The shooting guard field is a strong one, with all ten (eleven) of these guys capable of drawing first round interest. Last year the only 2-guards who went first round were Klay Thompson, Alec Burks, Iman Shumpert and Marshon Brooks. This year it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the six 2s go top 20. Here are our ten best shooting guards who have declared in 2012.

1. Jeremy Lamb 6-6 180 SG UConn So.

Lamb is arguably the most dynamic perimeter scorer in the country when you consider his shot-creating/making abilities in the 15-25 foot range. He’s a better shooter than his percentage suggests, and with arms long enough to row a paddle-less canoe, Lamb should get plenty of clean releases. Because of his offensive takeover capabilities, his upside surpasses Bradley Beal’s, however a down-year showing a lack of leadership might have put a scare into NBA evaluators. Individual mentoring and daily practice reps with professionals can only help Lamb achieve his potential.

2. Bradley Beal 6-4 195 SG Florida Fr.

Though undersized for a natural two-guard, Beal has the NBA body (6’8 wingspan) to help mitigate his inch or two disadvantage. He’ll become a fixture at the off-guard slot because of his pure shooting stroke and athleticism to defend, though his ceiling remains limited because his size. Still, Beal finished the season strong and has positioned himself as the safest choice of any off-guard in the draft pool.

3. Austin Rivers 6-4 203 SG Duke Fr.

Rivers has the talent required to score at the pro level, but lacks the size and strength to get easy buckets. Adjusting to his new role is a process, so any freshman blemishes shouldn’t be magnified. He shot a respectable 36% from downtown while leading the Blue Devils in scoring. His offensive game is eerily similar to OJ Mayo’s, although he doesn’t have his build just yet. And while some question his attitude, I think it’s just a side effect of a competitive drive and desire to be the best. Accepting the role and improving off the ball will give him the best shot as sustaining a 25-30 minute nightly assignment.

4. Terrence Ross 6-6 190 SG Washington So.

Though not as elusive off the dribble as the three mentioned above him, Ross’ combination of athleticism, shot-making and defensive potential make him a multidimensional contributor. Ross showed an improved ability to create and finish in isolation operating on the perimeter, but has more promise as a complimentary piece at the next level. With so many likeable NBA qualities, Ross could be a steal from #15 on.

5. Doron Lamb 6-4 195 SG Kentucky So.

What strikes me about Lamb is his efficiency playing a position that’s vulnerable to low-percentage basketball. Lamb shot 47% from the floor, 46% from three, 82% from the stripe and turned it over once every 31 minutes as a combo-guard. He’s a safe bet to find a prominent role because of his natural shooting stroke and deceptive scoring ability. Rarely rattled by misses or pressure moments, Lamb has shined in situations where Kentucky needed a bucket. A solid athlete and willing defender, he’s likely to strengthen and provide depth to an NBA backcourt.

6. Dion Waiters 6-4 210 SG Syracuse So.

Waiters’ game is suited for next-level play considering his ability to shake defenders off the dribble and score in isolation. With a strong upper body to compliment his athleticism and shiftiness, Waiters can create and finish both at the rim and from the perimeter. Sixth man seems like a fitting role for electric combo-guard out of Cuse.

7. John Jenkins 6-4 185 SG Vanderbilt Jr.

He’s the class of the draft in terms of three-point shooting, converting 44% on almost 9 three-point attempts per game. He’s been over 40% through the course of his three-year collegiate career, displaying the reliability and consistency that helps assure his value as a potential first rounder. With strong instincts on the perimeter, Jenkins uses pump fakes and screens to effectively create separation needed for a clean look at the rim. His lack of athleticism or quickness makes the JJ Redick comparison an accurate one.

8. Evan Fournier 6-7 190 SG/SF France 1992

Fournier is an advanced scorer for his age thanks to impressive scoring instincts, crafty ball-handling and the strength required to absorb contact and finish. Attacking the rim, he’s agile and displays body control when operating in traffic. Fournier has size to go along with valuable experience playing pro ball in Europe, and remains the lone international prospect worthy of first round consideration. He will have until June 18 to keep his name in or withdraw.

9. William Buford 6-5 185 SG Ohio St. Sr.

Buford is a shot-maker, and that’s how he’ll be used at the next level. He’s a nice complimentary scoring option for a second unit that could use some firepower at the off-guard slot. He fits the physical profile for a shooting guard with the fluidity to man the wing. He could end up being a steal considering his maturity as a player and readiness as a prospect.

10a. Khris Middleton 6’7 215 SG Texas A&M Jr.

Middleton’s refined midrange game and excellent size for a guard are his most coveted NBA qualities. While he currently lacks the quickness or one on one skills to threaten a defense off the dribble, Middleton provides his point guard with a safe option running off curls in the half court. He struggled in his junior season, but is an excellent shooter and could end up one of the draft’s sleepers in the second round.

10b. Will Barton 6’6 180 SG Memphis So.

Barton has the athleticism and length that could make him a difficult guard to contain off the ball. He shot a respectable 34% from downtown, and showed a soft touch slashing towards the rim. He led the nation for guards in rebounding, the thing he does best, with 8 per game. However, Barton is seriously lacking in strength for a two-guard, which will make it more of a challenge for his game to be as effective at in the pros as it was in college.

Honorable Mention: Chris Allen 6-4 185 SG Iowa St. Sr., Kent Bazemore 6-6 190 SG Old Dominion Sr, Carlon Brown 6-4 216 SG Colorado Sr., Jason Clark 6-2 170 PG/SG Georgetown Sr., Jared Cunningham 6-4 190 SG Oregon St. Jr., Nihad Dedovic 6-6 190 SG Barcelona (Bosnia) 1990, Marcus Denmon 6-3 185 SG Missouri Sr., Dion Dixon 6-3 190 SG Cincinnati Sr., Kim English 6-6 200 SG Missouri Sr., Kyle Fogg 6-3 190 SG Arizona Sr., Chris Johnson 6-5 194 SG Dayton Sr., Darius Johnson-Odom 6-2 215 SG Marquette Sr., DeQuan Jones 6-6 195 SG/SF Miami Jr., Devoe Joseph 6-3 180 SG Oregon Sr., Kyle Kuric 6-4 190 SG Louisville Sr., Ramone Moore 6-5 189 SG Temple Sr., Kevin Murphy 6-6 185 SG Tennessee Tech Sr., Hollis Thompson 6-7 181 SG Georgetown Jr., Charlie Westbrook 6-4 196 PG/SG South Dakota Sr.



  1. I think that Will Barton will

     I think that Will Barton will surprise people and I rank him personally higher than William Buford, who disappearing acts worry me a bit. I also think that he could even surpass John Jenkins or Dion Waiters.

  2. Beal #1.

     NBADRAFT has some infacuation with Jeremey Lamb… Haven’t gave Beal the credit he deserves all year. If Cleveland gets the #2 pick, Beal is going #2.

  3. Terrence Ross will be the top

    Terrence Ross will be the top SG by draft nite once  the draft combine & individual workouts take place as he is a legit 6’6 w/o shoes, has top level atleticism, a smooove J, rebounds & defends at a high level.


    I see it as:





  4. 2 guard

    I love Beal, but Lamb’s length makes him very seductive. He has more upside for sure. Beal is lethal though. It drops a lot after those two. I dont think Rivers is nearly as good as advertised. Undersized, and unmotivated defender…if not just lousy defender. He gets a lot of love from fan types. I could be wrong. Ross reminds me of terrence williams — and after that, the sleepers are Barton (not even a sleeper anymore) and Denmon. Denmon is undersized (a lot) but man, he’s a gamer. And as for defense, Ross is best, hands down. And Orlando Johnson…second round steal.

  5. WTF is wrong with you nbadraft.net

    I wrote a post a while ago about how Aran has been hugging Jeremy Lamb’s and Arnett Moultries nuts for years. Lamb is not going before Beal. Lamb is not better than Beal. I don’t know what makes you think that he has "so much more potenial" than Beal, but he doen’t. He has a lower floor and a ceiling, whch is why he will be going atleast 5 picks lower than Beal. Like are you guys getting paid to hype up Jeremy Lamb? I just don’t get it but its getting rather sickening, this coming from someone who has been on NBADraft.net every single day since 2000.

    At this point in the draft process, to say Lamb is rated higher than Bradley Beal really just makes you look lke an idiot, because it is not true.

  6. No way Beal goes number 2. I

    No way Beal goes number 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is picked before Lamb but I do not seeing him going before TRob, Drummond and MKG.

  7. Durant your going too far.

     Durant your going too far. Pissing Aaron off is not a wise choice. I would expect smarter decision making from someone who has " Been on nbadraft.net every day since 2000".

  8. Solid SGs in this class…

    Both the 2 and the 3 spot seem to be solid. But not sure if anyone will be over the top. I believe Kim English has a chance to do something at the next level and isn’t on this top 10. But then it could be a deep position this draft. I like the top 10 list here, it’s hard to say who’s the top… As for the Jeremy Lamb bashers- to make the NBA, sometimes you must be great  at 1 thing and not just good at a few things to have a need for a team. Jeremy Lamb’s long and can flat out shoot the lights out! And he has a clutch gene in him, don’t forget year before last when he helped UConn win the championship… Rivers, Beal and Ross are all right there as far as who can be drafted at the top of this list- we will just have to see.

  9. I think Beal is the top

     I think Beal is the top shooting guard in this class.  I think Lamb will be good, but Beal can handle the ball better and attack the rim better.  I see him as a more complete scorer.  Lamb’s smooth game and ability to shoot off screens is impressive, but I think against more physical NBA defenders he may become a little too reliant on his jumper.  Both are high upside picks, but I think Beal has a lower floor due to his all-around game.

  10. Barton

    Is the steal of the draft.  The other guys may have won more games, and thus given more attention.  But Barton in the second round or even late first is a gift.

  11. Durant’sWingspan you are an

    Durant’sWingspan you are an idiot, Sir.

    I wrote a post a while ago about how Aran has been hugging Jeremy Lamb’s and Arnett Moultries nuts for years. Lamb is not going before Beal. Lamb is not better than Beal.

    And they project Beal to go higher. No?

    I don’t know what makes you think that he has "so much more potenial" than Beal, but he doen’t. He has a lower floor and a ceiling, whch is why he will be going atleast 5 picks lower than Beal. Like are you guys getting paid to hype up Jeremy Lamb? I just don’t get it but its getting rather sickening, this coming from someone who has been on NBADraft.net every single day since 2000.

    They never said "so much more potential", so why would you incorrectly quote that?

    At this point in the draft process, to say Lamb is rated higher than Bradley Beal really just makes you look lke an idiot, because it is not true.

    Your criticism is unwarrented. Beal is currently rated higher on the mock draft, which is an indication of where the teams see players being taken. Right? Their list of prospects is a subjective list based on their personal rankings. Therefore, why would they need to make this ranking a consensus of where everyone sees the prospects?

  12. Good list for the most part.

    Good list for the most part.


    I think Barton should be higher though. I also think Jenkins is more sure than Waiters and possibly even Rivers because Jenkins is a knock-down shooter ala Daquean Cook. As for the top spot. I would go with Lamb also. Marshon Brooks is doing pretty well, and Lamb’s height and length is going to be very similar and Lamb may be a better pure shooter. There are simply not many good 6"3/6"4 starting SG’s to ever exist so I can’t see how that could be a safe pick.

  13. I find it funny that there

    I find it funny that there are some who don’t think Lamb is on par with Beal as a prospect, or not even close for that matter.  I’d like to know what makes Beal the better prospect?  Lamb is taller, longer, more athletic.  Beal is a better shooter but Lamb has a good stroke and has NBA 3-point range as well.  Lamb is better of the dribble.  I really don’t get the infatuation with Beal all the time.

  14. The deal with Beal

    Every year theres a 6’2 shooting guard that fools everyone and gets drafted very high.  In most cases, they are maxed out players who don’t get a lot better.  After following the draft for many years, I’ve seen countless 6’2-6’3 shooting guards not make it, and certainly wouldn’t waste a high pick on one.  That is your answer on Beal.

    Now I’m not going to prop up Lamb either, although given a choice between the two, I’d take Lamb.

    To me, I’d trade the pick and grab Barton in the late first. 

    6’2 shooting guards and 6’6 power forwards get you fired.  Yeah some will make it, but why use a top pick on something you can get in round two. 

    We’ll see what Beal measures in at.  In bare feet, he’s probably 6’2.  So a 6’2 shooter who can’t create real well?  Hmmm, sounds like Shawn Respert.




  15. Ross

    I think the write up on Ross is pretty accurate.  He has the size and skills to be a good slasher type.  Wish he was better in isolation, but I didn’t catch any of his really good games.  The guy I really liked on that squad is Tony Wroten.  Not sure if he’s a point or a two, but he’s a player, that’s for sure.

  16. on second look

    The Beal vs Lamb debate is interesting. I see Lamb’s appeal, I do. His length and mechanics mean he’s going to get his shot off. But….Beal is the better player and figures to be a much better defender. Size is overrated with two guards anyway. I agree barton could be a steal. he’s an enigma though. But his shooting % last year was phenomenal. So he warrents a close look. Dion waiters is the other interesting guy, here. Playing at Syracuse always obscures both weaknesses and strengths. Id say Waiters might end up better than either Beal or Lamb. And like i say, orlando johnson !!

  17. Beal may be better than Lamb

     Beal may be better than Lamb now becuase his body is better. In 3 years though when you can really judge a draft that is  when Lamb will be stronger and he will be better. Lambs handle is better, he is more athletic and he can get his shot better than Beal. To me Ross will be better than Rivers and Beal in 3 years also. Beal is nice don’t get me wrong but I think once workouts start his ranking will drop.

  18. I don’t see how Lamb vs. Beal

    I don’t see how Lamb vs. Beal is even a debate. He is taller, more athletic, a better ball handler, and was the 2nd best player on a NC team. This year at UConn was just an all around mess you cannot put the whole blame on him. I would venture to say that Lamb is even a better shooter with more range, Beal’s shooting #’s were far from impressive this season. If your goal is to draft a potential SG superstar, you have no choice but to take Lamb. he is a freak.

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