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    Who’s the better prospect?

    I’d have to go with Primo here. He’s apparently been rising up draft boards so I’d assume most people would have him.

    My question is, what do you do with Ziare WIlliams and BJ Boston? Where do they get picked? I wouldn’t even pick them at 45/46 for the Raptors, not because they aren’t talented or are terrible options but I just feel like theres better options. So who takes them and whats their range?

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    Another super close matchup. I will go with Ziare because I think he has a higher upside.

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    Primo. Primo has made strides this year. He was brought in slowly and got better and he isn’t finished yet. He is draining shots and driving on guys, making plays.

    If OKC keeps one or both of those early 2nd round picks, I’d consider Ziaire don’t call me “Zaire, or Ziare” Williams. Williams has legit hops and speed and some upside to develop. He is a project still though. Where he lands will determine if he has a chance to make the league. As for Brandon Boston, he’s a 2nd round pick. He could develop in a few year like Ziaire Williams, however he is a specialty defensive player to me. The difference to me between Boston and Williams is that Williams proved capable of a triple double in the PAC12, the most underrated conference this year. Boston’s defense might be slept on a bit, though he doesn’t merit a high pick this year. Ziaire should get picked 1st of the 2 between him and BJ Boston. Boston might be battling Kessler Edwards for a draft spot. Defense vs defense.

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    primo has a much hugher cieling; definitely the better prospect.

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    Ziaire for sure. I just feel like his upside is higher base on his size and athleticism and at worst they could mould him the same way the Heat did with derrick jones jr. but with a scoring upside to boot. As for Boston, I’ll be surprised if he gets drafted.

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    Primo had a good year in a lesser role on a good team. It is very easy to project that if he returned to Alabama, he would have become a lottery pick. He also checks every box physically. There are risks to projecting success in a bigger role, but he has a lot to like. Ziaire had a mostly disappointing year, is painfully thin, and his perceived upside seems tied to him being 6’9″ when having gone to one of the semi-pro high schools. Trey Murphy was 6’3″ as a senior in high school, but is 6’9″ now, just as long and athletic, has great tape, and is an elite shooter. The one caveat I will give the freshmen who had a bad year is that it has been a tough year, but they still chose to go to the NBA after not being good in college. Not being good in a lesser league or level is always a concern. I’m sure a team will take a flier on him in the first, but with that kind of body a guy has to be a great shooter. He was 33% or worse in games (the Poku line) way too much.


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