33 - Willie Reed

6-9, 220 Power Forward
St. Louis Junior
05/16/90 (32.6 yrs)
Kansas City, MO
High School
Bishop Miege
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NBA Comparison: Solomon Jones

Strength: Reed is a quick-twitch athlete with a very good deal of explosiveness … Has a long, wiry 6’9 220 frame that can easily add 10 lbs or slightly more without the loss of athleticism … Runs the floor very well and shows good quickness at the PF spot … Doesn’t have to have plays run for him to score around the rim, due to his high motor and willingness to come up with loose balls … Likes to finish emphatically around the rim when he gets the chance … Shows a soft touch and a functional jump hook with his right hand that he can get off easily due to his length … Moves well to establish position and is good at catching passes on the move … Developing mid-range jumper, with range out to 15 feet … Hustles on D and gets deflections and a few steals due to his length and quickness … A factor as a shot blocker … Solid rebounder

Weaknesses: Reed has a pretty raw skill-set and doesn’t have enough size to function the way he does against NBA bigs … Not much of a left hand or any moves past his jump hook … Isn’t very effective as a face-up player, as his jumper is inconsistent and his handle is a bit too shaky to take advantage of his quickness … Needs to fill out his frame, which is good but pretty thin at the moment … Displays a raw IQ and fundamentals, on both ends of the floor … Sometimes is a bit lacking in awareness on D, and is prone to doing things like crowding slashers and playing off shooters … His offensive game isn’t likely to translate, until he adds weight to his frame because of his thin frame… Character questions surround him. Missed his entire Jr. season, due to suspension over allegations of sexual assault, which he will have to answer questions about … Teams will also wonder why he was in such a rush to leave after not playing competitively a full year, and getting an opportunity to transfer and play 2 more years at Kansas State … Struggles from the free throw line

Overall: Reed’s intrigue centers around his athleticism and promising 6’9 frame … His skill level is raw and he’s not strong enough to play down low like his current skill set suggests he should … His character is also worrisome, as is the fact that he left early and never was a dominant performer in mid-major basketball..He could be a 2nd round pick as some team might gamble though, because he has intrigue …

Jorrye Nixon 6/16/11

Strengths: Extremely athletic and long power forward … He has a very lanky and wiry frame … His springy legs allow him to get off the ground very quickly and without needing to gather himself before exploding … He has a live body with good reflexes and shows the ability to catch tough passes in traffic and while on the move … He runs the floor well, showing a very impressive motor for a young big … Finishes strong at and above the rim … Has a soft touch around the basket, and shows a nice right mini hook as well as a turnaround jumper to his left shoulder … Even though he lacks any sort of consistency or confidence in his jumpshot, his form is good and he has a smooth stroke (although he tends to shoot offbalance) … He has extremely quick feet and is very agile for a player his size, he uses this to his advantage as he outquicks defenders in the post on a regular basis … While attacking the basket he shows good body control and he uses his length to finish around and over defenders … He works hard to establish post position, moving well and holding his ground in order to receive the ball in good scoring spots … Defensively he shows great anticipation, combining that with his physical and athletic gifts, he is a game changer on the defensive end … He has the ability to block and alter many shots on the ball as well as from the weak side … He also gets his hands on many balls in traffic, for steals or deflections … As a rebounder, he likes to attack the glass and can uses his leaping ability to grab balls that are well out of his area …

Weaknesses: Needs to continue to work on his body, adding weight and muscle (although his frame shows good potential for growth and development) … Still somewhat of a project because his fundamentals are ways away from his athletic package … Will need to add moves to his low post repertoire, at this point he relies on his athleticism and it works against inferior defenders, but against next level competition he will need to become more comfortable using counter moves … He becomes predictable with his back to the basket because he does not like to turn to his right should or use his left hand to finish … Even when he does turn to his right shoulder, he will still use his right hand, which exposes the ball back to the defender and leads to an awkward shot attempt … Needs to work on his faceup game, he has the quickness to beat people off the dribble, but at this point he has very little success putting the ball on the deck … His jumper shows a lot of promise, but he has to gain more consistency letting it fly from outside of 10 feet … His shooting inconsistency also follows him to the foul line, where he has lingered around the 55% mark …

Borko Popic – 1/19/2010

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