Holiday Hoopsgiving featured plenty of talent and close games in the two-day event. With a mix of some of the best teams the state of Georgia and the nation had to offer, here’s a rundown of the top prospects.

Caleb Holt 6’5 185 SF – Buckhorn 2026

Holt had an impressive two games, especially considering his age, with his explosive athleticism and advanced body control. He played with aggression and looked to attack the rim at every opportunity. He showed some ability to get into the midrange to rise up and shoot over the defense with nice shooting touch. He also displayed solid 3PT shooting (4-10 3PT) and stroke from the foul line (12-15 FT), which he got to often, shooting 11 free throws in the first game alone. He does have room to tighten up defensively, as he gambles and gets out of position more than necessary. He showed solid understanding and passing, making some reads in the pick and roll as well as hitting the open man underneath the basket mid-drive. He finished a lot at the rim but can work on using his left more often. Unfortunately, Buckhorn lost 59-58 to Shiloh and 70-56 to Lovett, but Holt showed plenty of intrigue with 30 points and 9 rebounds in his first game, and 14 points and 7 rebounds in the second.

Silas Demary 6’5 180 PG – Combine Academy 2023 (USC)

Demary was effective with his dribble penetration. He stepped up for a big second half, igniting the offense to finish with 12 points in the 65-46 win over The Skill Factory. He was good defensively, guarding the ball-handler as well as showing some anticipation on that end. His shooting looked good, and he contributed with 6 rebounds and 3 assists to 7 turnovers in Combine’s only game.

Trentyn Flowers 6’9 180 SG – Combine Academy 2024

Flowers was smooth taking it to the rim, driving the baseline and finishing with a few up and unders. He gets natural elevation off two feet and uses it well on his midrange jumpers. His shot could use more arc and he didn’t have any luck from 3, but you can’t argue with his 23 points on 9-12 FG and 5-6 FT. Flowers would benefit tremendously expanding his game off the dribble and his half-court offense in general as he’s a bit reliant on his superior athletic tools and talent at this level. Flowers also grabbed 9 rebounds in the victory.

Lathan Sommerville 6’9 225 C – The Skill Factory 2024

Somerville’s a throwback big man with his low post skill set and advanced footwork. He’s strong and although a brute down low, he has soft touch and is very accurate within close, as well as solid form as a free throw shooter. He’s not an advanced run and jump athlete or transition finisher, but he gets enough lift in the half-court for dunks and pulled down plenty of rebounds with two hands on both ends of the floor, finishing with 8 rebounds and 4 coming on the offensive end. Sommerville contributed with 16 points on 6-10 shooting against Combine Academy.

Aden Holloway 6’1 155 PG – Prolific Prep 2023 (Auburn)

Holloway scored 12 points in the 72-42 win over SoCal Academy but didn’t look himself shooting the ball, going 3-11 from the floor and only 1-8 from beyond the arc. He looked better in the game against Calvary Christian, finishing with 20 points and 7 rebounds, going 4-7 from 3PT range. He’s such a shifty ball-handler and goes into his shot well off the dribble, as he stays balanced while making his moves and constantly puts pressure on the defense. He drew a lot of fouls against Calvary Christian, fitting into tight spaces on impressive drives to the rim. Holloway does a solid job moving the ball but can be heavy on the turnovers, with a total of 7 assists to 9 turnovers in Prolific Prep’s two games.

Trey Green 6’0 155 PG – Prolific Prep 2023 (Xavier)

Green created a lot of looks for himself and teammates. He looked to get a big switched onto him to create a weakness in the defense, continually looking to attack the mismatch. He was successful in drive and kick situations, understanding his ability to move the defense with his dribble penetration. He got to the rim well, hitting difficult layups at times and dumping it off to big men at other times. He has a similar game to Holloway with his ability to play off the dribble and shoots well from anywhere within the half-court. However, he was more consistent than Holloway, with 21 points (8-13 FG, 5-10 3PT) against SoCal Academy and 22 points (8-12 FG, 4-8 3PT) in the 66-52 win over Calvary Christian.

Yves Missi 6’11 210 C – Prolific Prep 2024

Missi is quick off the floor, displaying it on both ends, converting tip slams on offense and two-handed blocks on the defensive end. He blocked a few 3PT attempts, covering ground quicker than the shooter anticipated. He’s raw offensively, relying on rim-running/clean-up and other high-energy baskets. Missi finished against SoCal Academy with 6 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 blocks. He had a rougher second game as he got lost a bit defensively and went scoreless while only grabbing 2 rebounds against Calvary Christian.

Tyran Stokes 6’7 195 SF – Prolific Prep 2026

Only a freshman, Stokes is a powerful athlete with a strong build. He looks to slash often, and initiates contact on his drives. Stokes had plenty of explosive finishes on the weekend and reads opportunities to connect on alley-oops/tip slams well, jumping well off one or both feet. While not a weapon at this point, his jump shot doesn’t look bad, making 1 of his 2 3PT attempts. Stokes scored 20 points (8-10 FG) and pulled down 9 boards against SoCal Academy. He flashed his potential but didn’t have quite the same spark against Calvary Christian, contributing with 6 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 turnovers.

AJ Johnson 6’5 160 PG/SG – Southern California Academy 2023 (Texas)

Johnson really struggled against Prolific Prep, with 7 points on 3-17 FG and despite some open looks, he didn’t have much luck from 3, going 1-9 from distance, also missing all 3 free throws. Despite not shooting well, he still showed his quickness with the ball but struggled to finish at the rim against Prolific’s length. He shot much better and played with better rhythm in the 53-43 win against Carmel Christian with 16 points (5-10 FG, 4-7 3PT, 2-2 FT).

Peyton Marshall 6’11 310 C – Kell 2024

Marshall had no problem carving out space and establishing position down low with his size and strong base. He keeps the ball high and secures it well, even with the frequent double teams, drawing 7 fouls against Greenforest and 9 against Pebblebrook. He’s accurate around the rim with either hand and shows some midrange shooting. He didn’t shoot any 3’s and his free throws can improve, shooting 11-22 over both games. His post-game is solid, and he was effective with a baseline dropstep that led to two dunks against Pebblebrook. While he isn’t always heavily involved with the offense, he is constantly tracked by the defense. Marshall still has some work to do to improve his body. Marshall finished with 19 points (8-14 FG) and 11 rebounds (7 offensive) in the 67-63 win against Greenforest Christian Academy and 22 points (7-15 FG) and 11 rebounds (5 offensive) in the 74-72 win over Pebblebrook.

Jaeden Mustaf 6’4 205 PG/SG – Carmel Christian 2024

Mustaf leads well and is effective operating off the dribble. More often than not, he makes the right read when beating his defender, and knows where his teammates are. He’s not an above the rim athlete but controls his body well in the air and is confident using either hand. He’s also strong and handles contact well when taking it to the rim, which led to 11 free throw attempts in the game against Calvary Christian alone. Mustaf scored 23 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and passed out 6 assists to 4 turnovers in the 76-69 win against Calvary Christian. He followed up with 20 points and completely bipolar on the boards not grabbing a single rebound against SoCal Academy.

Jaylen Curry 6’0 150 PG – Calvary Christian Academy 2023

Curry got to the rim at a high rate. He played with a lot of aggression. He can improve offensive technique, as he forced his way into the paint but drew numerous fouls and was huge getting Calvary back into the game to cut the deficit against Carmel Christian. He used a floater on a few occasions and can get creative with his passing. Curry was big for Calvary, but can improve efficiency, scoring 22 points on 6-21 FG/1-5 3PT against Carmel Christian and 14 points on 5-17 FG/0-4 3PT against Prolific Prep. Free throw shooting is where he thrived, going 13-14 from the line over both games. His hard play carried over to the defensive end as well, he spent time face guarding Prolific’s two deadly offensive guards.

Carl Cherenfant 6’5 190 SF – Calvary Christian Academy 2023 (Memphis)

Cherenfant was critical cutting, slipping, and just finding ways to the rim with and without the ball in his hands. He’s strong, explosive, and gives consistent effort on both ends. He has good balance and elevation on his jump shot, making a few from 3 and even more from midrange. Against Carmel Christian he finished with 26 points (11-22 FG, 3-5 3PT) and 6 rebounds, and 29 points (13-22 FG, 1-4 3PT) and 4 rebounds against Prolific Prep.

Nykolas Lewis 6’0 175 PG – Gonzaga 2025

Lewis was fantastic and the quickest player on the floor in each game, dribble-driving to get into paint at a high rate. Although he’s only 6’0, he maneuvered his way to the basket and scored well at the rim. He’s very good in the back court and made the defense pay when trying to full-court press as he’s very good at keeping his dribble alive under heavy pressure. Etowah didn’t have any rim protection, so he scored a lot in the paint and drew numerous fouls, making 10 of his 12 free throws in the event. He was a pest on the ball defensively with his quick feet and active hands, with an average of 3 steals in each game. He was also successful shooting the ball from midrange and shot a 3-8 from 3PT over the two games. Lewis scored 24 points (9-14 FG, 2-3 3PT, 4-4 FT) in the 72-63 win over Pebblebrook and recorded 21 points (7-12 FG, 1-5 3PT, 6-8 FT) and 9 rebounds in the 79-50 win against Etowah.

Collin Murray-Boyles 6’8 200 PF/C – Wasatch Academy 2023 (South Carolina)

Murray-Boyles had a great weekend as he led (or tied) each game in scoring and rebounding in both of Wasatch’s convincing wins and he only missed one shot in their two games. He played within himself yet was still aggressive and the biggest impact on the floor. He showed good touch at the rim and knows how to use the glass. The left-handed forward showed some fair explosive ability on a few plays as well. He has room to expand his scoring range, as he didn’t attempt a single 3PTer but can’t fault him for playing to his strengths. Murray-Boyles had 13 points (6-7 FG) and 11 rebounds in the 60-36 win against McEachern and 16 points (8-8 FG) and 9 rebounds in the 56-29 win against Greenforest Christian Academy.

Isiah Harwell 6’5 180 SG – Wasatch Academy 2025

Harwell got it going early against McEachern with his jumper, hitting a midrange fadeaway on the first possession of the game. Wasatch overpowered their opponents both games and Harwell provided a lot of offense. Although he didn’t hunt for scoring opportunities, his efficiency can improve but with that said he shoots well from 3PT, both his balance and touch translate when he shoots on the move as well. He scored 13 points in each game on 4-11 FG/2-5 3PT against McEachern and 4-12 FG/2-6 3PT against Greenforest.

Airious Bailey 6’9 185 SF – McEachern 2024

Bailey’s very talented and intrigues as an athlete but was way too turnover prone their only game of the event, many unforced with 6 turnovers. He also must tighten up defensively. He showed some midrange shooting out of the mid-post, but McEachern didn’t have a way to consistently score, shooting 26.8% (15-56 FG) and missing all 14 3PT attempts as a team. Bailey scored 9 points (3-12 FG) and grabbed 10 boards in the loss.

Christian Anderson 5’11 155 PG – Lovett 2024 (Michigan)

Anderson plays well off the dribble and although he didn’t have his best shooting performance (6-17 FG, 1-6 3PT) he’s known for his shooting ability. He led all scorers with 17 points in the win against Buckhorn while also grabbing 6 rebounds and passing out 8 assists to 5 turnovers. There are some concerns with his lack of size at the next levels as length bothers his finishing in the paint and his passing out of the pick and roll. Shot creation may be an obstacle for him as well as he doesn’t cover much ground on his moves (or on the defensive end), so he may not be as effective getting to his spots.

Isaiah Collier 6’3 190 PG – Wheeler 2023 (USC)

As usual, Collier made impressive passes in the half-court, reads in the pick and roll, and playmaking off the bounce. There were times early on, he got blocked taking it in against length but when Wheeler made their first half run, they forced a few steals, and he capped off a few above the rim punches. His 3PT shot wasn’t dropping but he found other ways to contribute offensively. His speed and strength are hard for the defense to stop when he gets attacking down-hill. After a few times connecting with Arrinten Page) on alley oops in the pick and roll, he started pulling up for a midrange jumper as the defense adjusted. Collier controlled the pace of the game and finished with 23 points (10-17 FG, 0-2 3PT), 7 rebounds, and 8 assists to 5 turnovers in the 75-65 win over Grovetown.

[Player: Jelani Hamilton 6’6 180 SG – Wheeler 2023 (Iowa State)

Hamilton spaced the floor and demonstrated his quick release and proper shooting mechanics from the perimeter. He gets a lot of movement off the ball and catches it ready to shoot. He had a few aggressive takes to the rim to finish with a few jams. While the tempo picked up in the game, Hamilton didn’t get rushed. He finished the game with 26 points on 7-13 shooting and 2-7 from 3PT range.

Arrinten Page 6’9 220 C – Wheeler 2023 (USC)

Page is on the connecting end of Collier’s pick and roll passing, staying alert and catching some bullets/lobs to finish off with authority. He stays active and moves well on the defensive end, recording 5 blocks. Offensively, he showed his jump hook and face-up jumper within comfortable range. Page had a strong summer and is starting his senior off very well with 26 points (11-13 FG, 4-4 FT) and 5 rebounds in Wheeler’s lone game of the event. His game and willingness to play his role correlates incredibly well with Collier, allowing him to play within the flow, leading to high impact and efficiency.


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