Bilal Coulibaly

6-7, 200 Small Forward
France International
07/26/04 (19.9 yrs)
Courbevoie, France
International Team
Levallois Metropolitans 92
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: OG Anunoby

Strengths: Ultra athletic wing, with great size … Excellent length (wingspan measured at 7-3) … Had a late growth spurt, going from 5-11 to 6-6 without losing mobility and still growing … Has nice shoulders, that could fill up nicely … Smooth athlete … Very good feel for the game … Great leaping ability either off one foot or two feet … Likes to play above the rim … Has nice hangtime when he jumps, which helps him finish plays at the rim … Has big strides that help him cover a lot of ground … Runs the floor like a deer … Can even do some Eurosteps in transition … At his best in transition … Has an explosive first step that helps him attack closeouts … Loves to attack the rim whenever he has the chance … Already a really good slasher … Excels moving away off the ball and making timely cuts to the basket … Good looking shooting release … Has shown potential in Spot Up situations … Looked comfortable with the ball in his hands when he played at a lower level … Has shown some flashes as a secondary creator, with an intriguing Pull Up game … Draws fouls at a good rate … Very good rebounder for a wing, likes to crash the offensive boards … Can do an occasional coast to coast … Knows how to feel the lanes in transition … Elite defensive profile … A true pest on defense … Versatile, has the potential to guard 1-4 in the future … Switchable on the defensive end, takes advantage of his length, athleticism and basketball I.Q … Great lateral quickness … Has always active hands on the defensive end, making a lot of steals … Knows how to fill the passing lanes on defense … Good shot blocker for a wing … Good help defender … Has shown potential as a roam defender …

Weaknesses: He needs to bulk up considerably to play at the next level and not be bullied by bigger wings … Despite his natural feel for the game, he is far from a finished project … He is still pretty raw offensively for a wing … Has problems when the game is slowing down … Has the tendency to disappear from the game at times and be too passive on offense … Can be a little indecisive with the ball in his hands … Doesn’t exactly have the ball on a string when dribbling, ball handling is still kind of loose and needs polishing … Does not handle the ball in traffic well … Shooting release varies from Pull Ups to Spot Up shots, needs consistency … His mid-range game is iffy at best … Can’t really create his own shot yet because of his ball handling limitations … Struggles on offense against physical defenders, who  pressure him … It would be good to improve his ball handling with his left hand … He mostly depends on his teammates to score, at least for now … Spot Up 3 is still a work in progress, needs reps to be consistent … Has the tendency to drive into traffic, which leads to bad passes … Can’t completely absorb contact yet on senior level, he needs to add muscle on his upper body … Decision making needs work, assist/turnover ratio is 1/1 … Bigger opponents can Post him up and either score or draw fouls from him … Has problems against physical, strong wings …

Overall: Coulibaly is an athletic guard/forward with great size and length … Has made a meteoric rise over the past 12 months … He is by far the best wing defender of his generation in Europe and one of the best in this year’s class … Blessed with a great body and a good feel for the game, the French prospect has all the necessary tools to become an elite 3-and-D player, but it’s the potential that has shown in lower level as a secondary creator/Shot making wing that intrigues … With that said, despite all the promise he has shown, Coulibaly is still an iffy Spot Up shooter for now, who has long ways to go as a secondary ball handler and creator … If he manages to fulfill his promise, he could be something special. If not, he could still be a nice 3-and-D, slashing wing, the kind of player that teams in the NBA are all looking for …

Stefanos Makris 5/17/23