Luguentz Dort

6-4, 220 Shooting Guard
Arizona St. Freshman
04/19/99 (25.2 yrs)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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NBA Comparison: Rawle Alkins

Strength: Aggressive combo guard with above average defensive ability and physicality … 6’3.5 explosive guard, with good length:  6’8 wingspan and 8’5 standing reach … An explosive and fast run jump athlete with a great physique … Body is that of an NFL safety … Very good length to make up for lack of ideal shooting guard height … Very strong and powerful build, generally the strongest player on the floor … Above average defender who fights hard to deny his man open looks and driving lanes … Shows defensive versatility to defend multiple positions and moves very well laterally … Good anticipation to deflect passes and jump passing lanes … Fearless player who never backs down from a situation or opponent … Explosive athleticism … Jumps off the ground quickly and uses it well in games, including an impressive second jump … Knows how to use his athleticism in the half court … Quick first step and change of directions … Can penetrate off the dribble … Fearless and aggressive driver with good body control … Embraces contact and does a good job of getting to the line …  Good motor, effort, and activity level … Seems to elevate his play in big games, and never shies away from the limelight … Confident to a fault. He really believes in himself. Which can carry him a long ways … Rebounds well for position …

Weaknesses: Shoots a bit of a moon ball and lacks great rotation and form on his shot …  Still has a lot of work in front of him to become a solid perimeter shooter at in game speed … A bit of a straight line driver … Has improved in his perimeter shooting, but it’s been a major weakness and he has much room to get better … Too often resorts to bully ball … While his strength is overwhelming at the college level, he wont be able to dominate opponents physically at the next level … Still improving guard skills and technique … He’s relied on physical ability quite a bit thus far, which allowed him to play any position, settling in as a guard and reading the game as a full-time perimeter player will be important, as well as polishing his ball skills. He can also improve as a playmaker as he hasn’t shown to be an advanced distributor. Doesn’t have much creativity in his game or really pick his spots. Sometimes he attacks without a plan and forces himself to the basket.  Older for his class, turned 19 in April of his senior year of high school … Assist to turnover ratio has been an area of concern since high school … Shot 30% from 3 on a very high volume (1.6-5.2 per game), after a hot start, shot far too many three pointers considering his lack of efficiency, (54-176) on the season … Lacks vision and passing skills … Has spent some time at the point guard position and while his fearlessness and aggressiveness has carried him, he lacks innate skills to run a team and be a true point at the next level … A/to ratio has been negative since high school and was 2.3 to 2.9 at Arizona State …

Outlook: Has a potential role at the next level as a physical, defensive minded, small 2-guard …Masqueraded as a point guard early in his freshman season and drew some mid first round hype before his shooting numbers dipped and his NBA role became more apparent  … Projected as a early to mid second rounder by scouts, and is probably best advised to stay the course and see if he can get a team to bite in the late first round, based on the potential that he showed in his freshman season … NBA career will depend upon how much his outside shooting can improve. At this point he is a long ways from being a consistent shooter and projects as a bench player with defensive potential …

Notes: Measured 6-3.5 in shoes, 217, 6-8 wingspan, 8-5 standing reach at the 2017 Nike Hoop Summit … MVP of the 2017 BioSteel All Canadian game with 30 points while shooting 12-16 from the floor …Hails from Montreal, Quebec … Speaks numerous languages … MVP of the 2018 Canadian Showcase with 29 points, 12 rebounds, and four steals …  Shot 6.7 free throws per game over the adidas Gauntlet in 2017 … Finished ninth in scoring with 18.3 points per game while shooting 49.5% FG% in 2017. Averaged 9.2 points per game while shooting 45.2% FG% in 2015, 11.3 points per game while shooting 52.9% FG% in 2016, and 11 points per game while shooting 46.7% FG% in 2017 …  Averaged one steal per game at adidas Nations in 2015. Averaged 1.5 steals per game in his two games at the adidas Eurocamp in 2017 … Blocks shots well for position as a help defender … Averaged one block per game over the adidas Gauntlet in 2017 …Shot 20% 3P% over the adidas Gauntlet in 2017. Shot 14.3% 3P% at adidas Nations in 2015, 10% 3P% in 2016, and missed all three of his three-point attempts in 2017 … Occasionally misses the rim on free throws. Shot 57.1% FT% at adidas Nations in 2015, 61.9% FT% in 2016, and 57.1% FT% in 2017 …

Evan Tomes 4/22/19