11 - Matthew Bryan-Amaning

6-10, 232 Power Forward
Washington Senior
05/09/88 (31.9 yrs)
Surrey, England
High School
South Kent (CT)
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison: N/A

Strengths: Bryan-Amaning has increased his production with each year at Washington, finishing his senior season averaging 15 points and 8 rebounds on 54% shooting … From a physical standpoint, the 6’10 (in shoes) Amaning possesses NBA tools consisting of a 232 pound frame and a massive wingspan just over 7’3 … Uses his momentum to effectively explode up at the rim … Explosiveness and impressive hops allow him to finish emphatically when slipping to the rim off pick and rolls and in transition opportunities … High activity level in the paint … Excellent feel for the rim around the basket, finding ways to score regardless of his positioning… Length, athleticism and energy contribute to weak side rejections and offensive rebounds … Laterally quick enough to defend elusive face-up power forwards at the high post…

Weaknesses: Lacks consistency and fluidity on his jumper, which will limit his services as an NBA player … Needs to establish a face-up game with some type of jab step to setup a mid-range jumper, as he relies on shooting on the move to create separation on his shot … Not an adept ball-handler … Too heavily dependent on his quickness, length and touch in the post- lacks a refined back to the basket game … Struggles to get easy baskets and clean looks on his own… Shot 61% on 4.8 free throw attempts per game … Defensively, he’s a better off-ball defender than on-ball… Too often he allows his man to get where and what he wants …

Overall: Matthew Bryan-Amaning’s athleticism, explosiveness and physical tools are all built for NBA play… Expanding his offensive repertoire will be the top goal moving forward, with the focus being on developing a consistent jumper to maximize his value as an NBA prospect… Look for teams who lack athleticism up front to take interest late in the second round..

Jonathan Wasserman – 6/15/11

Strengths: Mathew is a very athletic and physical power forward. He is a great leaper and loves to dunk the ball. His offensive post moves are decent with his back to the basket but hes better when facing up. He has a good first step for a big man and knows how to get to the free throw line. He is also very agile for his size. He has a huge, muscular chest that protrudes from his body and long arms. He was measured with a 7-foot-4 wingspan.

Weaknesses: Defense is the biggest question mark for Mathew. He often seems desireless on defense and thus does not make as big of an impact on this side of the floor as compared to offense. He needs to focus specifically on his aggressiveness and toughness defending the paint. His core seems strong, but he is skinny and should add another 15 pounds of bulk to be able to guard NBA power forwards.

Joshua Motenko – 8/11/2006

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