The eighth annual Basketball without Borders Global Camp is scheduled from February 16 to 18 at the Mojo Up Sports Complex in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some of the athletes play on international clubs, some play with the NBA Academies and others play in high school programs across the United States. Some may be draft eligible as early as the 2025 NBA draft, some may not due to having late birthdays (but all invites are born in 2006) or have been held back in school and will not have graduated this year (this is in particular the case for the international born players playing in the United States)

Top 5 Prospects draft eligible in 2025:

#27 Nolan Traore 6’4 CG France Pôle France (INSEP) Video Footage

We have watched and written about Traore at FIBA U16 Europe (link) ANGT Belgrade (link) FIBA U18 Europe (link). His athleticism is unquestionable. He has good length and should measure well in terms of wingspan at this event (hopefully the measurements are more accurate than the ones provided last year). He has been a menace on the defensive side of the ball with his athleticism and length getting in the passing lanes and disrupting the opposing guards in Europe. On offense he will finish plays off with dunks and can blow by people when attempting to get downhill. Showed some ability to avoid chargers by euro stepping or finishing plays off with a floater. He has good shooting form but still has room to improve in terms of consistency. He has improved as a point guard from when we first watched him at U16 until now but this is still very much a question mark for scouts. Will he end up more of a small guard like Frank Ntilikina or can he show his improvement in running an offense and in half court situations? How will he look in pick and roll reads? How does his shot selection look on offense? He absolutely has the size and athleticism to be the best player at this event. Note: he is said to be a participant at this April’s Nike Hoop Summit and is considering playing in Australia next season in the Next Stars program.

#54 Khaman Maluach 7’2 C South Sudan

NBA Academy Africa Video Footage
We first wrote about Khaman Maluach at the NBA Academy: Africa Showcase (link)

Maluach is currently making his official visit tours having already visited Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and plans to visit UCLA. He is also in the mix to go be part of the Gleague Ignite team next season. He is big for a center having a plus wingspan that should measure out in the 7’6 and above range at this event. He runs the floor well for a man his size and has shown some dexterity moving laterally. He has shown some potential as a shooter and as he matures there is intrigue in him becoming a pick and pop option on screens and potentially being a good enough outside threat and having the ability to draw opposing bigs out of the paint. He played on the men’s team in the FIBA world cup and scouts will be able to see how he has improved as a shooter and how much more dominant he can be in the post on offense and an enforcer on defense against competition his age.

#45 Noa Essengue 6’10 Forward France Ratopharm Ulm (2 Video Footage: Link , Link)

We first saw Noa Essengue at FIBA U16 Europe (link), the 2023 ANGT Belgrade (link), and lastly wrote about him at FIBA U18 Europe (link). Essengue is now playing for Ulm and even getting some minutes on the first team. He is another extremely long player who should measure out well. And while he is extremely skinny and could use some added bulk to add some power to his game he is able to absorb contact and finish well around the rim. He has nice soft hands and good handles for a player his size. His vertical and agility numbers are something teams will take a close look at to determine his athletic upside. Showing some progress as an outside shooter is also something scouts will be looking for at this event for him. Has played well for Ulm in their junior division and is in the mix as a prospect for the 2025 NBA draft.

#28 Jack Kayil 6’3 Point Guard Germany Rasta Vechta Video Footage

Jack Kayil we wrote about at the 2023 ANGT Munich (link), the FIBAU18 Europe (link) and the 2024 ANGT Podgorica (link). Kayil is a well filled out guard who played extremely well at Podgorica a couple weeks ago. A good shooter, he showed a good balance of running a team and taking his own shots. Shows good form on his shot from the outside and is able to create space with his body and finish at the rim when he gets down hill. He isn’t quite as long or athletic as Traore but is more comfortable in half court sets and is a more consistent outside shooter. That will be one of the head to head matchup that scouts will pay attention to.

#29 Neoklis Avdalas 6’6 CG Greece Karditsas Video Footage

We wrote about Neoklis Avdalas as a top prospect at FIBA U16 Europe (link) 2023 ANGT (link) and FIBA U18 (link). Avdalas has good height and athleticism for a guard. He is well built and strong. He won the ANGT dunk contest in Kaunas in 2023. At all of our past youth events he has shown a good ability to finish strong at the rim and pass. He is still playing very limited minutes in the top pro league in Greece and has not yet shown the same ability to pass as he has done at the youth levels. His outside shot is still very much a work in progress and it will be one of the things scouts will take a deeper dive with him this weekend. He also in the past hasn’t shown the defensive prowess that you would expect from a player with his athletic tool set. But if he can show some playmaking ability as a point guard at the BWB setting he definitely will help his cause as the NBA is always intrigued with athletic tall lead guards.

Players Playing for international Clubs:

#44 Mohamed Diakite 6’9 PF France Pôle France (Insep) Video Footage

Mohamed has the ideal body for a forward. He is long and athletic and can run up and down the floor with ease. But his game has stagnated since we first watched him at U16s and ANGT Belgrade (link). Some of that is due to injury (ankle) and his transition from a post player to a wing. This may help him in the long run but he is now further down the list of players in his born year. Last we saw of him he will show flashes of elite play with some lack of basic basketball knowledge both on offense and in rotations on defense. His flashes consist of euro stepping around opponents for a dunk, showing good form and hitting three point shots, self creating off the handle and getting downhill to the rim. Yet he can still be a ball stopper on offense and be completely out of position on defense. However, with a strong showing, he can absolutely become the talk of the camp.

#46 Ben Saraf 6’5 CG Israel Kiryat Ata Highlights

The lefty has a scorer’s mentality looking for opportune times to put the ball in the basket but has done well both at the pro and youth level to have a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. At the youth level he was able to get by smaller point guards by being effective in pick and roll half court sets and using his length to create space to finish. Has a good change of pace game which allows him to have a deceptive first step. Needs to stay consistent on his outside shot and will need to improve his free throw percentage as a pro guard. The top 2006 international born point guards are at this event. He has an opportunity to go head to head against them and outplay them. Link to our write ups FIBA at U16 Europe (link) and the 2023 ANGT Patras (link)

#51 David Mirkovic 6’9 PF Montenegro SC Derby Video Footage: link, link

David Mirkovic has been able to transform his body. He is much leaner than when we first watched him at U16. He has gone from an undersized center to a 6’9 forward. He has great vision and high basketball IQ. He rotates well on defense and moves the ball well on offense. He has a nice soft touch around the basket and a wide body that creates space to get his shot off. He lacks length and explosiveness. His shot takes time to load so he leans slightly back to create space as a shooter. His form is good but his outside shooting efficiency has stagnated and is shooting roughly the same splits from long distance and from the charity stripe over the last 2 years. Write ups of him atFIBA U16 Europe (link) 2023 ANGT Belgrade (link), ANGT Kaunas (link),  FIBA U18B Europe (link) and lastly ANGT Podgorica (link)

#47 Kasparas Jakucionis 6’3 CG Lithuania Barcelona Highlights

Playing for Lithuania at the international level and playing for Barcelona we have been able to watch Kasparas Jakucionis extensively. He has played at the highest level of youth international basketball for Barcelona and has been voted a top 5 player for many of the tournament events. He is an excellent shooter both from three throw line and the three point line. He has good strength but does not possess elite handles or athleticism. He is an unlikely one and done player and may have to prove what position he can play at the top level. A couple years of elite shooting either at the college or pro level may give him more opportunities for top European teams or perhaps the NBA. Scouts will be paying attention to how he handles the pressure of some of the defenders here and how well he plays on the defensive end of the floor. Write ups of him at the 2023 ANGT in Zadar (link), the ANGT final in Kaunas (link), FIBA U18 Europe (link), and the 2023 L’Hospitalet Tournament (link)

#26 Noah Badibanga 6’7 Forward France Chalon/Saône

Noah Badibanga plays primarily for the Espoir club (U21) at Chalon. He is a very good athlete and has the length and athleticism to be a defensive stopper at the professional level. Despite his skinny frame he can guard up and down any position 1 through 4. He has the ability to make point guards turn and get in the passing lanes. He will help teammates out with weak side block shots and will finish plays off with dunks. However, on offense he still has much work to do in terms of skills. He has both a high turnover rate and has poor shooting numbers from the free throw line (42/70) and from three (17/68). Most of his points come near the rim (87/149 from 2) where he is a menace on the offensive glass on put backs and fast break finishes. Past write up here: (here)

#50 Iker Garmendia 6’9 Power Forward Spain Joventut Highlights

We have watched him extensively playing for Spain at FIBA U16 & FIBA U18 Europe and most recently at the 2023 L’Hospitalet tournament. He is a well rounded player. He can shoot it from three point range (in particular strong from the corners) and can take the one dribble pump fake. In addition he is a good connector making the extra pass. On defense, he’s a little slow laterally but fights in the post and has good team defense concepts.

#49 Ladji Coulibaly 6’10 Center Mali Baxi Mansera Highlights

We first watched Ladji Coulibaly at the 2022 FIBA U17 WC and then more recently at the 2023 L’Hospitalet. Athletic with a long wingspan, he intrigued scouts at the U17 WC where he had one of his best games against team USA. He has the length to block shots and finish plays off with dunks. On the pick and roll, his best offensive threat is to catch a lob for a dunk. He is still very raw and needs work at the free throw line and in general as a shooter. On defense he is still learning how to mitigate the drop roll in the pick and roll. There aren’t many bigs at this BWB so he will be one of the few assigned to guard Maluach.

#55 Abdramane Siby 7’0 Center Mali Mega Mis Highlights

We watched Abdramane Siby play for Mega Mis in last year’s ANGT where he came off the bench. He is a god athlete and has a long wingspan which gives intrigue to scouts, but he is very raw. In 7 games of ANGT last season he scored 14 points, had 17 rebounds and 4 blocks in 7 games and 61 minutes of playing time. So far this season he has played well in the Serbia JLS league. The most encouraging of his stats being the 60/78 from the free throw line given his size.

#48 Mantas Juzenas 6’6 Forward Lithuania Zalgiris Highlights

We saw Mantas Juzenas play at the FIBA U18 Europe championships and will watch him play at ANGT in Dubai in March. Juzenas at 6’7 is transitioning from a power forward to a small forward. He has shown some perimeter ability as he has shot well from three and from the free throw line in past FIBA events and in club. Scouts will be looking how much of the transition has taken place during this event.

#32 Chouaybou Keita 6’6 Forward Mali Chlorella

Chouaybou Keita played in the U17 WC for Mali and is currently with the Chlorella club in the EBA Spanish league. He has played very limited minutes at that level so far. At the U17 WC he showed some upside with his length and with the ability to make outside shots but that may have been due to a small sample size as his free throw shooting was a mere 7/15.

#56 Tiefing Diawara 6’11 Center Mali Orange1 Bassano Highlight

Tiefing Diawara hasn’t been on the big stage since his 2022 ANGT in Ljubljana.

#39 Roman Siulepa 6’7 Forward Australia Queensland

Roman Siulepa is playing in the U-20 division of the Australian league and is averaging 24.4 points in seven games. Has shot 30/52 from the free throw line and 13/43 from three this season.

NBA Academy Players:

#35 Assane Mandian 6’4 CG Senegal NBA Academy Africa

We first wrote about Assane Mandian at the NBA Academy Showcase: Africa (link). He is a dynamic combo guard who is still very raw. He has the ability to get downhill and finish plays off with a jam. His handles can get a little loose at times and his decision making is still a work in progress. But he has the ability to make outside shots when not rushed and has solid length and strength for a combo guard.

#40 Gabriel Ferreira 6’9 PF Brazil NBA Academy Latin America

We have written and seen Gabriel Ferreira at the NBA Academy Showcase: Africa (link) and watched him play at the 2023 NBA Academy Global Games. Ferreira prefers facing up from the perimeter than scoring from the post. He has good vision as the high man in a high low and is a good option in a pick and pop. He will finish plays off on the fast break with dunks but tends to frail away from contact and still is very raw.

#38 Jacob Furphy 6’6 CG Australia NBA Global Academy Highlights

A combo guard who played well at the NBA Academy Global games. Has a nice strong frame and a very cerebral player. Played his part on the team at that event.

#11 Aleksandar Gavalyugov 6’1 PG Bulgaria NBA Global Academy Highlights

We mentioned Aleksandar Gavalyugov in our FIBA U18B Europe report ((link) where he earned all tournament team and led the tournament both in scoring and assists. He has a solid shooting stroke and a knack to create. He lacks the athleticism and height to be an NBA level point guard and his play here may propel his options for the NCAA.

#57 Julius Halaifonua 7’0 Center New Zealand NBA Global Academy Highlights

Julius Halaifonua played well at the NBA Academy Global games and just prior to coming to the BWB showcase will be taking official visits at both Xavier and Virginia Tech. He has a good frame and a high IQ big. He can face up from the outside and is a big screener. Lacks ideal athleticism or lift.

#34 Hamad Mousa 6’7 Forward Qatar NBA Global Academy

Hamad Mousa has shown some ability as a shooter both in FIBA events and for his club team in Qatar Al Rayyan. On the skinny side, his play against this level of competition will be observed closely.

#21 Luke Fennell 6’6 SG Australia NBA Global Academy

Luke Fennell in the U20 Australian this season has shown some potential as a shooter. A wing, does he have the ability to defend on the perimeter at the pro level?

#20 Aginaldo Neto 6’1 PG Angola NBA Academy Africa Highlights

Aginaldo Neto was watched at both the NBA Africa Showcase in Senegal and then the NBA Academy Global games in Atlanta. On the smaller side for a point guard he isn’t on the radar for NBA scouts at this time but with some play may garner some interest at the collegiate level.

USA High School Players:

#43 Jaion Pitt 6’7 Forward Canada Canyon International Academy HS So Highlights

We wrote about Jaion Pitt ‘s performance at the EYBL Scholastic La Porte tournament ((link) and at the 2023 HoopHall West (link). He is a well known player with both international and US based scouts having played both in FIBA and EYBL summer circuits. Blessed with a long wingspan, good athleticism, and a high motor. He is a tough defender and a menace on the boards. He will finish plays off with strong flushes and has shown some back to basket moves. On defense he is a strong rebounder, with good lateral quickness, and a great shot blocker from the weak side. He is also a likely candidate to reclassify.

#23 Will Riley 6’8 SF Canada The Phelps School PA HS Jr Highlights

Rated as one of the top high school juniors Will Riley possesses a solid handle and good instincts on drives. He can finish with either hand and is nearly unstoppable at the high school level. He is one of the top prospects coming to the BWB.

#25 Alex Constanza 6’8 SF Dominican Republic Westminster Academy HS So Highlights

Alex Constanza is a consensus 5 star high school sophomore. At the high school level he has showcased his athleticism and ability to score. He can handle it with either hand and looks to drive. If he is stopped he has the ability to stop on a dime and hit the mid range jumper. Currently wouldn’t be eligible until the 2027 draft he is a likely candidate to eventually reclassify.

#59 Moustapha Thiam 7’1 Center Senegal DME Academy HS Jr UCF Highlights

We wrote about Moustapha Thiam first last March at the Underclassman All American Game (link) and at the Pangos All American Camp (link). Moustapha is long and mobile and will be motivated to face Khaman Maluach head to head in front of scouts. Defensively he protects the paint well. Offensively he has not yet proven he can be a pick and pop option and most of his scoring comes from the post with dunks or off the glass with offensive rebounds. When facing up he will on occasion get by slower centers.

#30 Shon Abaev 6’7 SF Israel Calvary Christian HS Jr Highlights

We wrote about Shon Abaev at the Under Armor Rise Session 1 in Phoenix (link) and at the Marshall County Hoopfest (link). Shon has good length and size for a wing. The lefty has solid shooting mechanics and everything is predicated if he’s making his outside jump shot. He has a strong pump fake one dribble mid range jumper and has a strong hesitation dribble that gets him to the hole. A whiling passer he is adept of creating for his teammates.

#42 Spencer Ahrens 6’9 215 PF Canada Sunrise Christian Academy HS Jr Highlights

We wrote about Spencer Ahrens’s performance at the EYBL Scholastic La Porte tournament (link). He displayed a nice and athletic body and some face up potential. Being recruited by both Big East and Big 10 schools Ahrens should be one of the more polished post players at BWB.

#12 Christian Anderson 6’0 PG Germany Oak Hill Academy HS Sr Michigan Highlights

We wrote about Christian Anderson’s performance at the EYBL Scholastic La Porte tournament (link), the Holiday Hoopsgiving (link) and the FIBA Europe U16 (link). Christian is having a great year for Oak Hill Academy as a senior. He is a very efficient shooter who has long distance range. He is on the short side in terms of point guards and his defense and measurements will be two things scouts will take a long look at at BWB.

#22 Efeosa Oliogu 6’6 Forward Canada OTE HS Jr Highlights

Efeosa Oliogu is averaging 8.7 points in 19 minutes of play for the City Reapers in OTE. He has a good frame and good athleticism and has his plethora of choices to play for a power 5 NCAA university. Currently classified as a junior in high school, he has the potential as being a solid defensive wing who can both guard the smaller quicker player and the taller and longer posts. Blessed with a long wingspan offensively he is currently at his best on the break or scoring around the rim. He needs to continue to work on softening his touch and adding consistency to his outside jump shot.

#58 Alejandro Aviles 6’9 PF Puerto Rico Dream City Christian HS Jr Highlights

Alejandro Aviles we’ve watched play for Dream City Christian at HoopHall West and at the Grind Session Dream City Christian hosts. He is a very skilled undersized post player. He has a very good feel for the game, where he is a willing passer and will take what the defense gives him. He has nice soft touch around the rim and is a solid shooter for a post player. He is quite undersized for a 4 or 5 and not blessed with a huge wingspan and while he uses his girth to create space he has some work to do in terms of body composition. It’s possible with some recomposition he could become slightly more athletic.

#13 Savo Drezgic 6’3 CG Serbia DME Academy HS Jr Highlights

We scouted Savo Drezgic at the ANGT in Belgrade last spring. A good shooter with a nice repeatable stroke, he was adept at finding his own shot in pick and roll play. Given his height and length his only true NBA position would be as a lead guard. Does he have the athleticism to be a lead guard in the NBA? How well does he set teammates up to score?

#24 Danny Carbuccia 6’0 PG Dominican Republic Archbishop Stepiniac HS Jr Highlights

We saw Danny Carbuccia hit a game winning three pointer at the buzzer to beat Perry in a HoopHall West matchup in December. The diminutive point guard has a wide frame and looks to get to the hole or finds open spaces for his shot in catch and shoot situations when he’s set up by teammate Boogie Fland.

#52 Gustavo Guimaraes 6’11 C Brazil Riviera Preparatory Schoo HS Jr

Gustavo Guimaraes played in both FIBA U19 WC where he played very limited minutes and in FIBA U17 Championships where he was one of the features players. He averaged 9 points and 9 rebounds at that event.

#41 Enrico Borio 6’8 Forward Brazil North Broward Prep HS Sr Jacksonville University

#33 Andy Gemao 6’0 PG Philippines Veritas Academy Highlights

#31 Riku Segawa 6’0 PG Japan Highlights


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