12 - Rayan Rupert

6-7, 195 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
France International
05/31/04 (20 yrs)
Strasbourg, France
International Team
New Zealand Breakers
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
91 Overall:

NBA Comparison: OG Anunoby

Strengths: Athletic wing with good size… Smooth, agile athlete … Excellent length (wingspan measured at 7-3) … Nice shoulders, with really long arms … Interesting body structure, looks like he can bulk up nicely in the future … Covers a lot of ground with his big strides … Good basketball I.Q … Versatile on both ends of the floor … Can drive from either side and attack closeouts, he might be even better going to his left (he is right handed)… Very good on the open floor as the ball handler, can make an occasional coast to coast … Has shown potential to finish plays with either hand at the rim… Has all the tools to become a playmaking wing in the future… Has shown promise as a secondary playmaker … Solid in the Pick and Roll, he can find the rolling big or a third player on the weak side … Has nice court vision … Good scorer when he takes the ball on the move … Can change direction with ease when driving to the basket … Nice shooting mechanics … His pull up game has potential … Has added a floater to his game with mixed results … Makes a lot of hustle plays … Can be a menace on defense and create havoc with his length and athleticism … Very good lateral quickness… Has active hands and makes a lot of steals … Knows how to cover the passing lanes on defense … Has potential to guard all perimeter positions and (if body fills up nicely) can be a defender who could cover 1-4 … Good weak side defender and good help defender … Good at chasing players around screens … Has the potential to support a switch everything defense … One of the youngest prospects available, Turns 19 less than a month before the draft (May 31st)…

Weaknesses: Most of his deficiencies stem from his lack of strength and shooting … Needs to bulk up considerably to play at the next level … Struggles with inconsistency on the offensive end … Needs the ball in his hands to be effective … At times he can be too stationary, he should look to stay more active to get better looks… Has problems finishing at the rim through contact due to his thin frame … Ball handling can be loose and needs some polishing … Due to strength issues, still struggles in creating his own shot … Pull up game is inconsistent … Has a high shooting release point that lacks consistency … Has a tendency to take some questionable shots … Doesn’t draw enough fouls … Can improve from the line at 71% … Below average 3-point shooter, despite his good shooting mechanics, needs work in Spot Up  …  As a below average shooter, it is hard for him to attack closeouts, since opponents play off of him … Decision making is not there yet, still needs work in PnR actions … He should add some hesitation moves to his arsenal … Has problems against physical defense due to his average ball handling and thin frame … Doesn’t have a Post Game, he can’t really punish miss-matches… Average rebounder … Takes gambles on defense, which can lead to defensive breakdowns … He can be over aggressive at times on defense and commit unnecessary fouls … Not an NBA ready player, likely will require patience to realize his potential …

Overall: Has the elite length (7-3 wingspan) that the NBA covets greatly and have shown a willingness to draft on upside … Will look to become the second French prospect (Ousmane Dieng) in as many years to be taken in the lottery following a one year stint in Australia … Rupert is an athletic guard/forward with great size … He is already a very good defender and has the potential to become a two-way player if his offensive game comes along at some point … He has shown promise as a secondary playmaker, but his offensive game needs a lot of work at this point … His ceiling will undoubtedly be determined by his offensive progress … If he manages to improve as a shooter, then he could become a prototypical 3-and-D player, if not, then he will have to settle as a defensive specialist and find other ways to be effective on the floor …

Notes: Possesses a 7-3 wingspan … Native of Strasbourg, France … Comes from an athletic, basketball family … Sister Iliana Rupert plays in the WNBA for the Atlanta Dream … Father Thierry Rupert was a former power forward on the French National Team … Measured 6′ 6.00” barefoot, 8′ 10.00” standing reach, 193.2 lbs and a 7′ 2.00” wingspan and a 27.5 inch standing vertical and a 32.5′ inch max vertical at the 2023 NBA Draft Combine …

Stefanos Makris 4/3/23