Alex Len 7-1 255 C Maryland So. We’re hearing that it’s more and more likely that if Cleveland keeps the pick that Len will be their choice. The Cavs continue to aggressively shop the pick along with other assets in an attempt to add a talented bigman. Attempts for LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love have been unsuccessful. Dallas is trying to move up using 13 and Marion as bait. Cleveland is in a very difficult position winning the top pick in a year devoid of an obvious franchise level talent. They have a need for a 3 but there isn’t a player with the upside to justify the selection at their pick. Len is a big risk, but gives them a potential top 5 center in the league if he reaches his potential. They are said to be unhappy with last year’s mid-first rounder Tyler Zeller, and don’t see him as an eventual starter. The Cavs continue to shop the pick but suitors continue to low ball them as no GM wants to take on the expectations associated with using the top pick. Though he’s been unable to work out for teams, his early season performance dominating both Nerlens Noel and Willie Cauley Stein remains fresh in scout’s minds. Len shows the agility to get up and down the floor, make plays at the rim and the touch to knock down shots from mid range. While some may knock his fluidity, toughness and consistency, bigs take time. For a 20 year old who is still adjusting to American culture, being away from Ukraine where he grew up, his sophomore season was excellent. His stress fracture came at a bad time as teams weren’t able to see him work out leading up to the draft, but not being able to work out prospects never stopped them before. NBA Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas
Victor Oladipo 6-4 214 SG/SF Indiana Jr.Oladipo has been very impressive in interviews and workouts and there is a good chance he goes 2, even if Noel is still on the board. Don’t be surprised if Orlando takes Cody Zeller here as they are extremely high on both Indiana players, but Oladipo appears to be their guy. Victor has been targeted by a number of teams trying to move up (Minnesota and Charlotte) and could ultimately go higher in a trade. Oladipo is a late bloomer who draws rave reviews for his demeanor and personality from those who have spent time around him. While he may lack superstar potential, he appears to be the ultimate glue type player as an overachiever who brings boundless energy. His explosiveness is off the charts (42 inch vert at combine), particularly off of two feet and his shooting and ball handling have shown surprising improvement. At 6’4 in shoes, he’s undersized, taking his long term potential down a notch. Some wild comparisons such as Dwyane Wade and even Michael Jordan have been thrown out for Oladipo. But those are unfair for a player who projects as a high level role player, but not a star at the next level. NBA Comparison: Tony Allen
Otto Porter 6-9 200 SF Georgetown So.Washington is enamored with Bennett and he’s still a possibility but some red flags (weight concerns, insistence on playing the 3) seem to have arisen that may push him down a few spots. With a backcourt of Wall and Beal, a blue collar guy like Porter suits their needs. Plus GM Ernie Grunfeld can’t afford another mistake (sound familiar?) and Porter offers the "safest" option. Porter made a very impressive jump from his freshman to sophomore seasons, showing no difficulty in becoming the leader of the team and winning Big East Player of the Year. Otto is about as low risk as it gets in this draft, however his ceiling isn’t as great as some of the other top prospects making him difficult to take in the top handful of picks. He’s a relentless defender and a pro athlete, but it’s unlikely that he will ever be an elite level scorer. He’s very thin, but weight/strength shouldn’t be an issue at the 3 position. He showed the ability to knock down key shots throughout his short college career. Despite a less than picture perfect jumpshot, he gets results. Porter’s consistency and potential makes him a likely top 5 pick in this year’s draft. NBA Comparison: Tayshaun Prince
noelNerlens Noel 6-11 206 PF Kentucky Fr.Charlotte has both Oladipo and Zeller in their sights but may be forced to grab Noel, a player that many have as the draft’s top overall long term talent. Nerlens might end up going first, but his inability to contribute immediately conflicts with Cleveland’s desire to win next season. With the unfortunate path that Greg Oden’s career has taken, repeated knee injuries strike a lot of fear in teams. If Noel does slide, most believe that it will not be very far. Noel’s length, leaping ability and cat-like reflexes potentially make him an extraordinary shot blocker. He shows a willingness to hustle and play hard, which combined with his elite level athleticism is very encouraging. His offensive game, however, is extremely raw and may never be anything more than put back dunks and hook shots. He also needs to get much stronger as his upper body and legs are rail thin, evidenced by his 206 lb combine weight. Granted, added weight could ultimately put even more stress on what appear to be fragile knees. After coming back faster than doctors had recommended, some wonder if this recent injury was inevitable. Regardless, Noel’s ability to impact the defensive end puts him in the running for the top overall pick and he should land in the top 2, despite not being able to fully work out for teams leading up to the draft. NBA Comparison: Larry Sanders
Ben McLemore 6-5 190 SG Kansas Fr.Phonix will strongly consider a PG here with MCW and Burke getting real looks, but in the end McLemore could prove too talented to pass up. McLemore remains our top overall prospect, but struggled in workouts. He is the guy in this draft with the greatest shot at becoming a superstar. His outside shot is comparable to a perfect golf swing, it’s a thing of beauty. Combine that with freakish athleticism and you have a high level prospect. A SG going first overall has not happened in 40 years, McLemore still has a chance to do it, but it may require a team trading up for it to happen. NBA Comparison: Ray Allen
Trey Burke 6-1 190 PG Michigan So.It will be interesting to see which players are available to them, but New Orleans appears to be locked in with Burke as their PG of the future. The Pelicans will hope that Burke can make the same type of impact that his idol Chris Paul made on the city. Burke’s performance against Kansas was legendary, as he refused to allow his team to lose, coming up with all the big plays down the stretch including a game tying 3 in the final seconds. Burke was not only the top PG in the nation this year, he was the best player in the nation. He carried the Wolverines all season with a will to win that was unmatched on the college level. His 6’5 wingspan helps offset his 6’1 frame giving him some additional length to get shots off. On the negative side, Burke lacks elite level speed and athleticism, making it a challenge for him to gain separation on opponents. While detractors may argue that Burke’s attributes will make the transition to the next level difficult, his "immeasurables"; competitiveness, heart and determination are off the charts. NBA Comparison: Kyle Lowry
mccollumCJ McCollum 6-3 197 PG/SG Lehigh Sr.The Kings have a brand new front office so it will be interesting to see if they take a player to "fit" into their team, or draft as if they are starting fresh. McCollum has the potential to be a "Steph Curry lite". As a likely first rounder in 2012, some questioned McCollum’s decision to return to campus despite virtually knocking defending champion Duke out of the NCAA tournament single handedly. This year CJ was able to establish himself in many scout’s minds before going down with a season ending broken foot. He’s got a nasty crossover and ISO game, showing a great ability to get defenders on their heels a la Steph Curry, before pulling up for jumpers. There are some concerns surrounding his ability to play the PG position as well as defend. Despite missing a large portion of the season, McCollum remains our top PG prospect and would offer the Kings a risky but high upside pick. NBA Comparison: Stephen Curry
Michael Carter-Williams 6-6 185 PG Syracuse So.If a player like Noel or McLemore fall, look for Dumars to jump all over them. Bennett will get consideration here if things play out this way, but a PG like Carter-Williams or McCollum are both high on Dumars list. MCW offers them an excellent "swing for the fences" type of pick. At 6’6 and with tremendous size, he reminds some of the high school version of Shawn Livingston that many became so enamored with before his tragic knee injury. Though not quite the talent, MCW’s ability to set teammates up for baskets is special for a player his size. His length, having a near 6’9 wingspan really helps his cause defensively. He has a lot of work to do on his outside shooting and must prove that he can hang with the speed of today’s NBA PGs. He would likely pair well with a small 2-guard like Monta Ellis as he would probably be better suited defending 2 guards while running the point. He’s got some off court baggage (shop lifting incident) that will need to be addressed in interviews with teams. Plus, the track record for Syracuse products has not been great in recent years. He’s another boom or bust pick who could end up a star or not even making it in the league. In a down draft, Carter-Williams has top 10 potential. NBA Comparison: Shaun Livingston
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 6-6 205 SG Georgia So.We’ve heard there is a promise in place with KCP and it’s likely with Minnesota or Portland. Minnesota could use a shooting guard with Shved and Budinger showing potential, but neither seem to have GM Flip Saunders convinced that they’re the long term answer. KCP is an underrated athlete with the ability to get to the rack as well as create and knock down shots on the perimeter. He doesn’t blow you away in any one area, but he’s a good shooter and scorer. After a freshman season in which he struggled with efficiency, he was able to improve upon his shooting from the floor and beyond the arch. He’ll get looks in the late lottery and should find a spot somewhere in the first round. NBA Comparison: Michael Redd
bennettAnthony Bennett 6-7 240 PF UNLV Fr.Someone has to fall, and if Washington doesn;t take him at 3 there’s a real chance it will be Bennett. The Blazers are a tough team to peg, but they are sure to take KCP if Minny passes. A report surfaced that Bennett has added nearly 20 lbs in the past couple weeks. Another interesting note was his insistence that he’s a 3 and not a 4 during NBA Draft media day. Bennett has been talked about as a possible #1 overall pick and gives Sacramento a forward with a lot of long term potential. Despite being 6’7, Bennett’s wingspan makes him essentially a 6’9 player and he’s got massive shoulders and hands. Bennett wins the award for most vicious dunks in college as he had numerous dunks that reminded fans of Shaq. He lacks the foot speed to defend on the perimeter, essentially making him a stretch 4. Some scouts have even mentioned him as a potential #1 pick, though that’s probably a reach, considering he’s a tweener and the last 6’9 or under PF to go first was Kenyon Martin. Bennett battled injury problems in high school and appeared to be breaking down some towards the end of the year. His post season shoulder surgery reinforces his reputation for being injury prone and has made it impossible for him to work out for teams leading up to the draft. Without the injury concerns he’d likely be a top 5 pick, with them he could slide a few spots. NBA Comparison: Rodney Rogers
Cody Zeller 7-0 230 PF/C Indiana So.We hear Zeller remains a possibility at 2 and 4 but if he slips, it could be to 11 where he’s been projected by many for some time to Philly. Zeller’s stock took the biggest hit during the NCAA tournament as he looked shell shocked in their Sweet Sixteen loss to Syracuse and their 2-3 zone defense. He failed to live up to the preseason hype and much of the time chose to defer instead of taking on the role of the team’s star. It obviously took a toll on his draft stock, but a tremendous combine has him back on track. His 35.5 inch standing jump is the highest recorded for a bigman in years. Zeller shows the ability to knock down mid range shots with regularity and runs the floor like a gazelle, which is rare for a 7-footer. Unfortunately his post game did not advance the way many expected, although big men take the longest to develop. It’s easy to forget all the positives: Zeller is a 7 footer, he’s 19 years old, a hard worker, and similar to Drummond last year, many seem to have overreacted after he failed to live up to the #1 preseason hype. NBA Comparison: LaMarcus Aldridge
Lucas Nogueira 7-0 220 PF Brazil 1992The Thunder are shopping this pick and would like to receive 2 protected firsts in return. But with a strong international scouting presence, and a need for additional size and athleticism in the post, Bebe makes a lot of sense here. He dominated the competition showing great mobility, length and energy. Nogueira is extremely raw, but players with his size and agility are rare. He had a breakout performance at the Copa America U18 tournament in 2010 and some NBA scouts came away saying he had top 5 pick potential. He lost most of that hype with a dreadful showing at the 2011 adidas Eurocamp in Treviso, but has a huge bounce back season playing in Spain for Estudiantes. "Bebe" developed a reputation for being soft and lazy, but this season he showed dedication and maturity that had been lacking from his game. For him, it’s just a matter of becoming more aggressive and maintaining his focus. Bebe has proven himself in the ACB, Europe’s best national league and has become our top International prospect for this year’s draft. NBA Comparison: Joakim Noah
witheySergey Karasev 6-7 197 SG/SF Russia 1993Karasev received an invite to the green room, all but guaranteeing that he’s got a top 20 promise. This pick is very likely to be dealt so Karasev could be dealt and if not Dallas can leave him in Russia for another year or two while they make a free agent run this offseason. Karasev decided to stay in Russia up until the draft, instead of doing workouts or participating at the Eurocamp fueling speculation that he has a promise. Already has Olympic experience playing for the Russian National team in London. Karasev did not have a great Hoop Summit shooting just 1-6 from distance, (3-10 overall for 7 pts) but his outside shooting impressed scouts all week and he had a breakout season playing in Russia, as the top player on his team. He lacks great speed and may struggle defensively with slow feet, but he’s a decent athlete and shows some ability to get to the basket off the dribble as he did against top defender Rondae Hollis-Jefferson early on in the Hoop Summit. His jump shot, while a bit unorthodox is his biggest strength and should have him in position to grab a late first round spot. His English is good, and he seems to have the type of personality that will allow him to adjust to American culture without much of an issue. NBA Comparison: Danny Green
Steven Adams 7-0 255 C Pittsburgh Fr.Utah doesn’t need a big, but if Adams slids to them they may be tempted to take him, or they could move the pick with another team targeting Adams. Adams was a surprise entry as many felt he needed more time in college to develop his feel for the game and post skills. Adams used a very strong draft combine performance, displaying a surprisingly accurate midrange jumper to likely ensure a place in the lottery. He is a long term project due to his lack of experience and feel for the game but could really develop into a high level center given time and the right situation. NBA Comparison: Meyers Leonard
Dennis Schroeder 6-2 168 PG Germany 1993Schroeder would give Milwaukee a PG for the future and backup plan in casse they decide to move in a new direction with Brandon Jennings. Schroeder used a tremendous week in Portland at the Hoop Summit in practices and the game to skyrocket up team’s draft boards. He combines elite level quickness with solid decision making. While his season in Germany was just average, he seems to have made real strides recently. His shot was a little inconsistent throughout the week of practices in Portland, but looked very solid in the game. His ability to handle the ball in traffic is impressive. He’s got an extra gear that allows him to get by defenders any time he wants to. He also possesses good size at the PG position at 6-2 with a 6-7 wingspan. After a great Hoop Summit performance, Schroeder has jumped up into late lotto-mid first round area. NBA Comparison: Darren Collison
Giannis Adetokoubo 6-9 205 SF/PF Greece 1994The Celtics have scouted him extensively and he would work with their rebuilding plan as an asset for the future. Adetokoubo would bring them a nice piece for the future as well as a player to leave in Europe and keep off their books for a few seasons, that is if he’s willing to stay in Europe. Reports surfaced on draft day that he’s not willing to sign the agreement to stay in Europe which could be a draft stock crippler. After watching Adetokoubo in Jesolo, Italy in early June, it’s apparent that he needs a lot of time (3 seasons or so) before he’ll be ready to play in the NBA. He’s very skilled and long, but lacks strength and explosiveness at this point. The problem for him and scouts is that the level of competition that he’s played at at is very low, considered by scouts as the equivalent to Div 2-3 college ball, making it more difficult to project him. He’ll also need to improve upon his shooting ability. NBA Comparison: DerMarr Johnson
Shabazz Muhammad 6-6 225 SF UCLA Fr.One of this year’s draft’s big mysteries is just how far Shabazz will fall. Atlanta is said to be very high on Shabazz making 18 a potential back stop for him. The analytics numbers were not favorable for Shabazz, though some still feel he could end up in the 8-10 range. Credit Shabazz for participating in the Chicago draft combine, unfortunately his subpar shooting did not help his cause. Scouts aren’t sure what he brings a team if he’s asked to be a role player. He’s got the desire but has a lot of skill development left to work on. Shabazz had a rough ending to the season with the report coming out that he’s actually 20 instead of 19 as his father had purported. He also struggled in UCLA’s tourney loss to Minnesota shooting 6-for-18. But he’s still one of the most talented prospects in this year’s draft with a killer instinct and high level scoring ability. He has turned living with Tourette Syndrome into a positive as he plays with a chip on his shoulder exerting a high level of intensity at all times. Detractors point to his less than 1 assist per game, labeling him one dimensional and even a "ball hog". His character and abilities on the court could ultimately be undervalued by the time the draft takes place. NBA Comparison: Nick Young


Kelly Olynyk 7-0 234 C Gonzaga Jr.Olynyk gives the Hawks nice value at 18 and bolsters their frontcourt with a more NBA ready guy. Olynyk could go quite a bit higher with teams valuing his readiness, but we’ve got him slipping a little ways here. He was flying way under the radar before this season, having red shirted last year with Robert Sacre as the team’s starting center. He was arguably the most dominant big in the country and despite Gonzaga’s flame out in the tourney, he was solid. Kelly lacks great athleticism and quickness, but shows the skill set of a 10 year veteran. Olynyk’s ability to defend the pick and roll has led scouts to believe he can make it defensively in the league. He’s got a Euro-style game, but many scouts are convinced that his skill level and size will be enough to overcome a lack of sheer athleticism and become a solid NBA post player. NBA Comparison: Spencer Hawes
Tim Hardaway Jr 6-6 200 SG Michigan Jr.Cleveland would prefer to add a small forward here, but another shooter to compliment Dion Waiters with good size and athleticism would be a nice addition for the Cavs. Hardaway Jr. shows mental toughness and consistent effort at all times. He has a well developed offensive game with good elevation and form on his shot. The big knock on him has always been foot speed as he lacks a great first step to beat opponents off the dribble. He grew up around the game, and that is apparent with his focus and feel. Hardaway lacks great upside and is seen as a likely rotation player, but his toughness and professional approach gives him a After a strong combine, his first round chances continue to improve. NBA Comparison: Arron Afflalo
rossTony Snell 6-7 198 SG/SF New Mexico Jr.Chicago has an aging 2 guard in Rip Hamilton so there’s a good chance they will look to add a 2 here with a bevy of players at the position likely available. Tim Hardaway Jr is a real possibility here, as are Allen Crabbe, Reggie Bullock and even Ledo and Rice Jr. Snell would be a solid weapon off the bench for them, with starting potential if he becomes more assertive. He is a player that has been steadily moving up team’s boards since declaring for the draft. He had better than expected athleticism numbers at the draft combine and shows excellent ability to knock down outside shots as well as find open looks off the dribble. He’s an unselfish player with upside left to develop and just needs to work on his level of intensity and consistency. NBA Comparison: Wesley Person
rossShane Larkin 5-11 171 PG Miami So.Utah is in a good position to go for talent at 14 and attempt to fill a need with a PG here at 21. Dennis Schroeder is another possibility here. Larkin recorded the highest vertical leap ever at the draft combine with a 44 inch running jump. He was not far behind Trey Burke in terms of being a team leader and floor general on the college level and there are a number of scouts that actually prefer Larkin to Burke as a prospect. Larkin lacks Burke’s resume and size, but shows much better isolation and separation ability off the dribble. As the son of hall of fame shortstop Barry Larkin, Shane has the pedigree to overcome a significant lack of size. NBA Comparison: DJ Augustin
hardawayGorgui Dieng 6-11 230 PF/C Louisville Jr.New Jersey has plenty of scorers and could use a blue collar bigman who specializes in defense and rebounding. Chicago is another potential landing spot for Dieng, 2 spots earlier. Dieng benefited from Louisville’s deep tourney run, as he was able to display the ability to consistently knock down mid range shots. While not a speed burner, he shows good defensive abilities, particularly in blocking shots. Dieng missed a portion of the year with a fractured wrist, but his return coincided with the team’s resurgence as he anchored Louisville’s interior defense. His condor like 7’3.5 wingspan makes him a formidable obstacle around the basket. NBA Comparison: Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje
Mason Plumlee 6-11 238 PF Duke Sr.Are two Plumlees better than one? Larry Bird is back so it’s possible what he saw in Miles, he also sees in Mason, and word is Indiana will consider adding a second brother. Plumlee was one of the surprises in college this year, but may slip a ways due to his case of "senior-itis". Similar to last year with Tyler Zeller, younger prospects with more perceived upside may ultimately push the senior into the second half of the first round. He added some offensive skills around the basket, and played the year with surprising consistency. He is a better version of his brother Miles who somehow landed in the late first round in 2012. While he’s not overly skilled in the post, he shows nice explosiveness, runs the floor well and shows a willingness to fight for rebounds and play tough in the paint. In such a weak draft, Plumlee figures to land in the teens. NBA Comparison: Yi Jianlian
witheyTony Mitchell 2586 6-9 236 SF/PF North Texas So.The Knicks frontcourt is aging and could use an injection of talent. Whether the Knicks will be willing to look past Mitchell’s below average off court reputation is another story, but word is they are considering him. Mitchell gives them nice potential with his high level athleticism. He surprised many by returning to North Texas for his sophomore year and was unable to enhance his draft stock. Mitchell put up essentially the same numbers as in his FR season and fell from his lofty preseason projections. He is a unique player as he combines freakish length (7-foot-3 wingspan) and explosiveness. He seems to be convinced that he’s a 3, and despite his chiseled physique, apparently does not enjoy battling in the paint. NBA Comparison: Thomas Robinson
Allen Crabbe 6-6 197 SG California Jr.Doc Rivers would be an excellent coach to try to get the best out of Crabbe. The Clips could use some additional firepower off the bench and Crabbe has nice scoring ability. The Pac 12 player of the year, Crabbe has a sweet outside shooting stroke and solid athleticism. He also possesses good size for the 2-guard position. The biggest knock against him has been his toughness, level of intensity and consistency. He had a solid finish to the year, leading Cal into the second round of the tourney, but it seems that he’s a player that needs a push (or shove) to motivate him. He’s not considered a self starter, so landing in the right situation and having coaches and people around him that will facilitate his development will be key. Crabbe didn’t always display the best body language and showing that he’s a team player with a positive attitude in will be paramount. He’ll need to do well in individual match ups in team workouts in order to convince scouts that he’s a legitimate first rounder for this year’s draft. NBA Comparison: Francisco Garcia
woltersIsaiah Canaan 6-1 190 PG Murray St. Sr.After grabbing a 2 guard (KCP) with their first pick, the Timberwolves may look to trade out, or possibly add a back up for Rubio. Canaan would offer instant scoring off the bench. He had a tremendous junior season and although he struggled some to show point guard skills during the summer showcase camps, he has been a solid floor general for the Racers. He’s got the body of an NFL halfback and can be handful for opposing point guards due to his physical strength. One of the top shooters in the draft, Canaan is a first round talent who could end up better than a number of the points taken in front of him. NBA Comparison: Vinnie Johnson
woltersNate Wolters 6-5 196 PG North Dakota Sr.The 27th pick appears to be on the market so a team that likes Wolters as much as we do could trade in to grab an underrated guy who has NBA starting potential. Showing great creativity and a flare for the dramatic, Wolters is a flashy lead guard who some scouts are extremely high on. He is solid athletically but lacks elite quickness off the dribble and needs to improve upon his outside shooting. Wolters struggled some in the tournament matching up with Michigan’s Trey Burke although neither guard had a great shooting performance. Wolters was 4th in the nation in scoring and had the single greatest scoring output of the past 3 seasons dropping 53 points against IPFW. NBA Comparison: Goran Dragic
woltersErick Green 6-3 180 PG/SG Virginia Tech Sr.We’ve heard that there’s a good chance that San Antonio has a promise here with Green. They would like to add a guard that can create his own shot and Green fits the bill adding perimeter offensive firepower off the bench. The leading scorer in the country at 25 ppg, Green was forced to shoot a ton as he didn’t have much help playing at Virginia Tech. He was not asked to be a distributor, so the question is just how much of a point guard he is. He showed some ability to play the position earlier in his college career, and some scouts really like him. He’s a combo guard and lacks ideal size/athleticism if he’s forced to play the 2 position. NBA Comparison: Bo Kimble
rossRudy Gobert 7-2 238 C France 1992Gobert has really been dropping after missing the adidas Eurocamp, and failing to impress in workouts. The Thunder have struggled to fill their center position outside of Serge Ibaka, and could take a flyer on a guy once projected in the lottery. Gobert struggled some at the draft combine as he looked mechanical and slow running the floor. On the bright side, he has ridiculous length with a 7-foot-9 wingspan. He also possesses good shooting touch and appears to have a body that will allow him to add strength and eventually battle in the paint in the NBA.He struggled to put up consistent numbers in the French League. So the question is whether teams will be willing to look past the lack of productivity and draft him on potential. His mobility and athleticism are average by NBA standards and he still needs to get tougher and develop a better feel for the game. The concern with Gobert is whether he has the speed and agility in an NBA where quickness trumps size. NBA Comparison: Shawn Bradley
30.franklinJamaal Franklin 6-5 191 SG/SF San Diego St. Jr. The Suns take a somewhat local guy as SD and PHX are a hop and a skip away, and Franklin offers energy and athleticism to a team in need of talent. Franklin is a bit of a 2/3 tweener, showing better ability to slash and affect the game with his athleticism than smooth guard skills, but he competes hard. Some concerns linger about character and attitude after an incident flipping off a fan and/or referee putting him on the first round bubble. NBA Comparison: Will Barton




  1. “He’s got some off court
    “He’s got some off court baggage (shop lifting incident) that will need to be addressed in interviews with teams.”

    Lol it’s draft day, I hope they have addressed them by now

  2. “He’s got some off court
    “He’s got some off court baggage (shop lifting incident) that will need to be addressed in interviews with teams.”

    Lol it’s draft day, I hope they have addressed them by now

  3. Noel to the Bobcats at 4???
    Noel to the Bobcats at 4??? After the Kwame Brown Bust and the history of Greg Oden knee I don’t think Jordan will take him there to much of a Risk.

  4. Noel to the Bobcats at 4???
    Noel to the Bobcats at 4??? After the Kwame Brown Bust and the history of Greg Oden knee I don’t think Jordan will take him there to much of a Risk.

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  6. good points
    Todd…did you read what Darlene said earlier. She’s a stay at home mom with two toddlers and she makes 2000 every two weeks. and that is part time on the computer over the internet. I got the info for the work at home job from this website…

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