14 - Ulrich Chomche

6-11, 230 Center
Cameroon International
12/30/05 (18.5 yrs)
Bafang, Cameroon
High School
NBA Academy Africa
International Team
F.A.P Cameroon
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison: Channing Frye

Strengths: Great length at 6–11 with a 7–4 wingspan … A good athlete with great frame … His shooting form and the way the ball comes off his hand when he shoots is very intriguing for a player with his size, length and athleticism … Has very strong hands and often gets the “50/50” balls … Has shown strides in developing his offensive game, including spot up outside shooting like from the corner three spot and the free throw line … Really fast in the open floor and a big threat to catch a lob pass and throw down, either on a halfcourt back cut or on the fast break … Decent hands for a big on the catch … Sneaky good passer who can find cutters, decent court vision and general feel to keep an offense flowing (not a black hole in the post) … Reportedly known among peers and coaches as very humble and with a great work ethic… Takes huge running strides absorbs contact well on the drive (he is very strong, with good core strength). While right now the excitement is more over his defensive ability, and he has a very long way to go to develop as a go-to offensive threat, you can’t help but see the potential on that side of the ball as well, especially given that he’s already shown a good feel and good vision / passing and moves with control … Shows a Eurostep on the break to avoid charges  … Shows the makings of some traditional bigman post skills and is very very tough around the basket, enjoying contact …

Weaknesses: Extremely raw prospect… Late start to playing the game is apparent … Seems to lose balance and equilibrium easily … Unproven, having only played against high school level competition, making him a project  … Much closer to making an impact at the defensive end compared to offense at the next level  … Moves better vertically and in a straight line compared to laterally at this point … As a rim protector, lateral movement doesn’t necessarily need to be his calling card … But in a pick-and-roll-switch-heavy modern NBA, there needs to be some baseline ability there … Outside shot has a slow release … Overall, besides shot blocking, he remains a raw prospect … But one who needs to continue improving in essentially all facets of his game … The physical tools and length are top notch, though … lacks any face up dribble game … Can improve as a free throw shooter over time as the form and touch is there , but the consistency is not … Becoming a 70-75% Ft shooter appears in his grasp in the future, but he is not there yet … His PnR game can use work on both ends, learning the nuances and becoming a better screener, as well as on defense anticipating better …

Outlook: Potentially eligible for the 2024 NBA Draft as a 2005 born player … A high upside player, who could become a first rounder despite being extremely early in his development process …

Notes: At BWB Global in Salt Lake City measured 6’9.75 without shoes with 7’3.75 wingspan Max Vert 33.75 … From Cameroon, and many are calling him “the best prospect out of Cameroon since Joel Embiid”… Started playing basketball at age 11 because he was the tallest kid in his hometown… Was the 2022 BWB Cairo Defensive MVP… If he chooses to play college ball, University of Arizona is reportedly the favorite to land him (high school class of 2024).

Drew Wolin 12/29/23

Notes: Measured: 6’9″, 9’1″ standing reach, 240 lbs, 7’3″ wingspan at the 2024 Nike Hoop Summit … Measured: 6′10.25” barefoot, 232.4 lbs, 7′ 4.00” wingspan, 9′ 1.00” standing reach, 29 standing vert, 35.5 max vert at the 2024 NBA Draft Combine … Measured 6′ 11.50” barefoot, 9′ 1.50” standing reach, 7′ 4.00” wingspan at the 2024 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament …