1 - Amen Thompson

6-7, 215 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Overtime Elite Freshman
01/30/03 (21.1 yrs)
Oakland, CA
High School
Overtime Elite
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
93 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Latrell Sprewell

Strengths: Thompson is a 6’7 210 perimeter player who is physically gifted enough to play 1-3 at the pro level, with especially good size for the PG spot that he’s mostly viewed at as a prospect … Freakishly athletic; has outstanding speed, quickness and explodes off the floor as a leaper … Threatens the paint in a blur with his 1st step; even has success slashing against perfectly set defenders in the halfcourt because of his speed … Has an unorthodox rhythm with the ball that when mixed with his speed gives him the potential to keep defenders off balance and on his hip in the pick and roll game; allowing him to find open teammates or create slashing lanes to attack for himself … Likes handling and unselfishly finding streaking teammates in transition, being most comfortable passing on the move (6 apg in 22-23) … Developing ability to read the defense on the move and find the open man when bigs hedge or extra defenders collapse onto him … Has the good floor vision that generally comes with being a taller lead guard; makes good hit ahead passes and can whip cross-court passes to cutters and spot-up shooters when needed … Runs the floor like a deer and is an outstanding overall transition player … Easy above the rim finisher (32 dunks this season) who can convert even when he takes off much further out than the restricted area in the key … Glides in the air and can adjust to shot-blockers with reasonable success … Even shows good timing as a cutter off the ball to get easy finishes … Good rebounder (6 rpg) for a perimeter player; can create favorable transition opportunities after grabbing missed shots due to his speed with the ball and ability to attack before the defense can set … Matches up well PG-SF defensively on the perimeter given his physical tools, and he was a quick-handed ball thief with Overtime Elite (2.4 spg) … His coaches will want to develop his defensive acumen in hopes of him making an impact player on that end … Has drawn some positive reviews in his work ethic over the last year or 2, which is encouraging …

Weaknesses: Jump shot is a big concern currently (25 3FG%); really needs to overhaul his mechanics … Has rigid form and an awkward follow-through that doesn’t even hold up well when left open, let alone when contested by a defender … Little in the way of a mid-range game or floater to alleviate 3-point shooting concerns; will be sagged off of and dared to shoot routinely in isolation or screening action & will need to be surrounded by shooting threats to best deal with spacing concerns … Poses minimal threat in half-court offense if he’s not handling the ball due to his lack of shooting … Not a natural scorer; lacks a go-to move and won’t do much damage outside of 5 ft from the basket … Also not a natural playmaker; doesn’t always make sound reads when the game slows down and will try to do too much as a passer looking for the home run play (3.3 topg, 1.74:1 A:TO) … Often doesn’t know what to do when he can’t break down the defense with his speed; would like to see him pick his spots a bit better … Below average FT shooter for a perimeter player (65 FT% on just over 4 FTA/G)…Defensive fundamentals are a work in progress; doesn’t deny dribble penetration the way his tools would suggest … Currently gets washed out of plays when screened often and plays ‘too tall’ as an oversized PG, allowing players with a lower center of gravity to beat him to spots … Overzealous trying to get steals or leak out for transition opportunities, leaving his teammates out to dry with difficult rotations to manage … A bit older for an Overtime Elite player at 20, which is worth note …

Overall: Amen Thompson is a prospect who, alongside his twin brother and fellow projected 2023 lottery pick Ausur, has been a noteworthy prospect since around 2019 after moving from California to south Florida in 8th grade a few years prior … After a decorated HS career and garnering top 50 level recruit status, both Amen and his brother decided to skip their last season of HS and sign a 2-year contract to the Overtime Elite program based out of Atlanta in 2021 to prepare the NBA Draft … Thompson played against prep school, post-grad prospects and other Overtime Elite teams with age ranges from 16-20 and enjoyed productive seasons, including averaging about 15 ppg, 6 boards and 6 assists a night this past season … He showed his elite athleticism, speed and transition ability while also intriguing with his potential as a passer and defender, but also showed some clear flaws in his shooting and as a decision-maker that will need to be cleaned up if he’s to reach his potential as a prospect … It is worth note that he had 2 years to re-work his shooting form and grow his confidence but didn’t capitalize on it … His defense also needs some tuning despite some encouraging signs that may eventually come with more experience … He has an interesting profile, with clear strengths and flaws, and it will be interesting to see just how they are worked out in the future, but as it stands Thompson is very likely to be lottery selection in the 2023 NBA Draft and would fit best with a fast-paced squad who can let him play to his strengths, but he is a bit raw and will need time to develop his ability to operate outside of the paint  …

Notes: Measured 6′ 5.75” barefoot, 8′ 7.50” standing reach, 214.2 lbs and a 7′ 0.00” wingspan at the 2023 NBA Draft Combine …

Jorrye Nixon 5/23/23