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    Who’s the better prospect?

    I have Scottie Barnes here and I think the gap is large. He’s basically the best intangibles/things that don’t show up on the stat sheet player to come around in recent memory. I think he’s gonna work on his jumpshot and as he learns how to shoot he has a chance to become one of the best players in the league. Kuminga’s a good pick as well. Tons of raw talent I think he has a floor of Tobias Harris. When his skillset will translate to the pro game remains to be seen as he struggled in the G-League but the talents there.

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    I think it’s Kuminga. Now I agree with your argument OhCanada about intangibles, and he’s a great guy, shot it better in HS I get it. But at the same time, I feel like people are just overthinking this at this point. Kuminga had SIGNIFICANTLY better numbers, is a year younger, in a better league. Yes Kuminga did start to fall out but he’s 18. The percentage issues are a concern. But he also didn’t play a ton of HS ball due to injuries and such. But nothing long lasting. I think with more reps Kuminga can really emerge. Kuminga and Holmgren were the early frontrunners for the #1 pick in 2022 before Kuminga reclassified. I still think you just have to take the chance on Kuminga. I personally don’t see a massive ceiling for Barnes. I just think his upside is maybe a 4th starter when Kuminga could be one of the best players in the league.

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    That’s a close one imo. Kuminga has the upside to be an All-Star someday, but I’m not sold on him being one of the best players in the league. Barnes could make an all defensive team someday and has all the intangibles as said. I would take Barnes if I wanted to win now and bring a win now attitude to the table, as Scottie Barnes brings a TON to the table. But if I’m looking long term and want a 2nd or 3rd scorer with defensive upside and am trying to build a team from the bottom up, I’d take Kuminga.
    A perfect fit for both of them could be Cleveland. Maybe a trade back with Orlando? If Cleveland were to choose I guess that scenario wouldn’t matter much. If Orlando keeps their picks and go with one or the other, I don’t think it matters much either. If I were GM, I guess I would play it more safe and take Barnes. He brings it every game and IF he does improve his shot (I’m a believer) he could be a triple threat. If somehow a winning team were to draft either player, Barnes would probably go first to help an already good team get slightly better. I think Kuminga on most good teams at least right now would ride the bench.

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    Scottie Barnes to me

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    Kuminga has more upside but Barnes might be the safer pick. If Barnes was still there at 7 I could see GSW snapping him up in a heartbeat. I have Orlando taking Kuminga at 5 in my mock in my head and I’d expect OKC to be likely to take Barnes at 6. A lot could depend on whether Presti is hell bent on Kuminga as he may try to trade up to get him.
    I think the top 4 teams draft as they are unless Houston really want top pick and give Detroit a great offer. But OKC, GSW and Orlando have a couple of first rounders each and may look to move up/down/consolidate picks.


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