2 - Elliot Cadeau

6-1, 180 Point Guard
North Carolina Freshman
09/04/04 (19.1 yrs)
West Orange, NJ
High School
Link Academy
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NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Jordan Farmar

Strengths: 6’1 point guard … Solid strength … High-level athlete and throws down dunks. Unlike most one-foot jumpers, he doesn’t need to sprint to reach max height and sacrifice body control. Measured a 41.5” max vertical at the 2023 Basketball Without Borders … Very under control with a strong and balanced base. Scores well in the midrange with ability to stop on a dime and use his pull-up jumper … Shoots well from 3PT: 36.1% 3PT% 1.8 3PTA EYBL 2022, 40.9% 3PT% 1.5 3PTA U18 Euro Championship B 2022, 35.4% 3PT% 2.8 3PTA EYBL 2023 … Reliable free throw shooter. Shot 76.1% FT% at the U18 Euro Championship B in 2022 and 87.9% FT% over the Nike EYBL in 2023 … Knows how to turn it on as a scorer and get a quick bucket when needed but can take over a game without scoring. Despite not hunting for his own shots, he scores well with solid efficiency. Scoring stats: 9.1 PPG 48.9% FG% EYBL 2022, (2nd best) 21.3 PPG 52.5% FG% U18 Euro Championship B, 15.7 PPG 50% FG% EYBL 2023 … Very good ball-handler. Changes speed and accelerates well with the ball, showing good burst and first step. Penetrates well off the dribble, breaks down the defense, and controls his defender with his dribble. Handles well under defensive pressure and contact, keeps his dribble alive. Good pick and roll ball-handler. Knows how to beat his defender to pull the help defender, and consistently hits the open teammate. Effective crossover. Fits into tight spaces with the ball and doesn’t need triple threat to beat his man … Good feel for the game and never rushed. Makes proper reads and natural ability to create offensively. Knows how to pass up a good offensive look for a better one. Very alert and sees the floor very well. High-level timing and accuracy passing the ball. Leads well in the half-court as well as in transition. Finds alley-oop opportunities in the half-court against a set defense. Keeps assists fairly low considering his volume with the ball and style of play. Assist to turnover stats: 4.7 APG/1 TOPG U16 Baltic Sea Cup 2020, 5.3 APG/1.8 TOPG EYBL 2022, (league best) 9.3 APG/2.3 TOPG EYBL 2023 – 3.1 assists per game higher than 2nd place … Solid rebounder for position. Averaged 4.3 rebounds per game at the U18 Euro Championship B in 2022 and 4.8 rebounds per game over the Nike EYBL in 2023 … Sticks well to the ball-handler and jumps passes to turn defense into offense. Good anticipations, active hands, and gets a lot of deflections. Knows when to leave his man to double-team the ball. Steal stats: 2.7 SPG U16 Baltic Sea Cup 2020, 1.8 SPG EYBL 2022, (2nd best) 3.2 SPG U18 Euro Championship B 2022, 1.8 SPG EYBL 2023 … Quick to loose balls … Vocal leader. Good confidence …

Weaknesses: Lacks size at 6’1 with a 6’2 wingspan and 7’6.75 standing reach. Covering ground and getting to spots might be an adjustment at the next levels, as well as finishing at the rim. Can be affected by length and will have to be more selective when attacking the rim, scoring opportunities in the paint projects to diminish at the next levels … While his passing is his charm and projects to translate, he’ll have to tone down some of the home-run plays moving forward … Gambles a bit often defensively and can get into foul trouble reaching in … Can wear his emotions at times …

Outlook: North Carolina freshman … Transferred to Link Academy for his senior year … Played in the 2022 UA Next Elite 24 … Earned MVP and won Gold at the U18 Euro Championship B in 2022 … Helped lead Link Academy to win the Geico National Championship in 2023 …

Evan Tomes 8/29/23

Notes: Measured: 6’0.25″, 7’6.75″ standing reach, 171 lbs, 6’2″ wingspan, 41.5″ max vert at the 2023 Basketball Without Borders …