the power forward position has two big names and 2-3 other potential first rounders. While not the most talented or deep position, the international duo at the top gives this power forward group some real intrigue.

1. Matas Buzelis 6-10 195 SF/PF G-League Fr.

A bouncy combo forward, Buzelis has an intriguing combination of athleticism and face the basket potential. He spent the season playing for the now defunct Ignite of the G League. he needs to add strength, but has intriguing face up skills. The Chicago native, with parents hailing from Lithuania, was a 5-star recruit having spent time hovering around the #1 projected prospect in the class while in high school. He’s still an unfinished product, as he needs to add more strength and become a better shooter, but the makings are there. With a solid foundation and determination, he’s an energy combo forward that can extend his jumper out and crash the boards with good leaping ability. Proponents of Buzelis see a potential Franz Wagner type of forward with versatility and scoring ability.

2. Tidjane Salaun 6-9 210 PF Cholet 2005

Salaun (pictured) is the international man of mystery “de jour”. He’s  a long, rangy bigman who plays with a lot of passion and intensity. He’s got a 7’2 wingpsan and is showing a lot of promise as a three point shooter. He still a long ways away from being NBA ready, so he works well for teams building for the future than teams looking for immediate impact. the Spurs have come up consistently as a good fit and a team that is interested. Salaun appears to have a lot of physical development left in front of him and should be able to put on considerable weight in the next 2-3 years. The Frenchman has a lot of interest in the mid to late lottery from teams like San Antonio and Oklahoma City. Put in the right environment, Salaun could end up one of the top picks from this year’s draft.

3. DaRon Holmes 6-10 235 PF/C Dayton Jr.

Holmes received a green room invite and has a rumored promise in the late first round from Denver at 28. He’s a bouncy 6-10 forward with excellent 3 point shooting ability. the Arizona native had a monster junior year for Dayton, averaging 20 and 10 and put up some very impressive performances, showing the ability score from the perimeter as well as make dunks over opponents. granted those statistics come against a lower conference of talent, but he matches up well with the Filipowskis of the world. He’s put on some weight and his ability to absorb contact and complete plays at the rim has improved.

4. Jonathan Mogbo 6-7 215 PF/C San Francisco Jr.

A late bloomer, at 23 years of age, Mogbo has incredible athleticism and length with a 7-2 wingspan and an intriguing skill set, showing impressive vision and passing skills. The Florida native spent two years in Juco before playing his junior season at Missouri State and then finally transferring to San Francisco for his senior year. He’s an elite run/jump athlete who routinely makes above the rim, highlight dunks. His 3.6 to 1.8 A/TO show that he’s got some real playmaking skills. He lacks great shooting range, and will need to work on improving his shot. But the fact that he seems to still be developing is a great sign going forward.

5. Tyler Smith 6-10 225 PF G-League Fr.

The Ignite breakout big, Smith recorded a very surprising 38 inch max vert at the combine. He’s not the most fluid athlete, and doesn’t play particularly explosive, but his combine leap (of 38 inches) shows that it’s there. Smith built a reputation for a smooth mid range and outside shooting ability. He’s a good catch and shoot guy for a bigman and as one of the younger bigs, has potential to get stronger and develop more offensive skills. He’s seen as a borderline first rounder.

6. Ryan Dunn 6-7 215 SF/PF Virginia So.

Dunn is a bit of a combo forward, but currently his skill set is more suited for playing as a four. His got a huge wingspan and really excels in running the floor in transition, as well as making cuts to the rim for ally oops. He’s very raw from an offensive standpoint and needs a lot of development as a shooter, not to mention passing and ball handling, and creating offense for himself. He has the athleticism to standout at the NBA level and should be able to defend at a high level. Gaining playing time and landing in a good development situation will be the key.

7. Bobi Klintman 6-10 210 PF Cairns Taipans, NBL 2003

Klintman has had an interesting path to the 2024 NBA Draft. He played his freshman season at Wake Forest, where he showed flashes and entered the 2023 draft but ultimately pulled out. He then transferred to Cairns and had a solid season in the NBL, averaging nearly 10 ppg on solid efficiency stats. He’s got a good combination of size and shooting ability for a face up 4. While not the most explosive player, he’s an energy guy and shows some potential left to develop, despite already being 21 years of age. Klintman is shaping up to be a potential sleeper in the early second round.

8. Ulrich Chomche 6-11 230 PF/C NBA Africa 2005

Chomche is an absolute specimen athletically with a 7-foot frame and 7’4 wingspan.  What really makes him intriguing is his shooting stroke. He’s got a very intriguing shot release and just needs to continue to gain confidence and learn how to utilize it. He’s new to the game and still working out the kinks, with the basics of the game, including spacing, boxing out and utilizing post moves and creating shots. With that being said, the upside is very intriguing, if his feel for the game and skills can make strides.

9. Nae'Qwan Tomlin 6-9 205 PF/C Memphis Sr.

7-2 wingspan, check. 3 point shot, check. Tomlin transferred to Memphis for his senior year and had a very solid season. He’s an ultra long big man, with an athletic style of play. He is older and still just 205 pounds, so adding weight could prove to be a challenge. Maybe most encouraging about Tomlin however, is that he added a three point shot to his repertoire, knocking down 39% on the season on a decent volume (one made three per game). Interviews will be an important factor, as Tomlin has had some off court “skirmishes”, getting dismissed from Kansas State, all of which could negatively impact his draft stock. On the bright side, the New York native’s senior season seems to be an indication that he is more focused and perhaps has “turned the page”.

10. Isaac Jones 6-9 235 PF/C Washington State Sr.

Another late bloomer, Jones is one of the more unique players in this year’s draft. He’s another 23 year old “super senior” having spent a few years in Juco before blossoming into a high level college talent. He has some glaring holes to his game including the inability to stretch the floor and shoot outside of the paint. However his energy and athleticism, plus length, gives him some potential to overcome those deficiencies. He’s got a 7’3 wingspan and loves to face up on opposing bigs and using his polished handles, put their lateral ability to task.


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