The 2023 Underclassman All-American Game featured talent from the 2025 and 2026 high school classes. The game took place in Atlanta, Georgia and the White Team prevailed 90-81.

White Team

Akai Fleming 6’4 160 PG/SG – 2025

Fleming had a huge output in his hometown, coming away as one of the game’s MVPs. He had a lot of success shooting from 3 and showed nice touch on floaters as well as pull-up jumpers when getting into the midrange. He made some impressive passes but there were times he could’ve moved the ball more and quicker, as he didn’t always respond well to double-teams and had his share of turnovers. Overall, he handles the ball very well with an effective crossover, changing speed and direction with the ball. He showed some impressive athleticism, showing some pop off one and both feet, throwing down a jam early in the half-court for the first two points of the game and another from a backdoor cut rising off the vertical for his final two points. Fleming led the game in scoring with 26 points.

Jeremiah Fears 6’1 165 PG – 2025

Fears was the White Team’s other MVP with 15 points. He’s a good ball-handler but played off the ball a lot. He showed his shooting ability from everywhere on the floor, and a good midrange game overall, utilizing floaters and pull-ups. He uses screens well and has enough quickness as well as craft when scoring in the paint, showing some body control at times to finish with either hand. Fears made a nice duo with Fleming in the backcourt, as they were responsible for nearly half of their team’s points.

Ikeena Alozie 6’4 185 SG – 2026

Although Alozie only had 7 points, he’s an intriguing prospect at this point. He has a strong build and is a high-level athlete. Although he missed it, his dunk attempt early in the game was an example of his explosive ability and he showed it later in the game when he blocked a shot, beating it off the backboard. He was a bit all over the place as a shooter, overshooting a 3 early in the game but knocking down a step-back later, as well as showing a midrange pull-up.

Moustapha Thiam 7’0 C – 2025

Thiam’s impact was more on the defensive end, blocking 5 shots, sometimes on his defensive assignment and other times as a help defender. He showed nice touch on a one-foot fadeaway to hit all net for his first basket but didn’t show much shooting after that. He mishandled a few passes and can work on catching the ball while running in stride, as he’ll get plenty of scoring opportunities in those situations moving forward as he’s a very willing screener, opening up many opportunities for Fleming throughout the game. He rounded out his 6 points with a pick & roll finish and a runout jam in the second half.

Red Team

Tounde Yessoufou 6’6 210 SF – 2025

The first thing you’ll notice about Yessoufou is his massive frame and that he’s already starting to fill it out, and his strength allowed him to play through contact numerous times throughout the game. He’s an explosive leaper, finishing off with some aggressive jams and he doesn’t take much time loading up before taking off. We didn’t see a lot of jump shooting from Yessoufou but his ability to push the ball ahead of the rest for fastbreak points and get to the rim in the half-court gave him 14 points for the Red Team as one of their MVPs.

Bryson Tiller 6’9 215 PF – 2025

Tiller’s improvement in his movements and explosive athleticism stood out since I last saw him back in August, not that it was bad last year, but the strides were great to see. He’s also noticeably filling out his big body frame. He’s more comfortable with the ball and he’s getting off the ground better, although missing a few dunks, he looked to tear off the rim a few times. He forced a lot in iso situations, over-dribbling quite a bit and tunnel vision for his own shot but still came away with an MVP award. He hit a nice left-handed layup off a spin and a pull-up jumper off the dribble, but most of his 14 points came on fastbreaks and other assisted plays. Tiller left a few points at the free throw line, going 2-6 from the stripe.

BJ Davis-Ray 6’5 175 SG – 2025

Davis-Ray did a good job of playing within the flow, which doesn’t always happen in these all-star settings. There were plays he maneuvered his way to the basket, using his dribble to break down the defense without over-dribbling and getting into the paint at a good rate. He hit a few 3s when given the space and has nice mechanics from outside. His 12 points weren’t enough to give the Red Team the win but he showcased his ability as a high-level prospect in his effort.

DeWayne Brown 6’9 245 C – 2025

Brown is very strong with natural ability to pop off the ground with some explosive finishes and didn’t care who stood in his way, handling contact very well. He has an Anthony Bennett body type and was difficult for his peers to contain physically. He didn’t provide much outside of his dunks offensively and he struggled catching the ball at times, even on one play he was wide open and the only one up the floor calling for the pass, with it ending up out of bounds. Brown finished with 8 points and two blocks.


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