55 - Ryan Harrow

6-1, 165 Point Guard
Georgia St. Senior
04/22/91 (29.8 yrs)
Marietta, GA
High School
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
85 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Aaron Brooks

Strengths: Harrow’s ability to handle the ball is still his biggest strength …  He is extremely quick with the ball in his hands and uses his nifty dribble and speed to get by defenders … Compared to his time with NC State and Kentucky, Harrow has a better understanding of what he can and can’t do … He picks his spots much better now and isn’t as prone to getting himself into trouble … He runs the fast break extremely well and is at his best when his team is playing an up and down, high tempo type of game … He has a decent jump shot, especially when taking set shots and has improved his range during his senior season hitting on 40% of his 3’s which is a drastic improvement from his first three seasons … The improvement in this area has made him an even bigger threat to score the basketball … He’s a better athlete than most give him credit for and he has decent size in terms of length … He has an extremely quick first step which he uses to his advantage and has an innate ability to keep defenders guessing as he is crafty with the ball … He uses his length when defending and is actually a better on ball defender on the perimeter than people give him credit for … Becoming a better leader as both of his teammates (Hunter & Ware) call him the floor general and really thrive on the emotion he plays with on the court …

Weaknesses: He may have good length but he’s still a skinny kid who needs to add weight … It has been the knock on him since he was in high school … His frame doesn’t allow him to finish through contact like you would want a scoring guard to do …  Bigger guards give him trouble as they can body him on both ends of the floor …  He has improved in this area, just not enough.  While he’s has a good jump shot when his feet are set, when he’s on the move his shot flattens out at times …  He tends to rely on his quickness and handles a little too much at times and can get out of control and turn the ball over …  There will always be questions (whether warranted or not) about his ability to handle diversity on the court as he has shown at times to play poorly when things are going his way … Decision making and point guard instincts still have room for improvement …

Overall: Harrow’s upside has diminished a little due to the fact that he’s a fifth year senior and isn’t playing against high level competition on a nightly basis.  But that being said, he is really playing well during his senior year and is showing great signs of maturity on the court, which has a lot to do with his maturity off of it.  He’s still a quiet guy off the court but he’s learning how to become a leader on it and his teammates look to him to make plays when the going gets tough.  He is a fringe second rounder due to being more of a scoring point guard, his lack of strength and age but there could be a spot for him at the next level if he keeps developing.

Clayton Crowe 1/30/15

Strengths: Harrow is an ultra quick and athletic PG who transferred from NC State to Kentucky after starting most of his Fr. season … Pretty imaginative and flashy lead guard, who plays a style that is fun to watch … Possesses exceptional ball-handling skills to go with his quickness, which makes him a tough cover … Has few problems getting to where he wants on the court … Has a vast array of moves he uses, and probably already has some of the best crossovers in college hoops … His hesitation and left-to-right moves can put defenders on a highlight reel … A constant threat to put pressure on his matchup and the defense, as he’s a threat to get into the paint from either direction … Is a true PG, looks to distribute and get teammates shots on his way to the rim … Also has potential as a scorer … Shows a developing floater and pull-up jumper in the lane … Plays best in an up-tempo style, where his quickness and athleticism are most pronounced … The floor spacing he’ll have in Kentucky’s dribble drive offense will allow him to be very effective as well, especially considering he’ll have talented teammates to pass the ball to … Pretty tough cover in the pick and roll … Has the explosiveness and elevation to play above the rim … Possesses long arms and in combination with his lateral quickness, Harrow is a threat pressuring ball-handling up the court and getting steals … Is a more laid back personality, but seems to have some leadership ability that you look for in a PG, especially at his age … High upside player …

Weaknesses: Harrow is still painfully thin and pretty weak, even after sitting out a year and being in college for 2 full years … Hasn’t put on weight at a good rate at all since he was in HS … Struggles playing through contact, and can be pushed around at times on both ends of the court by physical play … Not a very good finisher around the rim in a crowd…Still learning how to harness his quickness, sometimes has a raw understanding of dictating the pace of games and knowing when to push tempo and when to let things flow more naturally … Likes to go for the home run play, but will at times try and force things … Still a bit green, and needs more experience … Is a below average jump shooter … Has some raw ability to hit college range 3’s, but not more than sporadically and his mid-range game is still developing too … If he were to develop a more respectable jumper, he would be even harder to contain than he is now…Has very good upside, but he’s clearly more of a long term prospect …

Overall: Word is Harrow won many of the pracitce battles with first round pick Marquis Teague … Harrow is a flashy playmaking PG who has great athleticism and quick, along with really good handles … He’s a bit raw overall, and needs improvement in many areas, but he has high level upside and could be the next Calipari PG to make it to the NBA after 1 season as a starter …

Jorrye Nixon 7/5/12

Youtube Clip 06/21/2009

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