Reggie Jackson

6-3, 200 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Boston College Junior
04/16/90 (33.9 yrs)
Colorado Springs, CO
High School
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NBA Comparison: Robert Pack

Strengths: At 6’3 with an outrageous 7’0 wingspan, Reggie Jackson is physically blessed as a prospect … On top of his physical tools, Jackson also possesses big-time athleticism to go with it . Has great quickness and speed, and really looks good penetrating … First step is dynamite … Likes to utilize extremely quick left-to-right crossovers to free himself of defenders … Capable of making the flashy play, but usually doesn’t overdo it … Not likely to have many struggles getting to the rim … Got much better about playing at different speeds, and it made him much harder to defend this past season … Shows explosive leaping skills, creativity in the air, and length make him more than capable of finishing plays in traffic amongst the trees … Improved at just about every facet of the game in each of his 3 years at Boston College … Went from a 29% 3-pont shooter to 42% guy on 1.5 more attempts, which is a huge leap … Very effective in the pick and roll … Likes to look for I his own first and foremost, but is unselfish and looks for teammates … Looks good in the drive and dish game … Excellent in transition, as you’d expect with his tools … His size, length and athleticism make him a potential nightmare on D against PG’s and some SG’s … Has the potential to be a very good ball thief …

Despite his great physical attributes, the main problem with that is he’s not a true PG by any stretch … Doesn’t always show the best floor vision when he’s on the way to the rim will occasionally miss open shooters … Although Jackson’s 3-point range and efficiency improved a lot, he shoots a set shot that is deliberate and takes him a lot of time to get off, which doesn’t project very well against NBA defenders … Sometimes is slow in his reads of weakside D, and gets charges or takes wild and difficult shots … With his added responsibility on offense this year, Jackson didn’t play on defense like he did in his 1st 2 years … Against the better, more athletic teams in the ACC, he struggled a bit with inefficiency, which suggests he’s not as prepared to be a truly good rotation player early on in his career … A bit ball-dominant and needs the ball to be effective throughout the game offensively … Could use more strength, but certainly has the frame to get bigger and stronger without the loss of athleticism …

Overall: Jackson’s athleticism and quickness are definitely en vogue in todays NBA guards, and he could be a factor as a slasher …He needs to quicken his jump shot, which looks very similar to Jeff Teague’s coming out of Wake Forest, and show enough PG skills to effectively play the position at the NBA level to be an effective player …

Jorrye Nixon 6/9/11


Strengths: It all starts with Jackson’s arms. Despite being 6’3, his incredible 7 foot wingspan allows him to play significantly taller … Good foot speed and length make Jackson a terrific defender … Good knowledge of the game and typically plays under control in Al Skinner’s conservative flex offense … Although not tremendously quick, he has terrific athleticism, capable of throwing down earth-shattering dunks … Nice floater and touch around the basket … Was ranked the second best shooting guard on the West Coast coming out of high school … Versatility shows as he currently ranks among the top 2 on Boston College in points, rebounds, assists and steals … Maintains a positive a/to ratio …

Weaknesses: Jump shot is a major weakness … Shoots from the hip making his shot very slow and methodical … Shot 27% from downtown last season, and is sitting at 26% this year … Somewhat of a tweener as he lacks the vision and court awareness of a point guard and the size of a prototypical SG … May struggle to get it off against NBA competition … Can be careless with the ball off the dribble …

Notes: Born in Pordenone, Italy. Colorado’s Gatorade player of the year in high school.

David Solar 1/13/10


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