9 - Vasilje Micic

6-6, 202 Point Guard
Serbia International
01/13/94 (26.7 yrs)
Belgrade, Serbia
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NBA Comparison: Jose Calderon

Strengths: Standing 6’5” he has an elite size for the PG position, with a sturdy frame that will allow him to face the physicality of the NBA (he was able to withstand the physical presence of Marcus Smart last summer during U19 WC) … Owns elite passing ability that few PGs in the NBA and Europe possess … His height affords him great court vision in pick and roll situations, where he shows amazing passing ability and glimpses of pure creativity … In pick and roll situations, he’s really effective in exploiting the screens to create the space for the shot or to attack the basket with his solid handle … He has great body control and remarkable use of fakes with a big bag of tricks, including change of speed and directions … He has a natural instinct and feel for the game, combined with a great maturity and basketball IQ … Despite his young age, with his maturity and game comprehension he’s a great playmaker, his assist to turnover ratio is excellent and he does a great job in controlling the tempo both in half court and transition situations … He has excellent defensive fundamentals and sense of position, showing a great attitude also in pressuring the ball … Extremely strong mentally and shows great leadership …

Weaknesses: Average athlete, not extremely quick, he has poor lateral speed and he’s not explosive … His torn ACL could still present a red flag … His other big flaw is that he’s not a consistent shooter, especially behind the three point line (29% this season in ABA league) and after the pick and roll, he should work on his mechanics and release, which is usually rushed when shooting from the dribble … He lacks a solid midrange game, especially his pull-up jumper, even if he has shown some improvements through the season … His playmaking is really instinctive, he could struggle when forced to play something different than basic set games and simple pick and rolls … On the defensive side he struggles against smaller and quicker opponents due to his poor lateral quickness …

Notes: Potential first rounder with sure NBA potential … He’s another product of the huge Belgrade reservoir of talent. He grew up with the FMP Belgrade youth teams before being transferred to the ambitious club of Mega Vizura at 17 years old … During the 2011-2012 season, he tore his ACL being sidelined until the following one, when he had a great season in the Serbian league and leading U19 Serbian national team to the silver medal at 2013 world championships (12.9 points and 4.8 assists during the competition) … He participated at the U16 European championship in 2010 averaging 8.2 pts 3.0 rebs, and the following summer he won the silver with U18 Serbian team, being included in the top 5 of the competition … He’s currently playing in the Serbian league with Mega Vizura, after a solid ABA league season when he averaged 12.1 pts, 3.2 rebs and 5.8 assists.

Davide Bortoluzzi 5/7/14

Strengths: To be successful in the NBA it’s imparitive to do one thing extremely well and Micic’s passing ability is among the elite at the NBA level … Swag. Plays with a lot of confidence. Mentally tough. Was completely unafraid going up against the U19 American squad consisting of a number of high level athletes at the World championships in Prague … Micic is a pass first and pass second type of guard with uncanny and sometimes spectacular court vision … Teammates must be prepared for the lob or bounce pass at all times … In the half court set he has a very strong understanding of angles in his game … A crafty player, easily finds cracks in the defense with a bounce pass or creating angles with momentum to quickly get to the hole … Strong general and clock awareness … Has a very good pick and roll game … At 6’5, he uses his height and arms to create space against shorter and quicker opponents … Has good footwork … Strong with the ball … Micic can handle double teams and pressure … while form on his jumper is inconsistent (FT % in mid 60’s), he has good rotation and as he progresses he should be able to develop the consistency in it … Active in the passing lanes and always seizes the opportunity to steal the ball.

Weaknesses: While he has quickness he lacks explosiveness to his game … Whether he is going to the hole or with his first step he lacks the explosiveness and athleticism to finish strong … At times he misses opportunities to take his own shot deferring offensively to players who have a more difficult shot to take, so being more assertive scoring will be something he needs to incorproate … Needs to develop more consistency in his outside shooting ability given his weaknesses listed above … Needs to add strength and develop his post game on shorter guards … Frame may not allow him to gain much weight without losing some of his quickness …

Notes: Passing ability has drawn comparisons to Jason Kidd, though Micic lacks Kidd’s physical attributes … 1994 born making him eligible to declare for the 2014 NBA draft …

Eric Guilleminault 7/21/13