23 - Allen Crabbe

6-6, 197 Shooting Guard
California Junior
04/09/92 (29.3 yrs)
Los Angeles, CA
High School
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Hubert Davis

Strengths: A lethal spot-up shooter with terrific range … Text book shooting form. Displays a consistent stroke with excellent mechanics on his jumper, releasing the ball off his fingertips with great ease in one silky-smooth motion … Has outstanding footwork and generates proper elevation on his shot. Squares his shoulders and feet to the basket … Appears to have tremendous range on his 3-ball, and has shown the ability to drain it from the NBA-line with no hitch in his natural release … Due to his feathery touch and the great feel, he excels when it comes to converting on floaters and various acrobatic attempts in and around the paint … Understands how to move wihout the ball … Has shown flashes of creating opportunities off the bounce in a ½ court set or attacking his opponent head on off the dribble … Decent vision and passing ability for an off guard … Because of his length and athleticism, he can be a very effective on-ball defender along the wing … Impressive physical tools allow him to literally drape and swarm opposing players, which have contributed to steals and timely deflections … Has prototypical height (6’6) for a shooting guard at the next level and is a good athlete.

Weaknesses: Has yet to show any type of consistency when it comes to creating his own shot off the dribble … Has predominantly been relegated to catching and shooting the ball … At this particular stage, the lack of any significant 1-on-1 ability along the wings against opposing college defenders is a bit concerning in regards to his offensive potential at the professional-level … Individual moves consisting of more than 2 decisive dribbles appear to be out of his comfort zone …Needs to improve upon his ball-handling and develop a repertoire of reliable moves he can go to when opponents play him exclusively for his shot … Needs to develop more intensity. At times, appears very nonchalant when on the hardwood, whether it be diagnosing the defense with the ball in his hands on the outside, going through the motions within an offensive set, or defensively … Due to his relaxed demeanor on the court, he has a tendency to not be engaged on every possession, especially when playing defense … Exhibits a very upright stance, most notably when he is on the help-side and is expected to rotate over to stop the ball … Because of the poor implementation of proper fundamental technique, there were many instances in which he was not able to converge upon the offensive threat and help his teammate(s) out … Not an overwhelming finisher within the key, as a majority of his points are accumulated below the rim due to his lack of elite explosiveness … It is imperative that he improve upon absorbing contact and sustaining poise along the perimeter and at the basket when looking to score … Not a physical specimen who is blessed with other-worldly athleticism, but has a good frame which he can continue to strengthen and build upon. 
Joseph Shamouni 11/30/12