With the draft lottery on Tuesday, here is a look at our first full extrended mock draft of the season with team needs factored in… The lottery will take place on the 17th and we will make the necessary changes here with a 1.2 version factoring in the new changes to the top 3 picks.

williams Derrick Williams 6-9 235 SF/PF Arizona So. The Timberwolves could go with Irving and look to move both Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn, or take DW and look to move Michael Beasley. Or packaging the pick with players for a superstar is another option. Williams is similar in style to Beasley and they already have a bit of a logjam at the forward position. But then again they also have a logjam at PG if they can convince Rubio to come over. One way or another, if Minnesota lands the top pick look for some trades to be made to sort out their logjams. After a tremendous sophomore season in which he led Arizona to the Elite Eight, Williams is a strong candidate for the first overall pick. He had some standout NCAA tourney performances, in particular his domination of Duke in the Sweet Sixteen. DW has a big wingspan and plays with a high motor. The biggest knock against him is that he lacks the muscle to bang inside, but he put work in during the summer. His toughness playing through a broken pinkie and showing no ill effects was impressive. A lot will depend on team needs for whichever team ends up with the top pick.
irving Kyrie Irving 6-2 175 PG Duke Fr. Irving makes sense for the Cavs. Baron Davis was acquired late in the season but he’s obviously nearing the end of his career. With 2 later picks, nabbing the top PG in the draft would be an excellent start for a franchise in disarray. Despite missing most of the season, Irving remains a legitimate possibility to go first overall. He didn’t look the same coming back from the injury, but scouts expected that and he just needs time to round back into form physically. Can he go first overall? "For sure. He’s got some Chris Paul to his game and a chance to be special. But the injury and missing time is obviously a concern." said one NBA scout. Irving could definitely use a second season. Just ask Mike Conley about that. And while it may stunt his progression to a degree, there’s a lot to like about Irving’s future potential.
kanter Enes Kanter 6-11 261 PF/C Kentucky Fr. The Raptors hit rock bottom this year after losing their centerpiece Chris Bosh to free agency. The International approach could work but it will take grabbing a player on the Dirk Nowitzki/Pau Gasol level to be their #1. As good as this crop of INT guys are, it’s highly unlikely any of these guys reach that level. But then again nobody in this entire draft figures to reach that level. Kanter missed the entire season after being declared ineligible by the NCAA, making him the draft’s biggest wild card. He is considered a potential top 5 pick, but could fall if concerns about his knees arise. He toyed with the USA squad at the Hoop Summit in April of 2010 putting up a record 34 points and 13 boards. He has long dominated his age group in Europe and measured a legit 6-11 with a 7-foot wingspan over the 2010 summer at the Amare Skills Academy. He turned down the chance to play in this year’s Hoop Summit. Key questions: Did he prove enough on the junior level? Will his knees check out in predraft physicals?
vesely Jan Vesely 6-11 230 SF/PF Czech Republic 1990 The Wizards are extremely high on Vesely and it’s unlikely they would allow him to slip by them at 4. He’s is ultra long and athletic and has the ability to play either forward position. He’s a tweener but a good tweener in the sense that he can create mismatches due to his size. He will need to add strength and could struggle some guarding on the perimeter due to lack of foot speed, but his incredible length and improving skill set make him a projected high lottery pick. He’s been compared to both Dunleavy’s (Mike senior and junior) due to his shooting ability and adroit ball handling skills. He has had a strong end to the season for Partizan Belgrade after starting off slowly.
knight Brandon Knight 6-3 175 PG Kentucky Fr. The Kings would really like to add Irving as he’s the obvious choice to match with Tyreke. But that would require winning a (top 3) lotto pick. They need a strong ball handler, something that Knight cannot claim. A clutch shooter, Knight has go to ability with his quick first step and ability to create shots. Long rated at the top or near the top of his class, Knight has elite level speed and quickness for a player his size. Despite lacking much leaping ability, he’s a prolific scorer with a killer instinct. Knight has a professional mind set, always looking for ways to improve his game and has worked extremely hard in the weight room resulting in a chiseled physique. He’s a bigtime shooter, but detractors point to his lack of passing ability/point guard skills. An excellent end to the year guiding UK to the SEC title and 2 game winners in the NCAA tourney taking them to the Final Four has his stock on the rise. He’s a potential top 10 pick if a team believes he can develop into a full time starting PG.
valanciunas Jonas Valanciunas 7-0 225 C Lithuania 1992 The Jazz are in great position at the PF position with the addition of Derrick Favors to Paul Milsapp. The center position is a greater are of need. A PG to challenge Devin Harris like Brandon Knight makes a lot of sense if he’s here. But the Jazz are in rebuilding mode and a young player with perceived upside like Valanciunas make sense here. The could then look to grab Jimmer with their 12th pick. The team would love to see AK47 clone Jan Vesely here but there’s a good chance he’ll be gone. There were rumors that Valanciunas would pull out of this draft but he appears to be willing to enter before he’s truly ready and look to return to Europe for an additional season while the lockout gets sorted out. He’s incredibly long, has tremendous desire and a number of scouts feel he can be a top 5 pick in this draft. The one concern is just how additional weight will affect his mobility.
davis Tristan Thompson 6-9 230 PF Texas Fr. Detroit GM Joe Dumars made the choice of Greg Monroe over Ed Davis last year and it appears to have been the right one, but this draft he could end up adding a similar player in Thompson to pair with Monroe. He’s long and freakishly explosive with strong legs, making him an intimidating shot blocker. TT did a tremendous job shutting down Derrick Williams in their match up in the 2nd round of the tournament. Lacks much of an offensive game getting most of his points on dunks and may never be a huge scorer at the next level. Works hard on his game and had a surprising freshman season. Thompson will likely need time to be a consistent contributor, but his upside could land him in the top 10.
motiejunas Donatas Motiejunas 7-0 224 PF Lithuania 1990 More than any team, the Cavs are looking for sheer talent. Position of need has to be completely thrown out as this team is essentially starting from scratch. Motiejunas gives them offensive fire power and has come on late. He had a 31 and 13 rebound performance recently. Motiejunas showed flashes and remains a special offensive talent with the ability to score both inside and out. There are few prospects anywhere with the package of size, athleticism and offensive intrigue that he possesses. Improving his strength and defense is key. He’s a finesse forward and will need to have a beast playing along with him as rebounding, defense and toughness aren’t his strong suit. Does he want to be great? A number of scouts have concerns that he doesn’t have the drive/passion to maximize his vast potential.
walker Kemba Walker 6-0 179 PG UConn So. Charlotte has not had a great deal of success with DJ Augustin and could look to add a more explosive scorer in Kemba. Taking Kemba in the mid-lotto and turning him into a starting PG could be optimistic, there’s no disputing the incredible impact he had on the college game this year. Had a sensational junior year leading the Huskies to the National Championship. Walker is a fearless warrior. He wants the ball in his hands and delivers in key situations, as he proved all season. It will be interesting to see how his game translates to the the next level. He’s undersized and doesn’t have the freakish athleticism or defensive intensity of a Nate Robinson. But on the offensive end he’s like a mini-Iverson in some ways with his tremendous quickness and ability to get shots off using his crossover and step back. Regardless, he’s put himself in position to be taken in the mid lottery.
burks Alec Burks 6-6 185 PG/SG Colorado So. If Cleveland misses out on a top 3 pick and Kyrie Irving, Knight or Kemba would be a nice consolation prize here. But with Kyrie going to them at 2, going with a future backcourt in Burks would be a solid pick. Burks is all over the place on team’s boards. Some have him rated in the top 5, while others have him in the 20s. He was one of the top performers in college basketball all season and is our top SG prospect available. His versatility and ability to play the point adds to his intrigue. He’s tremendous in the open floor, but struggles to beat elite athletes and get to the rim in the half court. A consistent outside shot remains the missing piece to his game. Has a very quiet personality/demeanor but is extremely focused and driven.
morris Marcus Morris 6-9 230 PF Kansas Jr. The Bucks are set at the PG position with Brandon Jennings. They could use some talent in the frontcourt and adding Marcus Morris here could give them a solid boost at the forward position. Marcus is considered to be the more versatile of the two with better scoring and potential to even play some SF. One of the most polished, versatile and productive forwards in the country. He’s not as explosive as his brother Markieff, but has better range, touch and overall scoring ability. Despite having T-rex arms (6-foot-7 wingspan), Morris is a solid athlete who can get by bigger, slower opponents off the dribble utilizing his versatility.
fredette Jimmer Fredette 6-2 190 PG BYU Sr. Jimmer could end up going a bit higher but 12 appears to be his most likely spot at Utah’s second pick. The fans might revolt if the team doesn’t take him and he’s sure to help out with filling seats after Deron Williams unceremonious departure from the team. Fredette’s magical season has put him in contention to be a lottery pick. His foot speed may limit his long term potential to a degree but his incredible outside shooting will make him a player that can’t be left open at the NBA level. Fredette uses strength instead of quickness to create shots and always seems to be in rhythm. This is a player who began the year as a borderline first rounder and now scouts feel he can end up in the lottery.
morris Markieff Morris 6-10 245 PF Kansas Jr. The Suns would love to add a stud PF and Markieff has a chance to be a better version of Carl Landry. Like Robin, Markieff is more outgoing, bigger, more athletic, but lacks the shooting and offensive polish of Twin Brother Marcus. The Morris Twins have built a reputation for bringing intensity and toughness every time out. As long as no concerns arise about character, look for both twins to end up in or just outside the lottery.
leonard Kawhi Leonard 6-7 220 SF San Diego St. So. The Rockets have strong young depth at the 2 and 4 spots, which are the positions likely to have the most talent available at their pick. A trade is certainly a possibility. Leonard would offer them a player to compete with Chase Budinger at the SF position and add depth. Kawhi is at his best slashing to the basket and crashing the boards. He’s got enormous hands and long arms and plays the game with hunger. His final game of the season was not a good one as some noted that he didn’t appear to be thinking about his team. His ball handling is underrated and he also displays the ability to find the open man and set up teammates. He’s an athlete with a high motor, two excellent attributes to build from. His inability to shoot is a concern, but then again it’s the easiest skill to improve and his shot isn’t "broken", it’s just in need of refinement.
15. t thompson Klay Thompson 6-6 190 SG Washington St. Jr. The Pacers could use some additional firepower from the outside and Thompson should be able to be a contributor right away. The Pacers have some solid SGs but lack a flamethrower. Unlike many players in this year’s draft, Klay has an NBA skill with his ability to shoot the ball. Lacks elite level athleticism but his length helps to make up for his lack of speed and leaping ability. Has a polished all around game. His marijuana charge at the end of the season isn’t considered to be a huge detriment to his stock.
thompkins Trey Thompkins 6-9 245 PF Georgia Jr. The Sixers are looking to add a 4 in this draft and will hope that Thompkins or possibly Markieff Morris falls to them. Highly skilled offensive player with a pretty jump shot and range out to college three. Thompkins doesn’t wow you with athleticism, but his skill level is that of an NBA vet. He never seems to be in a rush, very patient and level headed. He has struggled some this year without a playmaker setting him up, but remains a refined bigman with solid potential. Could slide to the end of the first round after a season in which he didn’t quite live up to expectations. But if so, he would be a steal.
honeycutt Tyler Honeycutt 6-7 195 SF UCLA So. Honeycutt would give the Knicks a player to compete with Landry Fields who trailed off as the season winded down. Tyler’s 33 point breakout performance opened some eyes as scoring 20+ is never easy in Ben Howland’s methodical offense. He cooled off the second half of the year, but showed enough potential to likely find a spot in the first round. He has surprising vision and passing skills for a SF and also possesses some ability to knock down shots off the dribble. Despite being slight of frame and having a perceived lack of toughness, Honeycutt crashes the boards hard.
hamilton Jordan Hamilton 6-7 208 SG/SF Texas So. Nick Young shows a lot of talent but has yet to reach a level of consistency. Hamilton would be a nice player to bring in as insurance and to push him. Hamilton stepped up his level of play considerably as a sophomore. He made a wise decision returning for a second year, and has become a potential lottery pick. He displayed excellent shooting ability. His lack of quickness defensively is a concern and puts his ability to play the SG position in question. He is considered a slow 2 or a small 3. That and the fact that there are concerns about him being a bit of a hot head could cause him to slide some on draft night.
harris Tobias Harris 6-8 210 SF/PF Tennessee Fr. After moving Gerald Wallace, the Bobcats look for their SF of the future rolling the dice with Harris. There aren’t many freshmen, much less players in the nation with the polish and feel for the game that Harris possesses. Tobias can do a little of everything with good vision, passing and ball handling abilities. His offensive repertoire consists of spotting up from mid-range as well as deep and he also can post up and convert baskets in the paint. He also gets good extension at the rim. His body needs better definition and his lateral speed isn’t ideal. But he is an extremely bright kid with has a professional demeanor, and he’s also younger than most of the other freshmen.
singleton Chris Singleton 6-9 221 SF/PF Florida St. Jr. The Timberwolves look for defense here. One of the nation’s elite defenders, Singleton was having a breakthrough junior season and getting lottery hype before breaking his foot. His shot improved, as did his his overall consistency. He wasn’t the same after returning, showing less ability to be an offensive factor, but should still find a place in the late teens to early 20s on draft night.
faried Kenneth Faried 6-8 240 PF Morehead St. Sr. Faried is easily the best rebounder in the draft and would give Portland’s frontcourt a nice boost. Despite lacking much in the way of offensive skills, Faried’s freakish athleticism and relentless approach to rebounding and defending are intriguing. He’s undersized at 6’8 but his wingspan and explosiveness allow him to play much bigger. His shooting ability and offense are way below average. Regardless, scouts love his demeanor and passion for the game and see him as a potential top 20 pick despite his shortcomings.
biyombo Bismack Biyombo 6-9 240 C Congo 1992 The Nuggets could be losing Nene and with a strong young backcourt, adding a big will likely be their first order of business. Biyombo began playing at the senior level in the Spanish ACB league on January 9th. Since then he’s created a huge buzz about his NBA potential with the first triple-double Hoops Summit history, recording 12 points, 11 rebounds and 10 blocks. A tremendous shot blocker using his quick reflexes, length (7’7 wingspan) and explosiveness to protect the rim. Scouts are intrigued with him as you don’t often find a combination of his physical attributes along with his energy level and motor. The biggest question surrounding Biyombo is his actual age. He’s listed as being 18, but scouts feel he’s likely closer to 21-22, and there are some reports that he could even be as old as 23-26. If he’s somewhere closer to 20, he’s a likely first rounder, as some team could fall in love with what he can offer defensively. But if he’s actually in his mid-20s, it’s hard to imagine him being given a guaranteed contract.
morris Darius Morris 6-4 190 PG Michigan So. After moving Aaron Brooks during the season, the Rockets find themselves weak at the PG position. Nolan Smith and Shelvin Mack are both options, but Morris could be the only "pure" PG in the entire draft. A big PG with excellent floor general abilities. He lacks great quickness but shows the ability to run a team and make those around him better. He’s rolling the dice by staying in this year’s draft. But with less overall talent, this could be his best opportunity to find a spot in the first round.
johnson JaJuan Johnson 6-10 220 PF Purdue Sr. For a team looking to contend now, adding a senior such as JJ makes sense. The Big East Player of the Year had a breakout season giving him a chance to be selected in the late first round. Although he gets pushed around in the paint by college players, Johnson added weight this year and raised his level of play. JJ is best suited for an up tempo team as he excels in the open court game. His fluidity, length and athleticism will be advantageous at the NBA level, despite being extremely skinny playing in the post.
williams Jordan Williams 6-10 260 PF Maryland Jr. The Celtics could use some interior toughness after surprisingly moving Perkins and Jordan Williams fits the bill. Williams plays with a high motor and shows the intensity and hunger to continue to improve. He’s a load in the paint and despite depreciating numbers in Conference play, he has been one of the most effective bigs in the country. He’ll need to continue to work hard at improving his body and mobility. It’s still uncertain whether he will keep his name in the draft.
armon Nolan Smith 6-3 180 PG/SG Duke Sr. The Mavs are in a position to add the best player available and with a team that’s looking to contend adding a player that can pay immediate dividends makes sense. Smith benefited greatly from the Irving injury. It’s unlikely he would have been a first rounder since he and Kyrie really struggled to find continuity together. Smith had some huge performances this year, playing his usual brand of consistent, heady basketball. He’s not an upside pick, but he steadily improved in each facet of the game. He’s a jack of all trades, master of nothing type. His defense is the one attribute that he can hang his hat on to stick in the league. He’s mature, makes good decisions and does things well enough (passing, ball handling, shooting) to overcome his lack of a true position and be an NBA contributor.
mack Shelvin Mack 6-2 190 PG/SG Butler Jr. The Nets have their PG of the future in Deron Williams (provided they can resign him). Mack adds a nice compliment as an instant offense player off the bench. Mack led Butler to back to back title games, putting up numerous clutch performances along the way. Is he a true point guard? No. Is he a clutch basketball player? One of the best in the country. He’s not a lock for the first round, but his stock wasn’t going to get any higher. He’s a Vinnie "Microwave" Johnson type who could be a valuable asset to a winning team with the ability to score clutch baskets. Mack vs. Nolan Smith is an interesting debate.
lawal Davis Bertans 6-9 211 SF Latvia 1992 The Bulls have two picks at the end of the first and can afford to look to the future with a player to leave in Europe. Bertans is possibly the top shooter in the entire draft and although he’s a few years away, he could be a very intriguing option to stash overseas with the uncertainty regarding next year’s season. Bertans impressed scouts with his feel for the game and desire on top of his tremendous shooting ability at the 2011 Hoop Summit.
singler Kyle Singler 6-8 220 SF Duke Sr. The Spurs could be blowing the team up and looking for sheer upside with this pick, but Singler fits into what they do with their current team. Singler turned down millions for the chance to help Duke repeat. He was a guaranteed first rounder and after returning and struggling, his first round status is in question. He’s not the most fluid athlete, but has tremendous intangibles and does many things well. Early in his career when Duke was thin in the frontcourt, he was asked to play inside and did so admirably. It’s also important to keep in mind that some players look less athletic within the Duke system. He would likely fit well with a methodical, half court team such as Utah or San Antonio.
30. u reed Willie Reed 6-9 240 SF St. Louis Jr. With their second late first rounder, the Bulls have the ability to add depth to their frontcourt. The power forward position is the strongest in this year’s draft and Willie Reed would offer some insurance behind Carlos Boozer. Reed is possibly the biggest sleeper in this years draft. He didn’t play in 2010-11 after being suspended over an off court incident. On the court he showed a lot of potential in his sophomore year.


  1. Explanations for 10th and 11th

     Milwaukee has the 10th pick while GS has the 11th, you have it interchanged. If Burks is still on the board for Milwaukee, its a good pick. They have an aging Redd (F/A) and Salmons. He can really help them immediately.

  2. As a Jazz fan I think we need

    As a Jazz fan I think we need to take Brandon Knight, If possible. I love Jimmer but he’s not the answer at pg. And at 12 take Burkes or Leonard.

  3. I’d prefer if the Jazz use their 2nd lottery pick not on Jimmer

    Get Brandon Knight at 6 if available or Valanciunas or trade the pick, but leave the 12th pick for someone like Alec Burks or Kawhi Leonard if available. But if not they could also go for Tobias Harris or Chris Singleton. They desperately need someone to replace AK. Since Jan Vesely will likely not be around at the 6th pick, then they should use the 12th pick to get that AK replacement. Leonard, Harris or Singleton would all do just that. They are great defensive players, have big wingspans, and while they may not be the best of shooters, they certainly are gym rats and can improve their shooting abilities especially with assistant coach Jeff Hornacek to help out. Burks is also a posibility at 12 as he is just the perfect Jazz player because of his superb passing ability.

    The Jazz do not need Jimmer at 12. The fans will be just fine if the Jazz pass on him, because fan support comes second. Winning comes first. Once they get wins then the fan support will come. What wins games? Defense, not offense. And that is just the opposite of Jimmer. Jimmer brings you offense but leaves the defense behind. I’d rather have more defense instead of just offense, that’s what will get the Jazz back to the playoffs.

  4. As a Jazz fan I think we need
    As a Jazz fan I think we need to take Brandon Knight, If possible. I love Jimmer but he’s not the answer at pg. And at 12 take Burkes or Leonard.

  5. I don’t care man. The knicks

     I don’t care man. The knicks will be making a mistake if Singleton’s still on the board and we don’t take him. 

  6. wardb12: I like the

    wardb12: I like the possibility of Harris at 12, he sounds pretty skilled, Singleton is another interesting kid, he’s supposed to be a great defender and athlete, I’d like to hear more about him.

    If Vesely is available, I think we need to take him to replace AK , if Vesely is not there hopefully Knight will be, if neither are there I’d look at Leonard, or Biyombo or Jonas.

    At the 12 spot, Harris or Singleton could be considered if they didn’t fill the need at 3 with the 6th pick. Also Biyombo could be there at 12,  Jimmer would fill a need to get a player that can spread the floor with his shooting but I don’t really care whether they take him or not.

  7. I don’t see Charlotte taking

    I don’t see Charlotte taking Walker at 9 if you consider team need for three reasons; Augustin still has room to grow, they need someone with franchise potential, and taking a PG could bite them in the rear when CP3 is a free agent and they are trying to lure him.

    I’d rather see them take Burks, who definitely has All-Star potential, or Leonard, who will fill the void left by Gerald Wallace.

  8. Kyle Singler? I Don’t Think So

    Kyle Singler was a great college player at one of America’s premier basketball programs and one of my favorites. However, he is not a legitimate professional prospect. I won’t be surprised if Singler makes an NBA roster, however, I would be extremely surprised if he ever makes it into a regular rotation.

    Singler’s a player with no specific strengths and he doesn’t have a position in the NBA which suits his abilities. His three point shooting is extremely inconsistent, he’s too slow to play Small Forward, and not strong enough to play Power Forward

  9. i agree the knicks wont pass on bb

    if bb is available at 17 imo the knicks will take him hed have a chance too come right in and start and adding shot blocking and rebounding which is exactly what the knicks need

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