9 - Gabriele Procida

6-7, 195 Shooting Guard
Italy International
06/01/02 (22.1 yrs)
Como, Italy
International Team
Pallacanestro Cantù
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Álex Abrines

Strengths: Athletic wing with good size… Above average length, with a measured 6-8 wingspan… Above average basketball I.Q… Good athlete, with some sneaky athleticism… Great leaper off one foot… Loves to run in transition… Effective finisher at the rim in transition… Has all the necessary elements to become a 3-and-D wing… Possesses a quick (not explosive) first step… Efficient on the offensive end, doesn’t try to do too many things, playing within his role… Very Good shooter in Spot Up situations and above average in off screen actions… Knows his way around screens, he can do some flare or curls when he is taking a screen off-ball actions… Solid ball handler, can score an occasional Pull-Up , or a shot off dribble with a step back… Relentless in off-ball actions, he moves all the time trying to find a gap on defense… Good cutter from the weak side… Has shown some potential as a passer in drive and kick actions… Excels on the open floor, either as the ball handler, or running in the wings… Crashes the offensive boards, trying to surprise his opponent… Good lateral quickness… Versatile defender, he could potential guard all perimeter positions… Aggressive on ball defender, has active hands that help him make steals… Feels the passing lanes and makes steals… Good help defender, either from the strong or the weak side

Weaknesses: He might be a little undersized for a small forward, but not polished enough to play as a shooting guard… Not an elite athlete… His athleticism takes a small hit when the game slows down, since he needs room to gather before jumping… Must add muscle on his upper body… Should continue working his ball handling, especially with his weak (left) hand if he wants to play as a shooting guard… Can’t really create his shot with consistency, he is more of a “Catch and Shoot/Catch and Drive” wing… Inefficient in Catch and Drives, doesn’t finish plays with confidence… Must work on his finishes with his left hand… Doesn’t really absorb contact well when finishing at the basket due to lack of strength on the upper body… He should add a Post Up game in his arsenal to be able to punish miss-matches… At times he just moves too much on offense, crowding his teammates and creating spacing issues for his team… Needs to work his game in Pick and Roll situations, not really a facilitator at this point of his development… Average passer, doesn’t always read the game right… He should improve as a shooter in Pull Ups to expand his game more… He gambles on defense for steal, leaving his team vulnerable… Has problems covering big, athletic wings

Notes: Measured: 6’5.75” barefoot, 6’7.75” in shoes, 8’10.0” standing reach, 192.8 lbs, 6’8.0” wingspan at the 2022 NBA Draft Combine …

Stefanos Makris 6/22/22