16 - Nemanja Nedovic

6-3, 190 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Serbia International
06/16/91 (29.4 yrs)
Belgrade, Serbia
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Jarod Haase

Strenghts: Nedovic has standout athletic abilities, probably the best in Europe for his position, combined with a solid physical structure from the muscular standpoint … In the open court he’s really effective, with the ability to finish above the rim basically on every transition … He has the ability to beat defenders thanks to his quick first step and his crossover moves, especially after the screen in pick and roll situations … He shows nice ball handling, good P&R execution and effective decision making especially in the open court … He has a slashing style of game, able to draw fouls and withstand contact when off balance … He plays with maturity and confidence, showing reliable leadership skills … He shows some glimpses in P&R situations, especially in the first seconds of the offense.

Weaknesses: As a combo, he’s a little bit undersized to play at NBA level … Even if he’s athletic and explosive he lacks elite speed with the ball in his hands to beat defenders in ISO situations … His shot lacks consistency even if he has good mechanics and technical basis (he showed good progresses since last season) … There’s still a lot of work to do with his jump shot, especially pull-up off the dribble… He still needs to develop his playmaking skills since he has to add more consistency … He’s not a point guard but rather a combo at the moment … On the defensive side he could struggle against NBA point guards due to average lateral speed …

Notes: Nedovic played constantly in Euroleague with Lietuvos Rytas this year, averaging 10 points and 2 assists in 23 minutes on the court.  He also had solid performances at 2013 adidas Eurocamp, showing some progress with his playmaking skills and ability to lead the team in the offensive side … He could be an intriguing pick at the end of the second round, where a team could invest in him …

Davide Bortoluzzi 6/23/13

Strengths: A strong and athletic PG with good speed who thrives in transition … He is very explosive off the dribble and possesses a nice first step … Likes to play an up-tempo style and he is very effective if allowed to … Will try to dunk in any situation that he can. Nedovic does a good job of attacking the rim, and has good body control … Good body strength showing the ability to finish after contact … He is capable of playing off the ball as a SG too, showing surprising ISO ability for a European guard. He is solid at creating his shot off the dribble and he doesn’t need much space to get his shot off … Has an effective cross-over that he likes to use to separate himself from defenders … Although Nedovic does a good job at attacking the rim he needs to improve his overall shooting 2p (38%) , 3p (34%) … Solid character guy. Widely considered a quality teammate and good kid off the floor.

Weaknesses: More of a combo guard than a PG. His forte is athleticism and scoring but his point guard skills must improve to make it at the position … His ball handling skills need to improve … Nedovic has to improve his defense in order to compete at the NBA level … Possesses athleticism, explosiveness and body control for the next level but his game is still a work in progress; with good coaching and hard work Nedovic could end up being solid player … Must put in work to become a more consistent shooter … More athletic than he is quick. Does he possess the quickness to play the PG position? …

Notes: Considered a potential 2nd round pick for the 2013 NBA Draft …

Stevan Petrovic 6/22/13

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