2011 NBA Draft: 3rd Round

Tue, 06/28/2011 - 6:18am

The "Forum late night crew" AKA the "Forum All Stars" are back with their annual look at how the 3rd round would have played out... had there been one.

2010 NBA Draft: 3rd Round

1. Minnesota Timberwolves (JNixon-Iggy9) – Scotty Hopson

Scotty HopsonScotty HopsonAhhhhh, the draft spot Hopson has always thought was rightfully his. Now he can begin his journey to being “the best player to ever play the game” with one of the “worst teams to ever play the game” in Minnesota.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (DanEboy) – Xavier Silas

Cavs get instant scoring off the bench in the 6'5 guard from Northern Illinois who averaged 22.3 pts per game last season. He can't pass, and can't handle the ball, but that is what Kyrie Irving is for.

3. Toronto Raptors (BloodyCrumpet) –David Lighty

There's no reason why David Lighty shouldn't have been drafted. I know he's a year older than most other seniors but if Bismack Biyombo, Tanguy Ngombo and their combined age of 74 can get picked than an accomplished player like Lighty is certainly worthy of a 3rd round pick.

4. Washington Wizards (OrangeJuiceJones) – Jacob Pullen

With John Wall coming off of an impressive rookie campaign, the Wizards pick Jacob Pullen to constantly beat Wall in post-practice shooting contests. Eventually growing tired of losing money and having to buy Pullen meals, Wall decides to develop a consistent jumper.

5. Sacramento Kings (mikeyvthedon) – Greg Smith

They picked up guards and a wing in the draft, and now they add to their young core of big men. When you look at the Kings bench and see a guy with the giant foam hand, it is probably just Greg Smith’s actual hands, which are enormous.

Jereme RichmondJereme Richmond6. New Jersey Nets (knicksfan7) – Jereme Richmond

Taking a guy with potential is what the 3rd round is all about. The Nets take no other than former Junior High Superstar Jereme Richmond. Avery Johnson ages faster with him and Marshon on the roster.

7. Detroit Pistons (JNixon-Iggy9) – Demetri McCamey

I sure hope McCamey jogged from Champagne to Detroit, that way he can be in shape and we all know he can be very good when he’s in shape. Also, given that Detroit doesn’t have a coach yet he won’t have anyone to disobey yet!

8. Los Angeles Clippers (DanEboy) – LaceDarius Dunn

Dunn will be able to jack up 3's from anywhere on the court with the luxury of having Blake there to catch his air-balls and turn them into alley-oops....and assists.

9. Charlotte Bobcats (BloodyCrumpet) – Julyan Stone

After being questioned about the promise the Lakers gave his client, Stone's agent had this to say: "They didn't just brake a promise, they broke a pinky promise! They crossed their heart, and hoped… to die!" He then swore revenge and put on a pair of sunglasses before storming off. Seriously, he's already sold the movie rights to Quentin Tarantino.

10. Milwaukee Bucks (OrangeJuiceJones) – Ben Hansbrough

"Psycho B" - Ben Hansbrough"Psycho B" - Ben HansbroughShortly after arriving in Milwaukee, Hansbrough is immediately assigned the bulk of the rookie duties. We soon see the competitive, yet ugly side of "Psycho B."

11. Golden State Warriors (mikeyvthedon) - Matthew Bryan Amaning

This is a player who made tremendous strides over his years at UW, and should be able to play spot minutes as an active, long 4 man. Believe me, he is going to take it out on Team USA when he plays for the GB team during the 2012 Olympics. Beware, Coach K, Patty Mills is not the only international player that will impress you!

12. Utah Jazz (knicksfan7) – Willie Reed

Willie Reed held a party on draft night... and didn’t get drafted. He should have scheduled his draft party for Saturday, the day of the 3rd round. As for making the team, that’s unlikely, but at least he can tell his grandchildren he was a 3rd round draft pick.

13. Phoenix Suns (JNixon-Iggy9) - Randy Culpepper

The speed, shooting, and athleticism will make the waterbug Culpepper a fan favorite. Watching him run PG will return mild reception though, and he’ll only be a sideshow to dunk during warm-ups.

14. Houston Rockets (DanEboy) – Rick Jackson

How does a 6'9 240lb guy who averaged 13.1pts 10.3reb 1.3stl and 2.5blk in the Big East not get drafted? Rockets add a tough defensive big man to their frontcourt as well as a high character guy.

15. Indiana Pacers (BloodyCrumpet) – Matt Howard

Matthew Bryan-AmaningMatthew Bryan-AmaningThis is not only a good value pick, but it's also a very sentimental pick. The sexy forward from Butler stays close to home and gets a few chants in his favor at Conseco Fieldhouse, despite being glued to the bench. His stache may not have Adam Morrison potential, but it's a very safe pick facial hair-wise.

16. Philadelphia 76ers (OrangeJuiceJones) – Jamine Peterson

"Greedy" Peterson offers the Sixers an athletic, scrappy, yet undersized inside presence. Anything to take their minds off of that Brand guy, right?

17. New York Knicks (mikeyvthedon) – Diante Garrett

Garrett would give the Knicks another defensive presence with his height and length, though he is probably even more of a true PG than Iman Shumpert. Plus, Donnie Walsh seems to keep talking about Garrett being the next Ray Allen, since he sees Iman Shumpert as Reggie Miller. By the way, this means that Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire are going to start caring about defense.

18. Atlanta Hawks (knicksfan7) – Delroy James

The last player from the University of Rhode Island to get drafted was Lamar Odom. Now the Hawks have the insurance they need in case they actually do trade Josh Smith away for NOTHING. At least they have a poor man’s Josh Smith that is 100x less athletic.

19. Memphis Grizzlies (JNixon-Iggy9) - Brady Morningstar

Brought into Memphis for one sole purpose; to haunt Josh Selby with taunts that will likely sound like: “#1 recruit huh? How do you let a walk-on take your spot?” and “The only difference is the name across the jersey, you still are the little Joshy that threw a tantrum and didn’t eat dinner with the team to me.”

20. New Orleans Hornets (DanEboy) – Jamie Skeen

The Hornets get one of the darlings of the tourney in Skeen, who averaged 17.8pts 6.2reb including 26-10 against Kansas and 27-6 in VCU's loss to Butler in the Final 4. At 6'9”, he can create mismatches on the perimeter.

21. Portland Trailblazers (BloodyCrumpet) – Michael Dunigan

Dunigan isn't the worst player in the world, and sadly, that might be his best skill. Athletically, he's good and he has a monsterish wingspan. In fact, Dunigan is basically a younger/older Bismack Biyombo with less intrigue and explosiveness.

22. Denver Nuggets (OrangeJuiceJones) – Casey Mitchell

This streaky shooter from West Virginia will fit right in with Denver's "Next person that says defense is running sprints" offense.

23. Orlando Magic (mikeyvthedon) – Ravern Johnson

Rail thin wingman that can shoot the trey. Teams never seem to draft seniors who had a great year, and that is what Ravern did this past season. Scouts probably noticed he did not really have much of a game going to the rim, and that if LeBron breathed on him, Ravern might be sitting in the 15th row.

24. Oklahoma City Thunder (knicksfan7) – John Holland

Little known fact: Reggie Jackson wasn't the only Boston-area player that the Thunder gave a promise to. Boston University’s John Holland falls right into the lap of the only team that cared for him.

25. Boston Celtics (JNixon-Iggy9) – DJ Kennedy

Unfortunate injuries and an underwhelming Sr. year after drawing big interest as a Jr. drops him to the late 3rd round of an imaginary draft. Yeah, sounds pretty bad huh?

26. Dallas Mavericks (DanEboy) – Terrence Jennings

Jennings can play the Taj Gibson role for the Mavs. A guy who comes off the bench to play defense and not hurt you with mistakes.

27. Los Angeles Lakers (BloodyCrumpet) – Malcolm Thomas

LA drafts Malcolm Thomas in the third round for the sole purpose of putting him on the front-line when Julyan Stone's agent goes "Kill Bill" on the Lakers’ practice facility.

28. Miami Heat (OrangeJuiceJones) – Austin Freeman

A burly shooting guard from Georgetown, Freeman's physicality and shooting stroke will win him multiple "That guy who dominates in summer league, but is stuck to the bench when the regular season starts" awards.

29. San Antonio Spurs (mikeyvthedon) – Joevan Catron

The geniuses at the helm of the San Antonio Spurs do it again! Joevan gave it his all this past year, and improved greatly in his 5 years at University of Oregon. If you want a comparison, a good one would be Charles Barkley. Not when he was playing, but like, the one you see every Thursday of the NBA season on TNT. Except Chuck could still jump higher than Joevan.

30. Chicago Bulls (knicksfan7) – Brad Wanamaker

It took the Bulls three rounds to finally satisfy themselves with a shooting guard. Wanamaker is not an NBA rotation player by any stretch, but at least he’ll have a chance at winning an NBA ring in the 2011-12 NBA season.

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No Gilbert Brown, Mike Davis,

No Gilbert Brown, Mike Davis, Robin Benzing, Xavi Rabaseda, or Cam Long? And Jamie Skeen should be higher than 20. Love the rest of the picks though. Good job guys.

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How do both Chris Wrights go

How do both Chris Wrights go undrafted again???? lol

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Brady Morningstar? Are you

Brady Morningstar? Are you guys kidding me lol. Iggy I question all of your picks aside from Hopson and Mccamey. Also what about Justin Holiday?

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no gary flowers? you'd think

no gary flowers? you'd think teams would take a chance on durrell summes and kalin lucas too

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Scotty Hopson

I am really suprised to findout Hopson didnt get picked in the 2nd round I think he could possibly be a solid contributor off the bench some where.

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No Jeremy Hazell????

No Jeremy Hazell????

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Maybe we should do a 4th

Maybe we should do a 4th round to make everyone happy.

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no gilbert brown!?

you missing my boy gilbert brown!!!!!

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I know Dan! Man, take it as it is people! I wasn't there for the draft, and some crazy person drafted Joevan Catron for me, but you don't see me complaining!

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3rd Round

You just listed 30 people that suck.

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Where did we list.....

30 Johnny Chill's?

Sorry man, it was too easy.

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Damn still no love for my man Dwight Hardy...

Damn still no love for my man Dwight Hardy...

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Great Scotty Hopson pic, or

Great Scotty Hopson pic, or should i say poster

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Yall must be out oof your god

Yall must be out oof your god damn minds....Kalin Lucas and Summers not on the 3rd round list. Both these boys already been invited to camps. Stay on top your information. SMH.

Sorry that prolly sounded alot more serious then it is meant to be taken.

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No David Lighty?

No David Lighty?

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A list of 30 players who at

A list of 30 players who at one time were in your second round mock. to quote buck showalter, "nobody cares"

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you blind he 3rd to raps LMAO!!!

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LMAO yall are b*tching at the

LMAO yall are b*tching at the 3rd round of a fake mock. -___- get yourselves together.

"Kalin Lucas isn't in it?!" This isn't real life guy. Pull yourself through

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"Late Night Crew"

Should be capitalized...

Constructive criticism...

And where's McMissing?

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I think you guys are missing the point of this article. You are NOT supposed to marvel at the brilliance of our choices in the 3rd round. You are, however, supposed to hopefully smile, laugh, maybe even giggle, at the funny captions next to the names. I believe we featured many players who more than likely have a chance to make teams, and to those we did not list, it is our bad, but remember, they were not drafted in real life either.

Know how many undrafted players were amongst the top 100 scorers in the NBA last year? Wesley Matthews. JJ Barea played an awesome role on a championship team, than you have the likes of Gary Neal, Reggie Williams, Chuck Hayes, Maurice Evans, CJ Watson, Matt Barnes, Raja Bell, Matt Bonner, Manny Harris, Jamario Moon, Louis Amundson, Jeremy Lin, Joel Anthony and the poster child for the undrafted player, Ben Wallace. Not too many undrafted guys make the NBA, and fewer have long careers. Also, aside from Timofey Mozgov, I do not know too many undrafted International players who were expected to have a lengthy NBA career. Every player who even has a chance at making it, is awesome, and to think otherwise is definitely a joke. When someone says a player "sucks", that definitely has to be by NBA standards, and even than, it is hard too take seriously as these guys are all great basketball players.

So, just wanted to give some back-up data, and hopefully maybe a few of you will read this and look at this list in a different way. We chose players we were familiar with and that we felt had something to offer, maybe more the former than the latter. But, it was all in good fun, and we were really just hoping you would like the captions. If you would like to do your own, than by all means feel free too. Just, try to make the captions funny, because otherwise you might have a bunch of people harping on how you ranked players and who you left off of the list :)

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Possible 4th Round?????

Here is my 4th Round, basically players snubbed in the first three rounds that have some NBA potential......

1. Chris Wright SF/PF Dayton

2. Justin Holiday SG/SF Washington

3. Malcolm Delaney PG/SG Virginia Tech

4. Denzel Bowles PF/C James Madison

5. Steven Gray SG Gonzaga

6. Gary Flowers SF/PF Southern Miss

7. Damian Saunders SF/PF Duquesne

8. Gilbert Brown SF Pittsburgh

9. Giorgi Shermandini C Republic Of Georgia

10. Jeremy Green PG/SG Stanford

11. Dogus Balbay PG Texas

12. Tracy Smith PF NC State

13. Cam Long SG George Mason

14. Kevin Anderson PG Richmond

15. Billy White SF/PF San Diego State

16. Mike Davis SF/PF Illinois

17. Durrell Summers SG Michigan State

18. Gary McGhee C Pittsburgh

19. Mamadou Diarra C Chaminade

20. Talor Battle PG Penn State

21. Dwight Hardy SG St. John's

22. DeAngelo Casto PF Washington State

23. Pablo Aguilar SF/PF Spain

24. Sam Muldrow PF South Carolina

25. Papa Dia PF/C SMU

26. Jackson Emery PG/SG BYU

27. Mike Tisdale C Illinois

28. Alex Stepheson PF USC

29. Will Coleman PF/C Memphis

30. Corey Fisher PG Villanova

(Last 5 Out.....Tim Abromaitis, Dallas Lauderdale, Alex Tyus, Adrian Oliver, Ryan Rossiter)

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Mathew Bryan-Amaning

From a long time Seattlite, let me just say that living in the northwest means that most of the nation knows nothing about Seattle-based basketball players. That usually works against us, but in Bryan-Amaning's case, that's worked for him.

On the surface, Amaning has decent length (though I suspect he's shorter than his listed 6-9) and great athleticism. Let me tell you, though,...he's garbage. He's a decent rebounder, mostly because a lot of shots go up in the guard-laden UW Huskies team, but he does little else. He can't finish, has no post game, makes awful decisions consistently in key moments, is a bad defender, and plays afraid most the time. it's like he's afraid of getting his shot blocked, which is absurd, because there were no shot blockers in the Pac-10 last season. He gets a healthy stat line because he's spoon fed his points. He runs the court well and that's it. I don't expect him to ever don an NBA uniform. If he does, it'll be a fluke and short lived.

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I watched Matthew Bryan-Amaning for a long time man, I lived in Oregon for the first couple of years of his college career and am an avid Pac-10 basketball follower, and will do the same for the Pac-12. I think MBA may be more finesse than a banger, but he is a very solid athlete and has prototypical PF size. He might not have been a beast on the boards, but he got better after every year there and was incredibly valuable to your Huskies this past year. They were really guard laden, but I do not think Darnell Gant will make up for his production. If MBA is garbage, that would also really cause one to strain what that would make Aziz N'Diaye.

Personally, I think you should give the guy props for what he did during his time at UW. If you want garbage, look at what we got out of Michael Dunigan. Still, Dunigan is a huge body, he lost weight and he worked his way into a draftable player. MBA is much in the same league, he will never be a superstar, but there are not many players with his size and length. Odds are, most of these guys will never see any meaningful NBA minutes, but all it takes is for one team too like them, and they are in.

In a draft that saw the likes of Lavoy Allen, Ater Majok, Milan Macvan and Chukwudibiere Maduabum drafted, I think MBA has just as good a shot as any of them. Plus, in a league that rewards speed and athleticism, if you add size to the picture, MBA has a chance. Of course, if you consider being an end of the bench pro player garbage, than by all means you have a case, but I do not consider that garbage in the least. Let me just say, I would have loved if U of O had a big man like Matthew Bryan-Amaning, because we have had nothing close since Maarty Leunen left town. Gosh, you are coming off of a great season where he is your second leading scorer and you scorch him like this? You either must: a) Hate the Huskies or b) Be one of the whiniest fans I know of. He came in as raw as anything, and than blossomed into a pretty productive post player. Well, good luck without him this year! I know you guys have Tony Wroten, but my guess is that it will be tough to make up for the losses of Holiday, Thomas and MBA, as your front court looks rail thin. Also, do me a favor, next time UW gets a talented raw 6'8.5 (His height officially measured without shoes, which indeed makes him taller than 6'9) guy with a 7'4 wingspan who has a no step vertical of 30 inches and is a raw project from the UK, send him to Eugene. We would appreciate that.

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3rd Round

There should be a a round for the guys you stayed in college for four years if they never got drafted. There are so many guys who go undrafted, but they all have a Degree which is good. They should get rewarded and the NBA should do this to make sure more guys would stay in college.

Mr. 19134
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Really upset that Nova didn't

Really upset that Nova didn't have anybody drafted this year and Corey Stokes couldn't even get drafted in a 4 round draft.

Also I'm surprised that Michael Dunigan didn't get drafted because he still got some potential and could foresee him playing spot minutes in the NBA at center and PF. But the reason I thought he should of been drafted is because in the 2nd round you can draft him and let him play overseason for a few years then when he get's better let him come back which is an unusual chance to be able to do that with an American center.

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5th Round Steals.....

I agree with your assessment that a few guys were left off, but could be 5th Round steals......

1. Ryan Rossiter-double/double machine, high energy, good size.

2. Michael Dunigan-once considered a 1st Round talent, good size, space eater.

3. Mark Payne-great size for guard, can play 1-2, shoots well, smart player.

4. Tim Abromaitis-could play the 2 at 6'8''/225 lbs., good shooter, smart.

5. Adrian Oliver-could be third PG option, can score and pass, strong.

6. Corey Stokes-could defend 1-2, can shoot and blend well into any offense.

7. Dallas Lauderdale-big, strong, can defend and rebound. Sets great screens.

8. Max Zhang-tall, space eater. Can shoot and stretch defender to three point line.

9. Ama Saaka-big guard, can penetrate well. Could accept limited role.

10. Carlton Scott-athletic, put up decent numbers at big school. Garbage player when needed.

I know these guys are a long way from sure-fire NBA prospects, but they all posess some qualities that NBA teams look for in their 11-14 bench spots.

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Where is Jeremy Hazell??

3000 Point college scorer in the Big East, 1st All time for the Confrence in 3s. The Phoneix suns said they love him and they are working him out as we speak

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Hazell had 2143 points at

Hazell had 2143 points at Seton Hall

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