony led the pack 12 in scoring with not a single play called for him . was never even told to post up much much smaller gaurds .shoot lol that was taboo . was specifically told not to shoot ..repeadedly !i saw tony score 50 points in pro am all jumpers two months before . he scored 42 in all star game and was mvp for the 2nd yr and you know the talent of seattle nba guys http://youtu.be/4-EEuWjC0j0?hd=1

Put lillard or kendall at uw under the same scrutiny they would not be record breakers or on espn top plays twice in same month and to be real those guys at 18 wouldnt even have seen the floor people . Put Tony at north carolina or kentucky and there would be no doubt he is a giant magician , he showed you his superboy vision at the jordan game . growing up Kendall was never even better than abdul gaddy but he developed . Check statistics and i gaurantee that Tony is the same age or even younger than some of your top rated highschool seniors especially prep and post grad !! His bad attituide lol Michael Jordan specifically used to tell players at north carolina that they should be honered to be in his presence let alone play basketball with him . MJ talked more sh*t than mayweather as a 18 19 20 yr old kid but now you get to see that weaties , hanes smile . people grow up or atleast refine themselves as will Tony ! As strong minded as you are, when mass media says you cant shoot or make free throws it will play with your mental!!The sickening part of these reviews is that he can actually shoot !! ive seen Tony hit 11 , 12 3s in one game several times growing up ...when that wise gm says heres a few million dollars and your dream come true because we believe in you watch how that brown thing starts dropping in that round thing ! he is a lefty and it is in his blood , his aunt joyce walker - lsu hall of fame , one of the first ladys to play for harlem globetrotters and one of the purest shooters in history knows when he finds it he will never loose it . heres a tip for trainers and coaches , when he leaves it up there and his fingers point towards rim he is automatic ...TRUST . At the fiba games many scouts said undoubtedly he was the number 1 pro prospect and though many people second guess there selves to be popular ...THAT HAS NOT CHANGED . Ask peyton siva of louiville how much of a great team mate tony was and the leadership he had even as a 14 yr old playing up with them , the puzzle that is tony wroten is not hard to put together , in this same yr Tony at 14 droped 38 on the prestigeous boo williams when kendall at 17 was a non factor ? http://youtu.be/YVhduTLzM30 I have seen tony interact with his friends and family for yrs and if tony had 10 dollars he would keep maybe a quarter and give away the 9.75 this is no exageration and something gms should know about his character . you got kids in stolen houses , taking money ,in gang brawls and complete head cases going lottery but you label tony wroten as a bad apple lol as tough as this kid is has he even been suspended for a fight . media is a very powerful tool but im not buying into that Tony is not the top point . As much as critics want Tony to stop half *ssing his game , Stop half *ss reporting . here are some more videos and ya higlights can make anyone look great but if he wasnt great there wouldnt be numerous consistant highlights to make . ps L.O.E is a group of childhood friends that all play college sports and aiming to get degrees in business and communications .





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Did anyone else notice that

Did anyone else notice that on the "other" draft website, they had completely different athletic results for Will Barton that weren't quite as nice, as they were actually somewhat underwhelming.

Name Height w/o shoes Height w/ shoes Weight Wingspan Reach Body Fat Hand Length Hand Width

No Step Vert No Ste VErt Max Reach Vert Max Vert Reach Bench Agility Sprint

Will Barton 6' 5" /6' 6"/174/6' 9.75"/8' 6.5"/4.1/9/9.50/30.0/11' 0.5"/34.0/11' 4.5"/12.50/3.60

That's from the "other site" anyone got any word as to why these two results are conflicting. Did Barton check out twice?

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