20 - Elias Harris

6-7, 240 Small Forward/Power Forward
Gonzaga Senior
07/06/89 (34.8 yrs)
Speyer, Germany
High School
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
86 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Ademola Okulaja

Notes: Measured 6’8 (in shoes) 247 lbs, with a 6’9 wingspan at the 2012 LeBron James Skills Academy

Strengths: An extremely athletic hybrid type forward, he is capable of doing damage inside and out … Very quick off his feet, he also has a long strides, making him a tough guard out of the triple threat … Plays with an aggressive approach and likes to mix it up around the basket … He will look to dunk almost everything that is in the vicinity of the hoop … His body is fairly mature and his frame shows the potential to still develop … Plays with a lot of energy and likes to get out on the break where he can use his leaping ability to finish in spectacular fashion … He has good hands, allowing him to make difficult catches in traffic … Likes to face up from midrange, and use his quickness to attack opposing bigs … Very aggressive rebounder, and looks to attack the O glass … Brings a lot of experience to the table, as he has battled NBA players on the international stage while playing for Germany’s national team this summer … Defensively, due to his size, strength and lateral quickness, he has the potential to guard a number of positions …

Weaknesses: Does not have a natural position, but with his size and frame he will need to become a SF at the next level … Has a hard time creating his own offense, does not posses the best off the dribble game and his back to the basket game is heavily dependent on his athleticism at this point … Will need to show that he can be effective against bigger and more athletic competition, because right now he is able to get away with a lot simply because he can overpower and out-jump the competition… His jump shot needs a lot of work, he has an awkward sling type release that comes behind his head and the results are very inconsistent … His off the dribble jumper is almost non existent , and when he does let it fly, it is all over the place because he shoots it with poor balance and no rhythm … Dribbles the ball too high, which not only slows down his moves, but it also allows the defender a chance to get his hands on the ball … Struggles attacking and finishing with his off hand … He becomes extremely predictable going left with the dribble, as he will spin back to his strong hand almost every time … Has a tendency to get bodied out of position inside and forced to take off balance shots … Lacks touch with in between shots (jump hooks, short jumpers, mini fades, etc.) He is two years older than his class, shortening his ceiling somewhat … 

Borko Popic – 1/5/2010

Borko Popic is a lead scout/contributor to NBADraft.net. Please check out his premium website / scouting service hooprospects.com, an essential tool for college coaches, and European and NBA scouts.

Strengths: A physical forward with decent athleticism and strong leaping ability. A good jump shooter, he can pull-up and make shots out to the NCAA 3 point line. Harris has a very strong body that will not take much effort to get ready for the NBA, and he knows how to use it to his advantage on the court. He works hard on the glass and pulls down a lot of rebounds. His shooting mechanics and strength remind a little bit of Elton Brand, although his basketball IQ, leadership, and fundamentals are not comparable. He has decent court vision, and is a nice passer into the post or out to the wings. He has good quickness on the perimeter and can guard the small forward. He uses his leaping ability to get big dunks on the fast break and likes to throw it down with power. He also can come out of nowhere to block shots off the ball or on his own man when he finds himself defending in the post. He plays within the flow of the offense and gets his points without dominating the ball. He has a good work ethic and is a coachable kid.

Weaknesses: Harris is a terrible ball handler when it comes to dribbling, and thus is somewhat neutralized as a one-on-one player. He plays a little timid sometimes on the perimeter when the ball is in his hands. He must also work to extend his range on his shot as he is very consistent from mid range, but streaky from behind the international three point arc. Elias works hard on the glass, but doesnt always box out, relying on his leaping ability to get him boards. He plays down on the blocks so much because of his rebounding ability and developed post game, that some NBA scouts feel he doesnt have the perimeter skills to play on the wing in the NBA, and certainly not in the post because of his size. His leadership ability is questionable because he doesnt take over games. He makes plays that show his potential, but doesnt do it consistently over the course of a game. Elias has a mean streak but doesnt always turn it on. With his package of skills and athleticism should be dominating his age group, but hes not. Defensively he has long lapses. He will make a great defensive play, and then pass by other opportunities by not being aggressive. His post defense isnt very good as he gets beat by slower players because of not playing angles correctly and being out of position. He needs to show that he can be consistent and take over to be widely considered an NBA player, but he has the skills to do so.

Notes: Harris was named Youngster des Jahres 2008 (Rookie of the Year) in the German ProB league. He will enroll at Gonzaga University in 2009.

Joshua Motenko – 8/10/2007

YouTube Clip – 3/7/2010

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