The second day of the 2013 adidas Eurocamp confirmed a level of disappointment among scouts related to the lack of high profile draft prospects that were expected to participate. But ultimately the event has revealed some prospects deserving of second round after the headliner Lucas Nogueria was limited to just one day. The international teams preparing for World and European youth championships (Serbia U19, France U20) haven’t shown any potential NBA prospects, but at least a bunch of names deserving attention for the highest European level.

We got a chance to interview Lucas Nogueira, which will be posted soon. The thing that stood out was his maturity level. He gave excellent answers during the interview, through his agent/translator, and the light seems to have clicked on with him growing up both physically and mentally.

Top Point Guard

Nemanja Nedovic has had a solid performance in Treviso, even without making many dazzling plays or putting up amazing statistics. He has shown confidence, maturity and personality in leading his team. His playmaking skills are still not great and his shot continues to lack consistency, but the general impression among scouts is that with his physical skills, he has a realistic chance to be picked in the late second round.

Olexandr Lypovyy

The MVP of last year’s adidas Eurocamp Oleksandr Lypovyy has worked a lot during the past year on his body, adding muscle to his frame without losing speed. His versatility and touch also from three point range are still remarkable, with a complete repertoire of fakes and moves in order to get the space for the jump shot, even when forced off balance. His ball handling and confidence allows him to lead the team on the offensive side effectively, even against smaller opponents that pressure him. His main flaw is the difficulty to get to the rim after the pick and roll, when he prefers to pass the ball or to use the jump shot instead of drawing contact. This is probably due to his lack of explosiveness, which could limit his adaptability to NBA game on both sides of the court. His stock was definitely higher one year ago, when he was a breakout surprise. But we see him having a shot to get drafted.

Janis Timma

The athletic Latvian wing, Janis Timma showed some interesting potential to all the scouts in attendance, especially with an amazing dunk in the traffic during the evening session of day 1. He definitely has an NBA body and remarkable leaping abilities for a European prospect, which allows him to withstand contact and attack the rim without difficulty. One of the biggest problems on the offensive side is that his shot lacks consistency, plus his ball handling is rather weak, limiting his ability to create his own shot off the dribble.

Clint Capela

Clint Capela‘s physical abilities have been hyped for the last few seasons, but his improvements from a technical standpoint has slowed in the last year. During the games played in Treviso, he hasn’t shown the skills to become a real threat on the offensive side, with the exception of the transition game, where he’s able to use his superior athleticism and body control.

Breakout Player

Yesterday we talked about Ondrej Balvin who we consider to be among the top prospects in the event after Bebe. Another breakout player from the camp has been Adin Vrabac (6’8”, SF, 1994, Bosnia Herzegovina, OKK Sarajevo). He is an athletic player with great size. He has a first step to beat defenders, good ball handling, and he’s a reliable shooter. He looks smooth though he doesn’t always make the right decision. He tends to disappear at times, and should hit the boards harder but he is 3 years away from being draft eligible as a 1994 guy. A little slow moving laterally, but was guarding 1/2/3 of Serbia today. He struggled in the game in the evening but has left a solid impression on scouts after two days.

Neto and Ivanovic

Raul Neto and Nikola Ivanovic have been solid during this first two days in Treviso, showing maturity for their age. The Brazilian 1992 prospect from Lagun Aro is more creative on the offensive side, with a larger variety of finishes including alley-oops and floaters, while Ivanovic (1994) is more poised and consistent in controlling the game, showing a less spectacular but more effective game. But it is highly unlikely that we will see one of them get drafted, due to their lack of necessary size or physical skills, both seems destined to Euroleague level of competition.

The Fourth Brazilian

Lucas Mariano is the least advertised Brazilian prospect playing at this 2013 Eurocamp, but he showed some intriguing offensive skills in a really solid and robust frame. Standing almost 6’10” he’s a little bit undersized to play center, but his toughness and physical strength, combined with his soft hands allows him to be quite effective on the offensive side, even when facing taller and more mobile opponents. Since his lack of athleticism and size he’s not a great rim protector, but several European GMs have put his name in their notes.

Serbia U19

The games involving Serbia and France haven’t shown potential NBA prospects but has shown some players destined to the highest European levels, with Serbians Stefan Pot (1994, 6’5”, PG, Vojvodina), Nikola Radicevic (1994, 6’5”, PG, Cajasol Sevilla), Nikola Jankovic (1994, 6’9”, PF, Spirou Charleroi) and showing all the necessary talent to compete. Among them the best was unanimously the point guard Vasilije Micic (1994, 6’3”, PG, Mega Vizura), who showed an impressive repertoire of fakes and crossover moves, combined with amazing passing skills. His main flow is the not consistent outside shot and the average athleticism.

Next Generation Practice

During the afternoon session adidas scheduled a practice with a group of U16 prospects, with some names that will be probably NBA material in the following seasons. The standout was Dragan Bender (1997, 6’9”, PF, KK Split, Croatia) already seen during the Last International Game of Jordan Brand Classic. Another player that impressed was 1998 wing Borisa Simanic (Bosnia Herzegovina, Buducnost), standing 6’7” he has intriguing mobility and a soft touch, with a frame that will allow him to put muscles without losing balance or quickness. Simanic is less developed but could end up the best of the bunch based on his body and athleticism. Romaric Belemene (1997, 6’9”, SF, Unicaja Malaga, Congo) who we featured in Rome NJIT Tournament recap showed his excellent ability to pull up off the dribble and consistently drain mid range shots. HE confirmed his maturity and potential, but with such a mature body there are doubts concerning his real age.


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