3 - Garwey Dual

6-5, 185 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Seton Hall Freshman
03/17/05 (19.3 yrs)
Houston, TX
High School
Southern California Academy
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
92 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Reggie Jackson

Strengths: 6’5 combo guard … Great length with a 6’10.5 wingspan and 8’8 standing reach … Averaged 13.7 points per game on 47.9% FG% over the Grind Session in 2022-23 … High-level athlete and finishes above the rim well. Good body control at the rim … Quick first step and good speed with the ball. Reads and reacts well to the defense, handles the ball and maneuvers in congestion well. Effective euro-step. Can penetrate with an effective crossover. Changes speed, uses hesitations, and direction well with the ball … Solid midrange pull-up … Draws fouls at a good rate and reliable free throw shooter. Shot 4 free throws per game at 82.1% FT% over the Grind Session in 2022-23 … Good rebounder on both ends for position. Averaged 6.6 (1.6 offensive) rebounds per game over the Grind Session in 2022-23 … Can play on or off the ball … Finished 2nd in assists over the Grind Session with 5.6 to 3 turnovers per game in 2022-23 … Committed defender and anticipates well. Utilizes length and covers ground well defensively, whether closing out, jumping passes, or poking the ball loose from the ball-handler. Moves feet well in a wide stance and stays in front of the ball-handler with good lateral quickness. Active hands and gets a lot of deflections. Led the Grind Session in steals with 3.6 per game in 2022-23. Blocks shots well for position. Averaged 1 block per game over the Grind Session in 2022-23 … Consistent effort …

Weaknesses: Has much room to get stronger. Handling contact at the next levels will be key for him as much as he likes to get into the paint … Has room to expand half-court game. High assist count and the foundation as a lead guard is present but can still grow as a playmaker, as well as limiting turnovers … Off the ball, he has upside as a shooter as he has proper form and arc but must improve from 3PT. Shot 27.3% 3PT% on 1.6 3PT attempts per game over the Grind Session in 2022-23 … Can reach in too much and can work on limiting fouls. Finished a few games with 4 or more fouls … Dual can be seen as a bit of a project compared to other prospects. His length, speed/athleticism, and defense project to translate but it may take time adjusting to the next level …

Outlook: Providence freshman … Transferred to Southern California Academy for his senior year. Went into the 2022 summer unranked and broke out as one of the highest risers in the class … Played in the 2023 Nike Hoop Summit …

Evan Tomes 9/14/23

Notes: Measured 6′ 3.50” barefoot, 8′ 8.00” standing reach, 185 lbs, 7′ 0.00” wingspan, 24.5 standing vert, 31 max vert at the 2024 NBA G-League Combine …