Caleb Wilson 6’8 185 2025 – Georgia Stars 2025

Wilson has a lot of intrigue with his size and skills. Although his results could be more consistent (41.9% FG%, 28.6% 3PT), he has a nice shot with a high set point to shoot over the defense. He can also see the floor and pass the ball, consistently hitting cutters out of the high post. He didn’t get by anyone with his dribble, which is an area he can improve, but he had no problem putting points on the board with 19 per game and frequently got to the free throw line, shooting 6.3 free throws per game. He has to get stronger in both the base and upper body, but Wilson is already productive and just scratching the surface.

Curtis Givens 6’3 170 PG – MOKAN Elite 2024

Givens was huge against Indy Heat, scoring 28 points on an efficient 66.7% FG% and 57.1% 3PT%. He’s an effective ball-handler, using his crossover and finishing with both his left and right. He passed well too, often beating his defender and forcing the help to come to find the cutter or open shooter. He had some aggressive takes to the basket to draw fouls at a good rate, shooting 12 free throws in the game against Indy Heat alone. Givens is off to a good start, currently averaging 18.8 points per game on 46.3 FG% and 40.7% from 3PT. He also recorded 19 assists to only 2 turnovers over his first 4 games.

Tre Johnson 6’6 180 SG – Houston Hoops 2024

It would be good to see Johnson (pictured) become more involved with the offense when the ball isn’t in his hands as he doesn’t get much movement when off the ball. He’s good in iso situations but he should look to mix it up a bit to get not only easier looks for himself, but get his teammates better looks as well. He shoots well off the catch, 41.7% 3PT% overall, but doesn’t get a lot of opportunities as most of his shots come off a few dribbles. He got to the rim off the dribble but can protect the ball better and improve as a finisher, sometimes forcing a right-handed finish when forced going to his left. He still has a ways to go but has gotten stronger and more athletic since I saw him back in August. He has good potential as a defender and flashed his ability on the ball-handler at times. Johnson averaged 16 points on 36.7% FG% and despite my criticism on the flow of the offense around/through him, he averaged 4.8 assists to 1.8 turnovers per game.

Carter Bryant 6’8 225 SF – Paul George Elite 2024 (Arizona)

Bryant is very agile and has a good body, including a massive body frame. He has some areas he can become more polished, including his technique as a finisher and passing the ball, but really can’t argue with his numbers, averaging 12.8 points per game on 60.6% shooting. He has a very nice shot with a good release point, making a few pull-ups off the dribble. He was an absolute threat from the perimeter, shooting 7-10 on 3PTers in his 4 games, including 4-4 in the game against the Oakland Soldiers alone.

Jamari Phillips 6’4 190 SG – Paul George Elite 2024 (Arizona)

Phillips didn’t shoot as well as previous times I’ve seen him, only making 1 3PTer in the game I saw against the Oakland Soldiers and 4-14 from 3PT over the 4 games of the session. However, he took it to the rim and drew a lot of fouls, scoring 11 of his 24 points from the line and shooting 6.5 free throws per game. An area Phillips could look to improve upon is taking care of the ball, sometimes making passes or just losing the ball, dribbling against defensive pressure. At 6’3, improving as a lead guard will be important moving forward.

Mikey Lewis 6’4 170 SG – Oakland Soldiers 2024

Lewis ignited the Soldiers against Paul George Elite, getting to his spots and effectively making the right play. He’s a tough player with a lot of confidence and tenacity. He’s very good off the dribble and doesn’t need triple threat to get his shot off. He handles contact well and drew fouls at a high rate, shooting 8.5 free throws per game at 79.4% FT%. Primed for a huge summer, Lewis is leading the EYBL in scoring so far with 25.3 points per game on an efficient 49.2% FG% and 53.8% 3PT%.

Elliot Cadeau 6’1 170 PG – New Heights Lightning 2024 (North Carolina)

Cadeau is so effective with his dribble and knows how to pull a help defender, consistently hitting the open man. He’s incredibly alert and makes impressive lead passes. He’s good in transition as a leader and finisher. He doesn’t really look to score but is averaging a solid 10.3 points per game, but his passing and running the show is where Cadeau separates himself, currently leading the EYBL by a solid margin with 10.8 assists to 2 turnovers per game. He was active defensively with a bunch of deflections and knows when to help for a double-team, sitting 4th with steals so far with 2.3 per game. Despite not hunting his own shot, he takes advantage of the opportunities, with the ability to stop on a dime with a strong and balanced base, shooting 50% (4-8) 3PT% and 100% (11-11) FT%.

Dylan Harper 6’4 180 PG/SG – NY Rens 2024

Harper was effective slashing and passing. He’s good with having a counter when his initial path gets cut off, whether it’s changing direction himself or finding the open teammate, he doesn’t let the initial defender stop the ball. He has good size for a guard and a strong build, initiating and handling contact well. The lefty scored from all over the floor, showing good touch from inside and out, averaging 16 points per game on 53.3% FG% and 43.8% 3PT%. He wasn’t consistent as a foul shooter at 47.4% (9-19) FT% but drew fouls at a good rate. Although his athleticism isn’t top tier, it’s solid and combined with his skill set/natural touch, he scores well in the paint.

Ikenna Alozie 6’4 185 SG – NY Rens 2026

Alozie intrigues with his athleticism and shooting ability. He uses his quickness to get downhill and into the paint off the dribble. Defenders had a hard time staying in front of him even when they were anticipating his drive. He plays hard and can attack the rim at a high-level, especially considering his age. As expected for a freshman, Alozie showed inconsistency in his first EYBL, scoring 18 points (6-16 FG) in his first 3 games combined, then closed out with 25 points on 11-13 FG and 2-3 3PT in his final game of the weekend against NW Rotary Rebels.

AJ Dybantsa 6’8 185 SG/SF – Expressions Elite 2026

Dybantsa is an advanced offensive player, especially for his age. He had no problem shaking his defender and creating space in the half-court. He’s good off the dribble and hit numerous pull-ups with little space given. He’s 6th on the EYBL scoring list with 19.8 points per game on an efficient 51.8% FG%. He showed out athletically as well when finishing above the rim and reads situations well when to attack vs when to pull-up and shoot. He’s drawing fouls at a good rate and has converted well, making 15 of his 17 free throws in his first 4 games. He showed commitment as a defender and sticks to the ball-handler well. He’s a natural passer too, consistently hitting cutters mid-attack, averaging 3.3 assists to 1 turnover per game. The 3-ball can be more consistent, currently at 28.6% 3PT% but the foundation is there. Dybantsa was the top long-term prospect and current player on 17U (Cameron Boozer and Cooper Flagg play 16U) I saw in Atlanta.

Trey McKenney 6’4 205 SG – Meanstreets 2025

McKenney hit a lot of tough shots against the Florida Rebels as he doesn’t need much space to get his shot off. He got hot from 3 in catch and shoot opportunities and got into the mid-range pretty well. There were times he picked up his dribble early but still made the shot even after the defender closed in on his space. He didn’t get to the rim much or provide much else outside of scoring in the game that I saw against the Florida Rebels with 1 assist and 1 rebound, but his 20 points (6-8 FG, 3-5 3PT, 5-6 FT) was plenty for the win. His strong build and solid defense are a plus for McKenney as well.

Cameron Boozer 6’10 215 PF – Nightrydas 16U 2025

As expected, Boozer is off to a great start. He uses his big frame and body well on the low block, sealing his man to finish with an accurate jump hook or fadeaway. He doesn’t get too trigger happy as a jump shooter but has the form and range, and he’s very dangerous facing the basket as he gets to the rim well. Watching him take a smaller guard off a crossover to go into a midrange pull-up was impressive. He keeps his head on a swivel and moves the ball well, recording 7 assists to 1 turnover in the game I saw. He uses his vertical well on both ends, rising up to dunk without having to gather and quick leap to block shots, sometimes forcing the defense to shoot over his stretched reach was enough, ultimately recording 4 blocks against Team Thad. Highly efficient, the other stats Boozer posted include 32 points (9-11 FG, 14-17 FT) and 20 rebounds.

Jamier Jones 6’5 180 SF – Florida Rebels 16U 2025

It wasn’t too close of a game against Alabama Fusion, but Jones showed some impressive athleticism. He was on the finishing end of alley oops, multiple transitions jams, and finds opportunities in the half-court against a set defense to finish above the rim. Along with his high-level explosive ability, he has good strength in both upper and lower body. Improving his perimeter game as well as shooting will be important moving forward, missing all 6 3PT attempts over his first 5 games. Jones scored 19 points (8-10 FG) along with 4 rebounds and 4 assists in the win against Alabama Fusion.

Joshua Lewis 6’7 150 SG – Florida Rebels 16U 2025

Lewis scored 25 points against Alabama Fusion. He did it in an efficient effort and provided some variety along the way. He got hot from outside, making 3 of his 5 3PTers, and shot 7-9 from the floor. He drew a lot of fouls and made all 8 of his free throws. He showed an effective and consistent pull-up jumper as well as solid athleticism above the rim and craft when he didn’t dunk. Lewis has room to get stronger but has the tools and talent you want in a wing prospect.


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