35 - Lucas Nogueira

7-0, 220 Power Forward/Center
Brazil International
07/27/92 (31.8 yrs)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
International Team
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NBA Comparison: Joakim Noah/Samuel Dalembert

Strengths: A project, but one with loads of untapped potential … His game has made some noticeable strides over the past 6 months … A high level athlete even by NBA standards with ridiculous size/length at 7′ feet, with a 7’6 wingspan. His combination of length and fluidity/athleticism makes him an extremely intriguing prospect … Quick reflexes … He even shows some touch around the basket and a decent offensive feel. While not much of an outside threat, his midrange game shows some ability and potential to develop … He’s best at scoring on garbage baskets and can get out on the break and finish … Seems to understand what he does well offensively and stays "within himself" … Solid rebounder. Goes after the ball on both ends and although his positioning could improve, he’s got natural rebounding abilities … Quick feet. From Brazil, and his footwork is excellent, a "futball" upbringing has given him excellent foot dexterity. Able to slide his feet laterally better than the average 7-footer … Solid hands. A 60% free throw shooter, which is not great but good for his age and position and should improve … As the 2012-13 season has progressed, his defense has shown some improvement.

Weaknesses: Nogueira must become more intense defensively … Has a lot of defensive potential because of his size, but at this point he’s a huge defensive liability and would not see the court in the NBA because of it … Lacks basic fundamentals on the defensive end and either has not received basic coaching instructions, or is difficult to coach. His lack of strength, confidence and focus on defense is a glaring hole to his game … Needs to just relax and be more patient instead of trying to "make plays", his length alone should make him an imposing opponent but he routinely takes himself out of plays biting on fakes as well as getting overpowered … He does not appear inspired to play defense and has no idea how to use his length to his advantage by staying patient, on balance and just reacting to plays … His lack of strength is another major concern as he has a slight frame and gets pushed off the block easily … His feel for the game is still a work in progress … He doesn’t seem to understand what he’s capable of and forgets that he’s so much bigger and more athletic than nearly everyone he faces … Could learn to be a shot blocker over time … His body lacks strength but it appears that he could add enough muscle to at least hold his position in the post … He’s a 1992 kid, so at just 20, it’s important to remember that bigs take the longest to fill into their bodies and develop … Toughness, intensity and passion for the game have been knocks on him. He seems to be maturing mentally and physically the past couple of seasons …

Notes: Nicknamed "Bebe", unfortunately at this point his game is as soft as a baby … If not for such a disappointing showing at the 2011 Treviso adidas Eurocamp in front of the entire International scouting contingent, he would likely be looked at as a lock first rounder and possibly even a lottery talent … With his combination of length, fluidity and age, plus the added allure of being an international player, he appears to be the ideal late first round "project" that a team like San Antonio/OKC would target to stash overseas for a few seasons …

Aran Smith 12/27/12

Strengths: An athletic specimen … Shows tremendous length and great balance … Runs the floor like a deer, makes quick moves. Can change directions quickly. Very springy … A big time shot blocker using his length and leaping ability to be an eraser around the basket … Excellent on the break where he uses his tremendous fluidity and speed to convert dunks … Shows some offensive ability with a solid shooting touch and ability to knock down free throws … Tremendous rebounder. Shows good hands.

Weaknesses: The big knock against Lucas "Bebe" is that he is lazy … Sources around the team claim that he is a little bit difficult to deal with and already has a star’s attitude … Nothing can derail a promising career faster than a kid not willing to put the work in, so for Lucas, keeping his head on straight, continuing to work hard and focusing on his development is crucial if he’s going to realize his vast potential … Must continue to develop his upper body and overall strength … Still extremely skinny. 200 lbs. Must bulk up, but shows wiry strength and should be able to add weight successfully without diminishing his agility … Needs to keep developing his offensive game, prove himself against a high level of competition …

Notes: Nickname is "Bebe" which translates to "baby" … Also known as Lucas Riva … Full Name is Lucas Riva Amarante Nogueira… Plays for Estudiantes in Spain. Was 2 blocks away from recording a triple double in his first game in San Antonio playing for Brazil against Puerto Rico (20p/12r/8b) … Has 3 years left on his deal with Estudiantes …

Aran Smith 6/27/10

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  1. One big game and he get a
    One big game and he get a 92?

    Let’s give it a year. If he does well for a whole year- I’ll be interested to see if he’s still highly touted. Brazil also- Pablo Prestes and NeNe have been past bigs so I could see him becoming the 3rd good big man to the NBA

  2. Lucas had an excellent
    Lucas had an excellent tournament, played well against USA and had a huge game vs Uruguay

    And actually it’s PAULO Prestes…